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   Chapter 8 Keep It For Yourself

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Jasper thought for a while and thought of the man he met at the elevator that day.

"You did have an affair with that man," said Jasper with a frown

Gabrielle frowned, "Jasper, what do you mean by having an affair? Please watch your language! "

"My words?" "Don't try to hide it from me. Nancy has told me that you were with that man the night before yesterday instead of going back to the dormitory! Nothing happened to you the whole night? "

The mockery and doubt in Jasper's tone made Gabrielle angry. This man had a bad character, and he felt that others were the same as him. Gabrielle didn't want to talk to him and wanted to leave. "Excuse me! It has nothing to do with you. I'm leaving. Bye! "

Jasper and Gabrielle had been together for more than a year, and Gabrielle seldom let him touch her hands, let alone having sex with her. Thinking of the beautiful woman in front of him, who might have sex with another man the night before yesterday, an unknown evil fire held Jasper's heart.

He grabbed Gabrielle's hand and pulled her into his arms. "You want to leave? Gabrielle, you have done all the things. You don't need to hide! How long have you known each other? Why did you pretend to be pure when you were with me? You didn't even allow me to touch you? "

Gabrielle was taken aback. Looking at Jasper's ferocious expression, a trace of fear flashed through her eyes. She gritted her teeth and tried to pull her hand back, but there was a huge difference in strength between men and women. No matter how she struggled, Jasper had no sign of letting go!

With great strength, Jasper pulled her out of the banquet hall. Seeing that she was farther and farther away from the banquet hall, Gabrielle was anxious and struggled, "Jasper, what do you want to do? This was a hotel and there were monitors in the corridor! Let go of me! "

"Gabrielle, you are my girlfriend. It's none of others' business when I'm with my own girlfriend."

Gabrielle didn't expect that Jasper would say something like that, so she retorted loudly, "Jasper, I have broken up with you! We have nothing to do with each other! "

"Break up?" His eyes greedily lingered on the beautiful body of Gabrielle. He sneered and said, "you wish!"

As he spoke, he was about to pull Gabrielle into the next room!

Seeing that she was about to be pulled in, Gabrielle was anxious. She lowered her head and bit hard on Jasper's wrist. Feeling pain, Jasper loosened her grip on her for a while! Gabrielle turned around and left!

A hint of cruelty flashed through Jasper's eyes. He took two steps to catch up with Gabrielle again and grabbed her, "I've asked for your permission. If you insist on refusing to accept, don't blame me!"

Gabrielle widened her eyes in astonishment, "Jasper! Are you crazy? "

She wanted to escape, but she was no match for Jasper. She was dragged to a room n


"Let me go! Let go of me! " Gabrielle struggled in horror. When she was extremely scared, a name blurted out, "Alston! Help me, Alston! "

But Alston was at the banquet and couldn't hear her at all.

Jasper turned around and sneered, "Don't pretend to be a loyal woman. You slept with a man you just met. Gabrielle, isn't it because he is rich?"

Gabrielle knew that Jasper came from an ordinary family and always envied those rich people, but she didn't expect him to be so abnormal!

"Jasper! Do you think everyone is like you?! Mr. Alston and I are innocent! " Gabrielle struggled desperately to escape from the control of Jasper, but there was a huge difference in strength between men and women. Jasper held her tightly with both hands, showing no sign of loosening!

The two of them were getting closer and closer to the door. Seeing that the door was very close, Jasper threw Gabrielle into the room with great force!

Gabrielle fell to the ground. When she tried to get up again, Jasper had already come in and closed the door.

Seeing him approaching step by step, Gabrielle felt desperate.

Jasper smiled cruelly, "Gabrielle, do you still want Mr. Alston to save you? Even if you ride on Mr. Alston's coattails, you are just a toy. Maybe Mr. Alston has even forgotten your name! "

On the ground, Gabrielle's eyes were filled with fear. She clenched the collar of her dress, forced herself to calm down and opened her eyes wide.

However, no matter how hard Gabrielle tried to hide her fear, it was so obvious. The more scared she was, the more excited Jasper was. Thinking that he could soon take this woman as his own, he was so excited that his hands trembled!

This is Mr. Alston's woman!

But Gabrielle gritted his teeth and looked at him, "Jasper, you can't succeed."

"What? Do you want to commit suicide? " The more anxious he was, the more messy his movements became. One button couldn't be unbuttoned, and he irritably lowered his head.

At this moment, a gust of wind came——

When Jasper raised his head in astonishment, he saw a pair of shoes rushing towards him!

"You!" With his eyes wide open, Jasper wanted to dodge, but he didn't expect that when he avoided the first, the second one was behind. Hit by the second shoe, he staggered and almost fell!

His eyes were shining with gold, and he felt a little cold on his forehead. He reached out and wiped it, only to find that his hand was covered with blood!

How dare Gabrielle hit him!

When did this woman become so stubborn! Was she keeping her integrity for the sake of Alston? Thinking of this, Jasper was more angry, "You... You're courting death! "

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a loud bang at the door.

Someone stood at the door, his figure against the light, and his voice was as cold as from the hell. "Who do you think is courting death?"

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