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   Chapter 15 Warning (Part Two)

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It suddenly began to rain outside the window. Gabrielle stood up and closed the window. Looking at the scenery outside, she sighed. Now she was a little envious of the birds flying outside, carefree and free. She didn't need to be bothered by too many things. What happened today was a little unbearable for her. She pretended to be strong when she quarreled with Nancy. She was fragile and lacked a sense of security. She was afraid of being insulted and lonely. Sometimes a joke could make her sad for a whole day.

But she knew that if she continued to be coward, Nancy would make it worse. What she feared most was that Alston would be disappointed in her. For some reason, she always felt at ease when she was with him. With him by her side, she was not afraid of anything. She lay on the bed and continued to think nonsense.

When Alston pushed the door open, he saw the little bunny on the bed frowning and struggling. Alston wanted to play with her. He quietly sat behind her and touched Gabrielle.

Gabrielle was immersed in her own world and felt someone touching her. When she came back, she was shocked.

Looking at Gabrielle, Alston smiled gently and rubbed her hair, "What are you thinking about? You are so obsessed."

Shaking her head to show that she didn't think of anything, Gabrielle asked, "Mr. Alston, what can I do for you?"

Hearing Gabrielle's gentle voice, Alston felt as if something was tickling his heart. He tried to suppress his excitement and said, "Gabrielle, you can go to work in the Mu's group tomorrow."

"Really! I can go there tomorrow?" asked Gabrielle in surprise.

"Of course, looking at Gabrielle's reaction, Alston chuckled. This banquet is an examination, and Gabrielle not only passed the examination, but also reached perfection. Of course you can."

Gabrielle was so excited that she wanted to stand up to thank Alston, but her ankle hurt again. Seeing that she was about to fall down, Alston quickly stood up and took Gabrielle back to the bed.

"Why are you so careless?" Alston looked at Gabrielle reproachfully, " You should take good care of yourself."

Gabrielle blinked her eyes, but the pain in her ankle made her smile a mess. Seeing her reaction, Alston gently massaged her injured ankle. Gabrielle looked at him gratefully, "Mr. Alston, thank you."

Alston didn't say anything but massaged her ankle intently. The temperature of Alston's palm at her ankle was transmitted to Gabrielle's heart, which made Gabrielle feel a little familiar. She wanted to have a deeper feeling, but she was afraid of the temperature, so she subconsciously withdrew her foot.

Looking at the defensive action of Gabrielle, Alston felt a little disappo

inted. But he didn't show it. He just glanced at Gabrielle and said, "Go to bed early. You have to go to work tomorrow."

Without waiting for Gabrielle's answer, Alston pushed the door open and walked out. Gabrielle wanted to say something but hesitated. She wanted to ask Alston to stay, but she couldn't say it. Besides, since Alston had gone out, she could only shake her head, change her clothes and go to sleep.

Alston walked out of Gabrielle's room, came to the study and lit a cigarette. He seldom smoked. As long as he missed her too much or was emotionally unstable, he would light a cigarette to calm himself down. He picked up the photo on the table and gently stroked it.

In the photo, Gabrielle was smiling so happily and vigorously. But now, Alston sighed slightly. It was all his fault. She was right in front of him, but he couldn't really hug her, kiss her, and be like before.

He took a deep drag on his cigarette, trying to calm himself down, but it was useless. He didn't expect that he would love her so much. Guilt and longing surged in his heart, making him unable to sleep well.

The Butler held a cup of coffee and knocked on the door of the study. He pushed the door open and came in. Alston would lock himself in the study at this time every day to look at Miss Shen's photos.

"Mr. Alston, you smoke again." The Butler put down the coffee and looked at Alston with concern.

"Yes, I tried to calm myself down, but it didn't work. Alston smiled bitterly. "Have a seat and talk with me. "

"Since Miss Shen left, your health has been deteriorating year by year. I thought it would be a good beginning for you to bring Miss Shen back, but you are getting more and more..."

"I feel more and more guilty. I miss her more and more. The person I loved most was right in front of me, but I couldn't tell her everything, nor could I hug her as before. It's more painful than not seeing her. "

"But why did you do that? You are torturing yourself, aren't you? "

"I don't want her to be bullied." Alston picked up the coffee. "She is so kind and fragile, but she pretend to be strong. I just want her to live a peaceful life without any disturbance. "

"Well, the Butler sighed. I'm afraid that Miss Shen may not understand your good intentions in the end."

"I owe her. She should have been happy at this age, but she has to bear the pressure and pain. And I am the one who made all this. It's late now. You can go to bed. I want to be alone. "

The Butler looked at Alston worriedly, but he knew he shouldn't say anything. He had no choice but to agree and left the room.

Alston looked out of the window and murmured, "Gabrielle, what should I do with you?"

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