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   Chapter 19 Hire Directly

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At this time, Alston just arrived at the door of the sales department and saw the onlookers on both sides. "Linda, it seems that you have arranged too little work, so they have time to watch the fun."

Hearing Alston's voice, the spectators were scared out of their wits. "Mr. Alston, I'm sorry! I'll go back to work right away! "

With a cold look at them, Alston opened the door of the sales department and saw that Gabrielle was about to leave with her bag on her back. He stopped her and looked at Lana coldly, "Who did you ask to pack and get out?"

Lana was complacently imagining the scene that she was with Alston. When she heard someone ask her, she answered, "Of course I asked her to get out..."

In the middle of her words, she felt that the voice was a little familiar. When she turned around and saw that Alston was staring at her with a dark face, she couldn't help but shiver. "President. "

"It seems that you are not satisfied with the sales department. You prefer the human resource department. From now on, director Young is no longer a member of the sales department, but a manager of the human resources department. As for you,. . . ."

Alston looked at Ada with a sneer, "You like Miss Young so much. Just be her assistant and promote your relationship."

Ada looked at Alston in horror, "President, it's all my fault! I shouldn't have listened to Director Young. Please give me a chance. I can do what I should do! "

Seeing that Alston didn't say anything, Linda took a look at Ada and said, "Ada, the opportunity is earned by oneself. It's not someone else's idea. If you make a mistake, you have to correct it, right? "

Ada looked at Linda gratefully and apologized to Gabrielle, "Miss Shen, I apologize for my rudeness. I hope you can understand."

Looking at the situation in front of her, Gabrielle was a little confused, but she still forgave Ada.

Ada breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Alston nervously.

Alston nodded and Ada ran out of the sales department as fast as she could.

Lana gnashed her teeth in anger, "Boss, she's just a newcomer. You don't have to come down in person, do you?"

"Director Young," Alston sneered. "Not to mention that Miss Shen was hired by me in person, she passed the formal interview, what qualifications do you have to fire the new comer? I think you have forgotten the rules and regulations of the Mu's group. "

Hearing that Gabrielle was hired by the president in person, everyone gasped and discussed. They didn't expect that such a simple girl had the support of the CEO. People couldn't judge a book by its cover.

"The CEO hired her in person. Gabrielle is really not simple." Benita and Faye whispered.

"Yeah, I didn't expect that. But normally, the president should hire experts or elites. How could he hire a freshman? Is it... "Thinking of this, Faye looked at Gabrielle in surprise.

"Hush!" Benita covered Faye's mouth with her hand. "President is still here. Aren't you afraid that he would get angry at you? "

Lana's face darkened. She couldn't believe her ears when she heard the words "hired in person". She had thought that she would never see her again. Now not only did she appear in front of her alive, but also he was brought here by Alston himself. She asked again in disbelief, "Alston, you said you hired her yourself? No way! It's impossible... "

Hearing the way Lana called her, Alston frowned and said, "Director Young, please pay attention to what you call me. I'm your boss. How could you call me by my name?"

"It's impossible! Impossible! Lana murmured to herself.

All of a sudden, she stepped forward and grabbed Alston's arm. President, please think about it. This Gabrielle really can't be kept. She is a freshman. She knows nothing. If she stays in the sales department, she will be a drag of the Department. "

"Oh?" Alston raised his eyebrows, "But I think Miss Shen is very good at learning. What's wrong with being a freshman? Weren't you a freshman at the very beginning? Who guided Gabrielle this morning? "

Connie walked out of her seat quietly and said, "Boss, it's me.."

"Connie?" Alston thought about it carefully. I remember you. Are you the person who got the QF project done? "

Connie was somewhat flattered. She didn't expect that Alston would remember her. "Yes, president. I'm the person in charge of the QF project."

"Well, you can take care of her. What do you think of Miss Shen this morning? "

Lana glared at Connie, hinting her not to talk nonsense.

But Connie didn't buy it at all. She hated people like Lana the most. She looked at Gabrielle with a smile, "Gabrielle is indeed a person with strong learning ability, and she is very attentive to this job. When she encounter problems, she would be honest to ask for advice. The most important thing is that she has good quality and get along well with us. I haven't seen such a promising new employee for a long time. "

Hearing Connie's praise, Gabrielle blushed and said, "Connie, you flatter me. I also have somethin

g to do with this matter..."

Alston interrupted Gabrielle and turned to look at Lana, "Director Young, are you satisfied with this answer?"

"No! I don't believe that. What you see must be fake. She is so good at pretending. You are all captivated by her. President, please trust me this time, okay? Don't keep her. Don't... "

"Miss Young, are you doubting my decision?" Alston's face darkened. "Should I consider changing you? Maybe the Young family is more suitable for you."

Lana's face turned pale and smiled bitterly. Sure enough, he only cared about Gabrielle. For her, he even wanted to drive her away and make her go home. She took a deep breath and said, "President, it's my fault. I shouldn't have doubted the decision of the senior executives."

Then she stared at Gabrielle. "Since you have left, why do you come back? Why do you appear in the Mu's group? You... "

Gabrielle looked at Lana in confusion. 'What was she talking about? Isn't it the first time I come to the Mu's group? Come back? Was it because...'

Alston interrupted Lana, "Director Young, as an employee of the company, you can't even keep your mouth shut. Do you think the Mu's group can keep you?"

Lana tried to defend herself, "President, I..."

"I'm talking about it for the last time. After glancing at all the people in the sales department, Alston finally fixed his eyes on Lana. The Mu's group never keep people who cannot keep silent in certain circumstances. Those who gossip will be fired. I hope you can control yourself and focus on your work. It's almost the break time. I'll leave you alone. Linda, let's go. "

When Alston and Linda left the sales department, Gabrielle's heart beat fast. Thinking of what Alston had done for her before, she pushed the door open and chased after him.

"Boss!" Gabrielle whispered behind Alston.

Alston stopped and Linda left. Gabrielle caught up with him and gasped, "President, wait a minute. I have something to tell you."

Alston put his hands in his pockets, waiting for Gabrielle's words. After adjusting her mood, Gabrielle asked, "President, why are you so good to me?"

Alston's face changed and dodged, "Don't think too much. Just focus on your work. There are many things worth learning in the sales department. "

Looking at Alston's attitude, Gabrielle felt a little disappointed and unwilling. "President, don't worry. I don't have an improper desire. I just thank you for helping me today. I won't let you down. I will make a difference in the Mu's group. "

Hearing the distant words of Gabrielle, Alston felt a sting in his heart. "Okay. I believe that you will have your own world. Go back to work. " Then she left without looking back.

When Gabrielle entered the sales department, she didn't know that the sales department had been in an uproar for a long time. Everyone was talking about the relationship between Gabrielle and the president. "Do you think the president and Gabrielle have an affair? Otherwise, how could president be so protective?"

"No way. Gabrielle is just an ordinary person. How could she know our CEO? Besides, it seems that the CEO connected Gabrielle in work... "

"Don't be silly. Our CEO is such a shrewd man. How could he be caught? It must be the kind of love that can't be said..."

"I feel like I'm reading a novel. One night stand, or a little rabbit offended a big bad wolf. Wow, it's exciting to think about it... "

Gabrielle looked at everyone with a confused look. At this time, everyone noticed that Gabrielle came back and looked at her with an ambiguous expression. Gabrielle was even more confused. She touched her face and thought that there was something on it.

The girls, including Benita and Faye, came around, pulled Gabrielle back and snickered, "Gabrielle, we have a few questions to ask you. You must tell us the truth..."

Gabrielle was confused, "Go ahead."

"What do you think of our CEO? Just based on what happened just now. "

Gabrielle thought for a while and said, "I think the CEO is very responsible for the employees and knows people well. He has a clear distinction between public and private interests. I really appreciate him. Why do you ask me this question all of a sudden? "

"I'm just curious about the relationship between you and the CEO." Benita got close, "Tell me the truth. How did you know our CEO? What's your relationship?"

Gabrielle looked at Benita helplessly, "I'm afraid of you. President and I just met a few times. We are not even friends. We are just boss and subordinate. "

"You met for several times! Tell me, how did you meet the CEO? "

Gabrielle told her the truth at the gate of the Mu's group. She told them how Alston help her punish the bad man and take her to cure her feet. Of course, she didn't mention going to his home and the dinner party. Gabrielle kept an eye on them. After all, it was better not to tell them.

Marlene Zhou didn't believe her words. She looked at her hesitantly and asked, "Gabrielle, are you... well...that kind of relationship? "

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