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   Chapter 13 Quarrel

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Gabrielle was infuriated by Nancy's words. When she was about to retort, Alston stood in front of her. He held Gabrielle's hand to reassure her.

"The reason why you can still stand here is that I respect the Qi clan." Alston gave a cold look at Nancy, "It doesn't mean that you can be presumptuous in front of me."

Being stared at by Alston, Nancy took a step back. Unwilling to give up, she said, "Gabrielle, you would only hide behind men. Do you really think you deserve Mr. Alston? Look at yourself! What kind of person are you? Do you just want to marry a rich man? I think you are daydreaming! "

All the people in the quiet party looked at Nancy when they heard her shouting. Some of them dared to step forward to watch a good show. At the same time, the ladies began to talk about Gabrielle.

"Although Nancy's words are harsh, they are reasonable. Who knows what kind of person and family background Gabrielle is? "

"I don't think Nancy is a good person. I noticed her just now and she tried to make trouble for Mr. Alston. She didn't know how powerful herself was. In my opinion, she is daydreaming. By the way, have you heard that her partner seems to be Gabrielle's ex-boyfriend... "

Hearing the discussion, Nancy's face changed, but she still looked at Gabrielle proudly and wanted to see how she would deal with it. Alston still wanted to protect Gabrielle. Gabrielle patted his hand. There were some things that needed to be dealt with by herself. She suddenly smiled, "It's not up to you whether I deserve Mr. Alston or not. If I become a Phoenix, it is Mr. Alston who make me become a Phoenix. As for you..." Gabrielle looked at Nancy up and down, "You are not qualified. But speaking of shamelessness, I still admire you. "

The pride and smile on Nancy's face were gone. With a ferocious look, Nancy said, "Gabrielle, who is shameless? I think you are the most shameless one. You not only seduced Mr. Alston, but also my boyfriend! "

The onlookers started to gossip when they heard what Nancy said. Gabrielle shook her head with a smile, "Miss Qi, you are really good at confusing people. You are the mistress who seduced my boyfriend. Oh, I should say my ex-boyfriend now. But you bit me back and poured dirty water on me. I'm afraid Miss Qi will be the most shameless one this year. "

Looking at the scene in front of him, Alston smiled faintly. His little white rabbit could bite people. However, when he looked down at his hand held tightly by Gabrielle, he found that her psychological quality was still a little poor. He pulled out his hand and patted on Gabrielle's back to relax her.

Gabrielle took a deep breath. God knew how much courage she had used to say these words. Her body leaned against Alston's, and she could not stand steadily. Noticing the change of Gabrielle, Alston held her waist and pulled her into his arms.

Looking at the intimate state of the two people in front of her, Nancy was about to explode with anger. It turned out that although she had said so much, Alston didn't take it seriously at all. So she just broke the rules and said with a ferocious face, "Jasper chose to be with me only because he saw your real face. How could Jasper like a person like you!"

The eyes of the crowd were bright. When the onlookers heard that Nancy was so righteous, they began to discuss. "The eldest daughter of the Qi clan is such a shameless woman. How could she be so arrogant as a mistress and be righteous to destroy other people's relationship. I really don't know how she has the nerve to say it out. "

"Shameless. Gabrielle didn't say anything, but she blamed others first. She is really like her mother!"

"Do you mean... I knew it before. It turned out to be true. How poor Gabrielle was to meet such a boyfriend. But it seems that she is still very kind. If I were her, I would have scratched this mistress's face... "

The crowd's discussion became louder and louder, and Nancy heard it clearly. She glared at them and said, "What are you talking about! Shut up your mouths if you keep talking nonsense! "

"Wow, you look so fierce. But why doesn't Mr. Alston say anything? Is he..."

Nancy was like a contemptible scoundrel now. Gabrielle leaned against Alston's chest and looked at Nancy sarcastically without saying anything.

At this moment, Nancy was in a difficult position. She could do nothing to Gabrielle and could only vent her anger on the masses.

"What are you looking at? Dig your eyes out! I'm the eldest daughter of the Qi clan. Can you afford to offend me? If you are afraid, you'd better leave now. Don't make trouble here. "

The crowd sighed. Several ladies couldn't stand it anymore and stood out. "This isn't the banquet held by your Qi clan. How could you be so rude? We just watch the fun. Is it illegal to watch the fun these days? You've gone too far. "

Looking at the people who stood out in disdain, Nancy said, "How dare a person from a third class clan speak? Since you are invited to this party, you should snicker secretly but not blame me! I think you don't want to stay at the banquet any longer. Aren't you afraid that I will ask the security guard to drive you out? Do you think he will do it for the sake of our Qi clan or for the

sake of you? "

Although the ladies were angry, they didn't dare to offend her. It was not easy for them to attend the party. If they screw it up, it would do no good to their family. They took a step back and disappeared in the crowd.

"Why don't I know that the eldest daughter of the Qi clan is so arrogant? Wendy walked out of the crowd with an enchanting figure, "I'm afraid the banquet is held by the Qi clan. "

Looking at the people walking out of the crowd, Nancy felt resentful. It was this bitch again. She always liked to make trouble for herself, but she had no choice but to offend her. "Miss Wang, you're joking. I'm just teaching a little ant who doesn't know how to behave. After all, she has a different identity."

"Teach her a lesson? Wendy sneered, but I only saw an arrogant and snobbish woman messing around here. She lost her partner and didn't send someone to look for it, but came to blame Mr. Alston's partner. It's really a low-level way to attract people's attention. "

"Wendy Wang, you!..." Nancy pointed at her angrily. I don't want to argue with you for the sake of your identity, but you always make me unhappy. What do you mean? "

"Ouch!" Wendy get rid of Nancy's hand. "The eldest daughter of the Qi clan is here. How can our Wang clan compare to yours? You don't even take Mr. Alston seriously. Would you be afraid of me? I didn't mean to upset you. I just want to be a good person and taste the feeling of being praised. "

Knowing that she couldn't defeat Wendy, Nancy gave Wendy a resentful look and said, "It's all Gabrielle's fault. It's her who made me so embarrassed.". Although she couldn't do anything to Gabrielle, her self-esteem didn't allow her to admit defeat. She reached out her hand and tried to hold Gabrielle.

Noticing her action, Alston shook off her hand and looked at her coldly, "I can tolerate you saying so much, which is the limit. Don't look for death! "

"Mr. Alston, I..."Nancy tried to defend herself, but was frightened back by Alston's glance.

Alston looked at Gabrielle in his arms, and she looked at Alston gratefully.

Alston looked at Nancy again and said coldly, "You have no right to comment on my woman. Even if she wants to be a Phoenix, she is spoiled by me. From now on, I don't want you to pollute my eyes and Gabrielle's. do you understand? "

When Alston mentioned my woman, Gabrielle's heart trembled, but she thought that Mr. Alston must have said it in front of Nancy on purpose this time, so she quietly stayed in Alston's arms to acquiesce.

Seeing that Mr. Alston was so angry, Nancy knew something was wrong. She nodded in a trembling voice, "I see. I won't let Mr. Alston see me again."

With Alston holding Gabrielle in his arms, the crowd made way for them in a hurry. It was not until the two of them went far that they began to discuss, "No wonder it's Mr. Alston. His aura is so strong...""I'm so envious of Gabrielle. She can be protected by Mr. Alston..."

Looking at the two people leaving, Nancy could only stamp her feet in anger. She couldn't embarrass Gabrielle any more. After all, Mr. Alston had said that. She had to continue to look for Jasper.

Alston took Gabrielle's hand and walked to the table. He looked at her with tenderness in his eyes and said, "Let's eat something, but you little rabbit really broadened my eyes today."

Blushing, Gabrielle picked up a piece of cake and ate it. "Mr. Alston, thank you."

Alston raised his glass and raised his eyebrows, "Well? For what? "

"Thank you for trusting me and helping me, Mr. Alston. This glass of wine is my way of thanking you. " Gabrielle picked up the champagne and toasted.

Looking at Gabrielle's red face and grateful eyes, Alston drank up the wine in the glass and pinched Gabrielle's face. "You are my female companion. It's my duty to protect you."

Gabrielle looked at Alston gratefully, "Thank you so much, Alston for helping me stop Nancy."

"Well, Alston patted her hand. You can go back first. The driver is waiting for you at the door."

Gabrielle was stunned. Although she didn't understand, she didn't refuse and nodded.

Looking at the back of Gabrielle, Alston breathed a sigh of relief. He was afraid that she would meet Nancy here, and the ladies of other noble clans would not let her go easily. He'd better let her go back so that he can rest assured. He didn't want his bunny to be bullied again. He would deal with the matter quickly and then go back to see her. Thinking of this, he turned around and went to work.

Sitting in the car, Gabrielle was lost in various fancies and conjectures. She had been with Jasper for more than a year, but her love for more than a year was not comparable to a word of Nancy. She was really blind at that time. How could she be with him. And in this year, Jasper was not as good to her as Alston who only met her for several times had been. Thinking of the days she had been with Alston, Gabrielle blushed again. But why did he drive her away just now? Did she do something wrong to make him angry? Or was he scared by what she looked like just now. Thinking of this, Gabrielle felt a little disappointed. 'forget it. I can't figure it out anyway.'. She sighed and looked out of the window.

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