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   Chapter 16 The Mu's Group

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Gabrielle was awakened by a knock on the door. She opened her eyes and looked at her phone. It was 7 o'clock. She changed her clothes, washed up and was about to go downstairs. To her surprise, she found herself sleepless all night. Perhaps it was because of the warmth of Mr. Alston's palm that she felt relieved. Gabrielle shook her head and went downstairs to work.

Gabrielle greeted Alston, "Good morning, Mr. Alston."

Alston nodded, "Good morning."

The Butler smiled at Gabrielle and said, "Miss Shen, come and have breakfast."

"Thank you. I have to go to work now."

Alston frowned and said, "I'll drive you there after breakfast."

Gabrielle shook her head and said, "I don't want others to know that I can work in the Mu's group by taking advantage of the relationship with you, and I don't want my colleagues to misunderstand me."

"Don't worry about that. Alston put down the tablet PC, and I won't make it difficult for you. Let's sit down and have dinner. "

Gabrielle nodded shyly and sat opposite Alston. Alston handed her a piece of bread with jam. Gabrielle took it and thanked him in a low voice.

"I'm done." Gabrielle drank the milk and wiped her mouth.

Alston stood up and took his coat, "let's go to work together."

When Alston drove to the neighborhood of the Mu's group, Gabrielle unfastened the seat belt and said, "thank you for driving me here."

Alston glanced at Gabrielle indifferently, "You don't have to say the two words' thank you 'to me. Go to work. Be careful. "

Gabrielle opened the door and ran away. Alston sighed and looked at her back. He didn't drive to the parking lot until she entered the Mu's group.

Gabrielle entered the Mu's group and walked to the front stage. "Hello, I'm Gabrielle Shen."

"Hello, Miss Shen. Please go to the personnel department on floor 8. The manager will arrange a position for you."

Gabrielle took the elevator to the personnel department and knocked on the door, "Hello, I'm here to report."

"Come in."

Ada took a look at Gabrielle and said, "Hello, Miss Shen. I'm Ada, the manager of the human resources department. According to your resume, I'll arrange an internship in the sales department. Come with me."

Gabrielle nodded. Ada took her to the sales department and said, "This is our new colleague, Gabrielle. I hope you can get along well with her."

"Hello, everyone. My name is Gabrielle Shen and you can call me Gabrielle. I'm 22 years old. Nice to meet you."

"Hello," the woman standing next to the water dispenser greeted her first, " I'm the deputy director of the sales department, Jewel Gu. Just call me Jewel."

"Nice to meet you, Jewel."

Jewel nodded and pointed at the people around her, and introduced them to her.

Gabrielle greeted them one by one. Looking around, Jewel pointed to the window and said, "You can team up with Connie. Connie, take care of the new comers."

The woman named Connie nodded and smiled at Gabrielle, "Hello, I'm Connie An. Can you call me Connie? Let me introduce our sales department to you first..."

Connie calmly and briefly introduced some of the classification and responsibilities of each department to Gabrielle. While listening to Connie, Gabrielle took notes of the rules and regulations of the Mu's group.

Looking at the serious look on Gabrielle's face, she chuckled and said, "In fact, it's not necessary to remember these things. But it's rare to see a new employee as serious as you."

Gabrielle replied seriously, "I think that wherever I go, I will learn. Besides, you are the senior, so I should remember what you said. After all, I don't know much about the Mu's group. Please help me more in the future. "

"It's my honor to take you with me. That's all I want to say. Send me your e-mail and I'll send you some sales files of our company in recent months. Have a look. If you don't understand, just ask me. "

When Gabrielle received the document, she smiled gratefully at Connie. When she was about to read it, she heard someone calling her, "Gabrielle, can you copy this document for me? I'm in urgent need."

Gabrielle stood up and said, "Okay, I'll be right there."

"Well, Gabrielle, then you can also copy it, in two copies, and this..."

"Gabrielle, please send this to the manager for me as soon as possible..."

"Gabrielle, I'm a little anxious. The client is waiting for the reply. Please show it to the director for me."


After being busy for the whole morning, Gabrielle felt that her legs were almost broken, but she was a new comer, so she didn't want to offend others. Moreover, the new comer's daily life was just charlady, so Gabrielle cheered up! She encouraged herself secretly.

It was almost noon. Jewel Gu pushed the door open and came out, "Thank you for your hard work. Let's have a rest in advance today. Have a good rest and fight in the afternoon."

"Long live Jewel!"

Gabrielle rubbed her sore leg and finally rested. Looking at her, Connie couldn't bear to see her like this. "Are you tired? Would you like to have lunch together? It's my treat."

Gabrielle refused the kindness of Connie and shook her head, "Thank you, Connie. It's my treat. After all, I just came today. She looked at the other colleagues in the office and as

ked, "Would you like to have lunch together? It's my treat."

"Wow, Gabrielle is so nice! Great! Let's eat together! "

"Count me in!"

"Elvin, won't you come with us?" Connie looked at Elvin Xie who was leaning against the chair and playing with his phone.

"Forget it. You are all girls. Why should I join you? You can bring me some when you come back. I'm not hungry."

Connie nodded her head and said, "Let's go, Gabrielle. There's a restaurant downstairs. It's very delicious. How about we eat there today?"

"It's a good idea. Is everyone okay with it?"

"We are all fine."

When they arrived at the restaurant, Gabrielle looked at the menu and felt a little painful. Sure enough, in the prime location, even a meal was so expensive. But in order to make a good relationship, the pain was worth it. "You can order whatever you like. Don't worry about the price."

After ordering, Benita Shi took the initiative to find a topic, "Gabrielle, I heard that you are from G university?"

"Yes," Gabrielle nodded. "I just graduated." What about you, Benita? "

"So I'm your senior. I'm also a student of G University, but I've graduated for more than three years. Alas, I really miss the school days. "

Marlene Zhou also sighed, "Yes, you're right. You're so carefree at school. Now you're working, and you're more upset. My family is urging me to go on a blind date again... "

Connie looked at Marlene Zhou in surprise and said, "Marlene, is this your twentieth blind date? Why are you in such a hurry? "

"The earlier I got married, the earlier they get money. So that my brother can get enough money to get married. Those aunts are always introducing some bad guys to me. None of them is serious. " Marlene rolled her eyes.

"I really feel sorry for you..." Everyone looked at Marlene sympathetically.

After the meal, Gabrielle made some friends. When she returned to her office and sat on the chair, she heard Jewel call her, "Gabrielle, did you give me this document?"

Gabrielle stood up and took a look at the document, "It's from me, Jewel. Is there any problem? "

Jewel frowned, "What did you do? Why did you bring me such a document? What have you been doing all morning?"

Gabrielle felt wronged, but she didn't know what to say. "I'm sorry, Jewel. It's my fault. I'll change it for you right now."

"No, thanks. You can't even do such a small thing for me. I really don't know how you came in."

Connie' was a little unbearable. She stood up and said, "I'm sorry to offend you, Miss Jewel. This document doesn't belong to Gabrielle's work. Gabrielle just offered a favor for the sake of her colleagues. You've wronged her."

Benita stood up and spoke for Gabrielle, "Jewel, don't be angry. Gabrielle has been helping others the whole morning. I think everyone can testify. "

"Yes, yes. Gabrielle helped us a lot. She ran the whole morning."

Raising his eyebrows, Jewel said, "I shouldn't have blamed her. As for the newcomer, I'll say it for the last time. They come to the sales department to learn knowledge, temper their consciousness and gain experience instead of running around for you old people and doing chores for you. Don't bully new comers just because you are old employees. We are family. Don't we need to respect each other? If I see this happen again, I will not spare you. And who is in charge of this document? Come to my office right now! "

A girl wearing glasses in the crowd stood up and went to the manager's office with a sad face.

Seeing that everyone was speaking for her, Gabrielle was grateful and bowed to them. "Thank you for speaking for me. I'm happy to help you."

Everyone liked this beautiful and polite girl and comforted Gabrielle to set her mind at rest.

It was still early for work, so the girls gathered together and gossiped.

In a low voice, Benita said mysteriously, "Have you heard that the director will come back today. I'm afraid that the director can't wait to see the president. Do you think it's possible for the director and the president.

Everyone shook their heads. After all, their CEO's character was unpredictable. His cold demeanor made people retreat three steps. Although the director was beautiful, her EQ was a little low, which made things difficult.

"I think they are a good match. It is said that the director and the CEO's family have been friends for a hundred years. The director still likes the CEO so much. Someone whispered, "but the president is always cold to the director. I think... "

Connie gave a glance at Gabrielle who was sitting awkwardly and motioned for her to come over. Seeing Connie's look in her eyes, Gabrielle stood up and sat beside her.

The gossip continued, "The CEO is cold to everyone, but I think the way he looks at the director is different. But anyway, he must have feelings for her. Besides, the director is also excellent... "

Gabrielle listened to the gossip beside her ear and didn't feel anything, but continued to read the documents.

Connie looked at Gabrielle's calm face. The sun shone on Gabrielle through the French window of the office and she was just like a celestial being banished from the world. It was quiet and beautiful. She couldn't help asking, "Gabrielle, aren't you curious about our CEO?"

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