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   Chapter 18 Stir Up Trouble (Part Two)

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"You want a reason? Lana looked at her with disdain. She called Ada from the human resources department, "Ada, come to the sales department now and bring Gabrielle's resume."

Ada was working at the moment. Hearing the phone call from Lana, she didn't dare to delay and immediately went to the sales department.

Lana leaned against the door. Ada rushed to the sales department and asked, "Director Young, what can I do for you?"

Lana pointed at Gabrielle, "Did you invite her?"

Ada nodded and said, "Miss Shen came for an interview a few days ago and passed the examination. Today, she is an intern in the sales department. Director Young, is there anything wrong with my arrangement? "

"Ada, you've been slack in the assessment recently. You allow everyone to work in the Mu's group. Can you tell me what outstanding ability she has? Give me her resume. "

Ada handed the resume to Lana. Lana sneered, "The new graduate of the Finance Department of G University. Come to the Mu's group for an interview? Her major fits the job, but I remember that the Mu's group has no intention of accepting freshman recently... "

Ada tried to explain, "Miss Shen is the President..."

Lana interrupted her before Ada could finish her words.

"Ada, you haven been in the Mu's group for a long time. Don't you want to stay? How dare you recruit such a person to the sales department? "

Ada was shocked and knew that the director must dislike the new comer, so she said with a flattering face, "I'll listen to your arrangement."

Lana looked at Gabrielle complacently, "Fire her."

"Miss Shen," Ada looked at her seriously. You were fired. Since you just came here today and you haven't gone through the entry formalities, you can pack up and leave now."

Gabrielle couldn't help but sigh that Ada had changed her face so fast. She was overwhelmed by a senior official. Although she was angry, she had no choice. She didn't expect that she would lose her job so soon, like a dream. She went back to her seat to pack up and was about to leave.

Looking at the unreasonable Lana and the flattering Ada, Jewel was annoyed. Lana really took the Mu's group as her own.

She sneaked into her office and called the assistant president, "Linda? This is Jewel from the sales department. Our director fired the new employee without any reason. Please inform the president."

When Linda received the phone call, she knocked on the people in the CEO's office and said, "President, the sales manager, Jewel, just called. She said that Miss Young fired the new employee without any reason, so she wanted to invite you to have a look."

Alston was signing a document. Hearing Linda's words, he put down his pen and pushed the door open. "Let's go and have a look."

At this time, the sales department was so lively that it even attracte

d the attention of other departments. Some bold people just stood at the door to see what was happening inside.

The staff of the sales department looked at Gabrielle sympathetically and began to guess the story between Lana and Gabrielle.

Benita came to the side of Connie and asked, "Connie, what's your opinion? Why did the director... "

Anger was written all over Connie's face. After all, Gabrielle was guided by her. After spending the whole morning together, she could feel the nature of this girl. She shook her head and said, "Judging from the attitude of the director, I'm afraid that Gabrielle has offended her before. But as the director, how could she have anything to do with an ordinary student like Gabrielle?"

"Is it a small grudge? For example, Gabrielle accidentally stepped on the director's foot somewhere, or stained her clothes? We all know that the director is narrow-minded and vengeful. "

"It's not a big deal for the director to fire her. [周美玲] came here and joined the gossip. No matter how stupid the director is, he won't bring such a small thing into work. I guess Gabrielle once hurt the director or was a mistress of the director's boyfriend? "

"It's impossible." Connie denied. I think as far as I know, Gabrielle won't hurt others. It's even more impossible for her to be a mistress. The director has always liked the CEO. Even if it happened many years ago, most of her boyfriends are from the upper class. How could Gabrielle know? "

While the gossip was still going on, Gabrielle had packed up her things. She took a look at the crowd and bowed deeply to them. "Although I only worked in the sales department for the whole morning, I can feel that you like me. Thank you."

Seeing that Gabrielle was about to leave, everyone was a little reluctant to see her off. Although they had known each other for the whole morning, the kindness and tenderness of Gabrielle were deeply imprinted in their hearts. Who didn't like such a girl?

With tears in her eyes, Connie' went over and held Gabrielle's hand. "No matter what, I've taken you with me the whole morning. Although you left the company, we can still be friends. I hope you have a better future."

Benita, Marlene, and several colleagues all came to Gabrielle and said goodbye to her.

Gabrielle was a little moved. She didn't expect that it was just one morning and everyone thought so highly of her, and she was even more reluctant to leave.

Seeing that Gabrielle was besieged, Lana became angrier, "You pretend to be nice and an innocent girl before leaving. You are so shameless. Since you have packed up your things, get out of here now!"

Feeling wronged, Gabrielle said goodbye to everyone and turned around to go out, only to find two people walking towards them. Gabrielle stopped and asked, "Why are you here?"

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