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   Chapter 9 Anger

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Jasper was stunned while Gabrielle widened her eyes in astonishment.

Alston stood at the door with a cold face and cold eyes, as if he was looking at a dead person.

No one had expected that Alston would suddenly appear. As a result, Jasper staggered back two steps, and his eyes were instantly filled with horror.

The man's aura was too terrifying, as if he would be torn to pieces in the next second.

However, when he was about to step back, Alston moved his cold eyes away from him. He thought he was fine, but he saw Alston walking towards a corner of the room.

The man walked to Gabrielle, took off his coat and covered her.

A tinge of guilt flashed across Alston's eyes. He said in a soft and low voice, afraid of frightening Gabrielle, "Sorry, I'm late."

Gabrielle looked at him in a daze. It was not until she was held in Alston's arms that she came to her senses, relaxed her body and nestled in his arms with trust.

Alston didn't feel relieved until he held her tightly in his arms.

He finally took time to look back at Jasper indifferently.

Just a glance made Jasper frozen and cold.

Every nerve of Jasper was trembling under Alston's gaze. He was so scared that he almost knelt down to beg for mercy. But in order not to be looked down upon by others, he had to bite the bullet and looked back at Alston under pressure. That was how Jasper was. He never considered the consequences when he did things.

But he soon looked away, because he couldn't bear the imposing manner of [慕君升]. But when she thought that she was Chiba's boyfriend and believed that she did nothing wrong, she said in a trembling voice, "[沈千叶] is my girlfriend! I can do whatever I want! "

[沈千叶] was shocked by what Ye Shi said. She didn't expect Ye Shi to be so shameless. Subconsciously, she grabbed the hem of [慕君升]'s clothes beside her and scolded in the direction of Ye Shi, "how can you say that? How shameless he was! We have broken up! I'm not your girlfriend now! "

[慕君升] looked at her. At this time, Chiba shook her head to show that it was not what Ye Shi said. Her delicate face was full of uneasiness and grievance, looking pitiful. If others were there at that time, they would have felt sorry for Chiba, not to mention that beside her was the man who loved her deeply?

Looking at the delicate girl in front of him, Alston's heart was melting. Obviously, Gabrielle meant a lot to him.

Of course, Alston didn't believe what Jasper said. Gabrielle was his woman. Would he let irrelevant people bully his woman? The answer was obviously No.

Alston rubbed Gabrielle's head, and the coldness in his eyes gradually dissipated, indicating that he didn't care about what Jasper said. "Don't be afraid. It's okay. Just leave it to me."

Hearing what Alston said, Gabrielle's heart beat faster and her face flushed with her head down.

Before she could respond to his words, a group of bodyguards in black suddenly rushed into the room, clasping Jasper with their hands. There was no room for Jasper to resist.

Gabrielle was stunned by the scene in front of her. At this time, Alston held Gabrielle in his arms, and Gabrielle followed him obediently to the front of Jasper. He looked down at him, as if a victorious king was looking at the defeated.

Looking at the gray faced man in front of him, Alston asked in a low voice, "which hand did you use to touch Gabrielle? "

Trembling, Jasper looked at the man who was giving off a low pressure. He believed that if he told her which hand he used to touch Gabrielle, he would definitely not have this hand. So he could not say. No matter what, he could not say.

Jasper was no longer arrogant and domineering as before, but humble. He only wanted Alston to let him go. He had already regretted and wanted to cut off his tongue. He shouldn't have talked nonsense in front of Alston just now. Now he was the one who suffered. But there was no medicine for regret in the world.

Suppressed by the bodyguards, Jasper looked at Alston pleadingly, "Mr. Alston, please let me go. I know I was wrong. I won't do it again. I was just being mean. Please let me go! "

A trace of disdain flashed through Alston's eyes when he looked at Jasper. If he talked to him in the way he had talked, he might really let him go. But what he did now w

ould only make Alston more disgusted.

When Alston glanced at Jasper, the bodyguard dragged him back and pressed him. With one hand holding Gabrielle, he said to him coldly without any emotion, "since you don't want to say it, it doesn't matter. Why don't you break both hands? There will always be one to blame, and if you break both hands, they will be the same. It looks comfortable."

Jasper was so scared that he almost bit his own tongue. It seemed that Alston was really going to kill him. He had no way back. What should he do? If he didn't have these hands, how could he live and work in the future?

It was not a big deal. The most important thing was that he would be despised by everyone in the future as a cripple without hands! What he feared most was gossip. He cared about his appearance very much and didn't allow anything to happen to his image.

Jasper still didn't give up and wanted to plead with Alston, but he knew that Alston would never let him go. Now the only person who could save him was Gabrielle. He also knew that Gabrielle was softhearted.

So Jasper changed the person who he was begging for mercy. He looked at Gabrielle pitifully and said, "Gabrielle, please save me. For the sake of our one-year relationship, please save me. Anyway, I have been your boyfriend. I believe you won't be so cruel. You will save me, won't you? "

Tears welled up in his eyes. Anyone who saw him would feel sorry for her.

Although Gabrielle also hated this self-righteous scum, wasn't it him who made the situation worse now? It was a daydream for him to hope that she would save him.

But Gabrielle was a kind woman. She felt that Alston was indeed too cruel to Jasper. A small punishment was enough. There was no need to disable his hands. In this era, if he lost his hands, he would be really like a disabled person. In the future, life would be worse than death.

Looking at Alston, Gabrielle said, "Mr. Alston, please let him go. Just give him a little punishment. Making his hands disabled is a little..."

Hearing the voice, Alston looked at Gabrielle and held her closer to him. "Gabrielle, you are too kind. He doesn't deserve it. As for his life, it depends on my mood. "

She couldn't help Jasper. What Alston said meant that he hoped that she would not interfere in this matter anymore. He was born with a high status, and no one was allowed to assault him, not to mention that he still owned her. He protected her like this and helped her punish the bad man. No matter what he did, she should thank him.

Thinking of this, Gabrielle shut her mouth and didn't say anything.

She couldn't help Jasper. It was all his fault. He knew Alston's strength, but he still spoke wildly. Moreover, she had pleaded for him just now, but there was nothing she could do.

Hearing what Alston said, Jasper was in extreme despair. In that case, he couldn't protect his hand anyway, and there was no hope for him to get out of here safely, then he'd better throw caution to the wind now. He could still talk as he liked!

Thinking of this, Jasper broke free and stood up. He changed from pretending to be pitiful to a sarcastic face, which made people have to sigh that he changed his face so fast.

"I didn't expect that the dignified Mr. Alston would value a woman so much. I have slept with her long time ago. She is just a worn out shoe. Since Mr. Alston likes this worn shoe, I will generously give it to you. After all, there are so many women in the world, and I don't lack Gabrielle! "

Alston sneered and shook his head when he looked at Jasper like a fool.

Gabrielle looked at Jasper in shock. How could he tarnish her innocence like this? She shouldn't have spoken for him just now, and she should have let Alston cripple his hand!

Nothing happened between him and her. He had said that they were boyfriend and girlfriend just now, but now? Thinking of this, she felt sad, but she didn't care. The most important thing was whether Alston believed her or not. She didn't want him to misunderstand her. Gabrielle was about to explain, but was stopped by Alston.

Alston knew what kind of person Gabrielle was. He knew that Gabrielle couldn't do such a thing. He believed in his intuition.

Alston turned to look into Gabrielle's eyes and said, "I believe you."

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