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   Chapter 14 Warning (Part One)

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After searching for a long time but didn't see Jasper, Nancy muttered, "Where on earth has this disappointing guy gone? Is it really as Wendy said?"

Nancy took out her phone and wanted to call Jasper. But all of a sudden, everything went black and she lost consciousness.

It was an hour later when she woke up again. She rubbed her sore neck and looked around with the only light. She found herself in a strange warehouse, and there was a man not far away.

Her first reaction was that she was kidnapped, and the biggest possibility was for money. Of course, with her intelligence, she couldn't guess it was Alston.

She summoned up her courage and shouted at the person standing in the distance, "Hey, who are you? Why did you kidnap me? I'm the eldest daughter of the Qi clan. Let me go! Otherwise, when I go out, you will suffer! "

Donnie Mu ignored her. Mr. Alston had told him that he would come to interrogate her in person later. He'd better not say anything.

Noticing that Donnie Mu didn't respond, Nancy thought he was afraid of her identity, so she shouted proudly, "Are you afraid! Let go of me if you are afraid. I won't hold you accountable if I go out. Otherwise, I will make you... "

Donnie couldn't stand this arrogant woman any more. He shouted at her in a low voice, "Shut up!"

Startled, Nancy drew back her neck and whispered, "Don't hurt me. You just want money. How much do you want? I'll give it to you! As long as you can let me go, I can satisfy you whatever you want... "

Before Nancy could say anything more, she saw a man walking out of the dark. She thought he was a rescuer, and her face was full of joy. But to her surprise, it turned out to be Alston. With a pale face, Nancy looked at Alston in horror, "You... You can't kill me. I'm the eldest daughter of the Qi clan. If you kill me, my father... He won't let you go... "

Alston didn't want to say anything more to this brainless woman, and she didn't have the right to speak. He winked at Donnie Mu. Donnie Mu understood and stood beside Alston, ready to make a move at any time.

Trembling with fear, Nancy shouted, "Don't come over. What the hell are you doing? !"

"Miss Qi," Donnie Mu said. "You can't afford to offend someone. You'd better behave yourself and leave a way out for yourself. Don't ask for trouble, right?"

Hearing this, Nancy immediately realized that Alston was here to avenge Gabrielle. She couldn't help but curse, "Gabrielle, you bitch! You even send people to take revenge! You will die a horrible death... "

Hearing this, Alston burst into a bloodthirsty coldness. Feeling the aura of Alston, Donnie broke out in a cold sweat and thought, 'This woman is really brainless.'. He raised his hand and slapped her several times to make her shut up.

Covering her face with her hand, Nancy suddenly realized t

hat she had said something improper. She was facing Alston, the cold faced king of hell. She begged, "Mr. Alston, I was wrong. Please spare my life. I will do whatever you ask me to do. Please spare my life..."

Alston looked at Nancy as if she was looking at a dead person and said, "I don't want to see you in this city anymore. Get out! " She turned around and was about to leave.

"Thank you, Mr. Alston." Nancy was so scared that she almost lost her soul. Thank you for sparing my life," said Nancy to Alston's back! "Thank you, Mr. Alston! " Donnie opened the door and Nancy ran out of the room.

The nanny was startled to see the wound on Nancy's face. She grabbed Nancy's hand and asked her what had happened.

It was not until Nancy saw the nanny that she came back to her senses and realized that she was safe. She bent over the nanny and cried bitterly. What happened today was enough for her to remember for a lifetime. Alston was so horrible, with his murderous eyes and cold words. Nancy was so scared that she started to talk about nonsense. "It's all my fault. I shouldn't have said that. What should I do? What should I do in the future..."

The nanny was confused. She patted on her back and comforted Nancy that everything would be fine. Nancy pushed the nanny away, "No. Everything won't be fine. They won't let me go. You don't know. No, I have to go and pack things up... "

She ran upstairs to the second floor, took out her suitcase and began to pack up her clothes. She kept saying, "I have to be quick. I can't be seen. Hurry up..."

The nanny didn't understand what she was going to do, but she still helped her pack things up. She held the nanny's hand and said, "I'm leaving. I can't stay here anymore." She took her suitcase and bag and hurried out to catch the earliest flight.

The nanny called Hassan Qi as soon as she went downstairs and told him all kinds of Nancy's reactions when Nancy got home. Hassan Qi returned home as soon as possible. But it was too late. He had already boarded the plane.

Gabrielle stopped thinking and looked out of the window, only to find that it was not the way to her home. She quickly said, "Can you drive me back to my home?"

"Miss Shen, I'm sorry that I can't do it. I only follow Mr. Alston's orders."

Gabrielle had no choice but to agree. After all, what he said was irresistible.

When they arrived at the villa, Gabrielle returned to her room with a disturbed look. She lay on the bed, and her ankle was a little painful again. Thinking of the gentleness of Alston and what he had done for her, she felt sweet in her heart. Thinking of the cold expression on his face just now, she felt a sting in her heart. She forced herself not to think of him, but she couldn't control herself on the other side. She turned her body and looked out of the window.

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