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   Chapter 11 The Banquet

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Alston took Gabrielle's hand and walked to the small lounge of the banquet hall. Then he loosened Gabrielle's hand and stopped.

Confused, Gabrielle stood quietly, waiting for Alston to speak. Subconsciously, she crossed her hands and gently pinched the hand that was held tightly by Alston just now. She only felt that there was still heat left in her palm.

Noticing Gabrielle's small movements, Alston regretted his rashness. He had used too much strength just now. She might be hurt.

Gabrielle must be scared by what happened today. He'd better send her back later.

He kept silent for two or three seconds and said to Gabrielle, "I'm sorry. It's all my fault. It won't happen again." Gabrielle sensed a trace of guilt in his usual cold voice.

At this time, Alston's coldness had disappeared because had punished Jasper. He became that indifferent Mr. Alston again, as if nothing could affect his mood.

Gabrielle hurriedly waved his hand and said, "it's not your fault. I was too careless. I should have dodged when I saw him."

Alston wanted to say more, but he seemed to feel something and looked down. He frowned and pulled Gabrielle to sit on the sofa. She looked at Gabrielle's fair feet, and then looked at Gabrielle's face, asking softly, "Where are your shoes?"

Gabrielle's toes were as smooth as jade, with light pink, delicate and white, very beautiful! But she didn't wear anything and stood on the carpet.

Looking at her bare feet, Gabrielle explained in a low voice, "Jasper wanted to rape me just now... I was not as strong as him, so I threw my shoes to him in a hurry. I forgot it when I came out... "

Because of the gaze of Alston, her feet crossed helplessly, which made Gabrielle very embarrassed.

"I see." Hearing this, Alston turned around and said to one of the bodyguards, "Go and find Miss Shen's shoes."

Then he said to the other bodyguard, "Go and find a clean towel and bring it here."

After the two bodyguards left, Alston ordered the other bodyguards to stand outside and not to let anyone in.

There were only two persons in the room, Alston and Gabrielle. Gabrielle felt a little embarrassed. She was almost bullied by Jasper just now, and she was too panic after being saved by Alston. She didn't notice that she walked out without shoes. If Alston took her directly to the banquet hall, it would be a great shame to Mr. Alston.

On the other hand, Alston thought he himself was careless. He was so angry that he didn't notice that she didn't wear shoes.

At the thought of losing her once, Alston had never been so flustered.

If he missed her again, Alston would regret for the rest of his life.

After a while, two bodyguards came back one after another.

The bodyguard with shoes said to Alston, "Mr. Alston, the hotel staff found the person who was thrown to the door of the room just now."

At that time, after Alston and his companions left the room, the security guard who had been watching the surveillance told the hotel manager about it.

The manager was at the banquet hall. When he heard this, his face turned pale. He scolded the security guard angrily, "Why didn't you tell me until now?"

The manager led several hotel staff to find Jasper, who was lying in the corridor.

If he was left in the corridor, it would definitely cause trouble to other guests.

The manager had watched the video in advance, so he knew that it was Jasper who provoked Mr. Alston's woman.

Alston took the shoes and towel, squatted on the ground, held one of Gabrielle's white and tender feet and wiped it for her.

Surprised and shy, Gabrielle said, "Mr. Alston, let me do it myself. It's dirty."

Alston wiped his face and said, "It doesn't matter."

You are always the purest person in my heart.

Silently, Gabrielle felt the temperature of the man's palm and the gentle force he wiped.

Deep down, this person was also a gentle person.

Fortunately, the carpet and floor tiles of the hotel were always cleaned, not very dirty, and the towel was still white after being used.

If there was a dark mark on the towel, then Gabrielle would be really ashamed to death

After putting on the shoes for Gabrielle, Alston pulled her up from the sofa.

The noise of the banquet hall could be faintly heard in this small lounge.

Mr. Ron came here today to make friends with business elites and expand the cooperation path of his company. He couldn't be delayed because of such an episode.

Gabrielle tidied up her messy clothes and hair, raised her head and said to Alston, "Mr. Alston, let's go out."

Alston wiped his hands with a tissue and turned to look at Gabrielle, "I'll go out alone later. You were frightened just now and need a good rest. I'll send someone to send you back. "

Gabrielle's eyes widened in surprise.

"You two escort Miss Shen back in my car. You can come back after she gets home, okay? " Alston said to the two bodyguards.

"Yes, sir." The two bodyguards answered in unison. They walked up to Gabrielle and made a gesture of "please". One of them said respectfully to G

abrielle, "Miss Shen, let's go."

Gabrielle looked at the bodyguards waiting aside and then looked at Alston. She refused, "No, I won't leave. I'm supposed to be your female companion. It doesn't make sense for me to leave halfway. I'm too unprofessional. "

She had come here to repay the help of Alston last time. If she left now, she didn't know when she would have the chance to repay him. Besides, he saved her again just now.

Alston frowned and looked at Gabrielle worriedly, "You were frightened just now. I'm afraid you will feel uncomfortable. You'd better go home and have a good rest. I can handle this party alone."

Shaking her head, Gabrielle smiled gently and said, "It's okay. I'm much better now. Mr. Alston, please let me stay here to repay you. You saved me just now, and I haven't thanked you yet. "

He waved at the two bodyguards and asked them to go out first.

Alston looked at Gabrielle in silence. He recalled that she hadn't lost her memory before. He narrowed his eyes and thought, 'It was all my fault...'

If it weren't for his neglect, how could this happen today.

After a long time, Alston compromised and sighed, "Since you think it's okay, let's go."

Hearing this, Gabrielle nodded happily, "Yes!"

"But..." Alston changed his tone and became serious, "You must follow me well and don't run around!"

Gabrielle promised Alston that she would follow him closely later.

Alston looked into Gabrielle's eyes and said, "You have to promise me that you won't leave me."

Gabrielle nodded seriously.

"Okay, I promise you!"

In that case, there was nothing to say. Alston could not force her out, nor could he bear to part with her.

"Let's go."

Said Alston.

Standing next to Alston, Gabrielle put her hand in Alston's arm and walked with him to the main room of the banquet hall.

Alston took a look at Gabrielle beside him and promised in his heart, 'When it is ready, I will let everyone know who can stand by my side like this, and will always be.'.

There was firmness in Alston's eyes.

The hotel manager stood in the corridor, frowning. Beside his feet was a black and blue Jasper.

The hotel was also responsible for the accident of Mr. Alston's female companion. It would be fine if it was any other rich man, but it was Mr. Alston's woman.

He was a business elite all over the country and a genius admired by countless businessmen.

Alston usually invited his partners to his hotel. Due to the celebrity effect, most of the business parties in the city were here.

It could be said that to a certain extent, Alston was the "golden word credit card" of their hotel.

There were a lot of people in the banquet hall just now. It was not until Gabrielle was pulled into the room by Jasper that the staff guarding the monitor saw them. They thought that Gabrielle was with Jasper and that the two were a young couple who had a quarrel, so they didn't care about it.

When Alston brought people in, the staff happened to pour water and left the monitoring station, and they didn't see it. When he returned to the monitoring station, he saw a person suddenly thrown out of the room, which scared the staff. Then he realized how serious the situation was. The staff thought the man was dead as he didn't move after he was thrown out. So the staff went to the manager in a hurry.

After all, Jasper had an accident in the hotel, and the hotel owner was also responsible for it. After sending him to the hospital, the Manager checked the activity track of the only woman Gabrielle in the monitoring.

Obviously, it was Jasper who caused the trouble. The hotel had no right to reconcile their private affairs, and there was no need to interfere.

The hotel manager was in a daze when a bodyguard sent by Alston to look for Gabrielle's shoes came over.

The hotel manager thought it was some guest, so he quickly walked to the room where Gabrielle was taken in by Jasper and made way for him.

The bodyguard saw that he was blocked and pushed the manager away. "You are in my way."

When the hotel manager was about to lose his temper, a waiter came over and pulled him, "Manager, this may be Mr. Alston's man."

The hotel manager was stunned. The bodyguard came out with a pair of women's white flat shoes, which was the pair that Gabrielle wore to the banquet.

The hotel manager wanted to stop the bodyguard and ask him where Alston was, but before he could stop him, he was frightened back by the bodyguard's casual glance.

Seeing that the man who wanted to block the way didn't say anything, the bodyguard went back to report. Mr. Alston hated people with low efficiency.

All the bodyguards of Alston were tall and strong, and had been strictly trained. The man who came to take the shoes was a head taller than the hotel manager, looking very oppressive.

The hotel manager could only watch the bodyguards go away. He said awkwardly, "No wonder he is Mr. Alston's bodyguard. It's not easy to communicate with him."

The problem was still not solved, and the troublemaker was at his feet.

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