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   Chapter 50 Cooking (Part One)

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When Gabrielle woke up, she rubbed her eyes and stretched herself. She looked at her watch and found that it was already eight o'clock in the evening. She got out of bed to look for Alston.

Alston was watching the domestic news on the balcony. Gabrielle tiptoed over to frighten him, but Alston had already noticed it. Gabrielle hid behind Alston and was about to pat his back when Alston turned around and held Gabrielle in his arms.

"Oh, how did you find that?" Gabrielle pouted and lay in Alston's arms. "I was going to scare you."

Alston poked Gabrielle's face and said, "Silly girl, the laptop's screen had reflected your figure and I've seen you coming towards me."

"Humph, boring. By the way, are you still hungry, Alston? How about I make you something to eat? " Gabrielle looked at him expectantly.

Alston had never known that Gabrielle could cook. He looked at her in surprise, "You know how to cook? No way, little princess, I doubt it whether the food you cooked is edible."

"Why not! How dare you look down upon me! " Gabrielle glared at Alston angrily, "I can cook noodles well!"

"Okay, okay. Let me have a taste of chef Gabrielle's cooking. I'm really hungry." Alston winked at Gabrielle.

Gabrielle got out of Alston's arms and went straight to the kitchen. She opened the fridge and found that there were so many ingredients in it. She took spinach and eggs and was about to make a simple vegetable noodles for Alston.

In fact, Gabrielle was forced to learn cooking. Her parents were always busy in the shop, and they would finish three meals in the shop. But Gabrielle was too lazy to move, as well as she were fed up with take out. So she learned how to cook from the video online at home. She didn't know how much food materials she had wasted and how

ut to get up.

In fact, Alston had woken up earlier her. He didn't move because he was afraid of disturbing her. Seeing her awake, he opened his eyes and said, "Good morning, Gabrielle."

"Good morning. I slept in your arms all night yesterday. Are your arms numb?" Gabrielle felt a little guilty, "Why don't you push me away?"

Alston kissed Gabrielle's cheek and said, "I don't want to disturb you since you sleep so soundly."

Gabrielle massaged Alston's arm and said, "After breakfast, we'll go to the hospital for a reexamination to see how your wound is."

"I'm fine. Gabrielle, where do you want to go? We can go to the places you want to go first, such as amusement park or the seaside. "

At this time, Gabrielle's phone rang. Seeing that it was from her parents' call, Gabrielle made a "hush" gesture, indicating that Alston should not speak. Then she answered the phone, "Hello, good morning, mom."

Jeanette frowned and looked at her watch, "=Gabrielle, it's already afternoon. Did you just get up? "

Gabrielle forgot that there was a jet lag abroad. "No, I'm on a business trip in Y Country. I forgot it. It's already afternoon in China. Isn't the shop busy now? "

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