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   Chapter 35 Protection

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Holding Gabrielle's hand, Alston stared coldly at Lana and Jasper. Considering Lana's behavior of delaying time just now, he could easily figure out that it was planned by Lana.

Jasper and Lana were so frightened by the coldness in Alston's eyes that they couldn't help trembling. They desperately wanted to move away, but they couldn't as if they were frozen. They even felt that their breathing was about to stop, standing still.

Stroking Gabrielle's cold hands, Alston regretted that he didn't come early. His heart ached for her. When he saw the red mark on Gabrielle's arm, he even wanted to kill Jasper.

Gabrielle's arm was delicate and there would be a mark on it if someone pinched it. How much strength did Jasper use to make such a serious red mark?

"I'm sorry, Gabrielle. I'm late." Alston asked Linda to bring a wet hot towel and carefully wiped Gabrielle's arms and hands.

Gabrielle was a little stunned. She didn't understand why Alston was so good to her. She was just an ordinary employee and had only met Mr. Alston for a few times. How could she deserve to be taken ca

yawned, "Donnie, what do you want to say? Did Mr. Alston mention something tricky again?"

Donnie smiled bitterly and told Lacey the whole story. Lacey understood, "It turns out that you did it for Gabrielle again. Although you asked the right person, are you sure that Jasper can bear it? This is how I deal with my enemies. "

"Jasper is now half an enemy of Mr. Alston. He has challenged Mr. Alston's bottom line again and again. I have no choice but to do as he said. If I really made a mistake, I can only blame him for his short life. "

"Come to the bar now. I'll ask someone to give you something. That person will tell you how to use it, but don't go too far with someone like him. " Lacey ordered.

Donnie agreed and asked someone to drive to the bar.

At this time, in the corridor of the 8 floor of the Mu Group, only Alston and Gabrielle stood awkwardly.

"Why don't you push him away?" Alston asked calmly, but his heart was so jealousy. Thinking of the hand that Gabrielle pulled back just now, his left hand on his side clenched his fist. Was she so eager to dodge him?

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