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   Chapter 7 Amazed Everyone

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In the room, Gabrielle changed into a long white crescent dress, with her shoulders exposed to the outside, revealing her beautiful collarbone. The hemline tightly wrapped Gabrielle's waist curve, and suddenly exploded at her knees. The hemline of the dress was made up of several layers of wrinkled cloth, like layers of waves surging on the shore.

She also had a delicate makeup on her face. Her long hair was raised high, leaving only a wisp of cyan hair at the temples. The make-up artist carefully bent the wisp of hair, quietly drooping on both sides of Gabrielle's cheeks, outlining her beautiful facial profile.

It was the first time that Gabrielle had put on such a grand makeup. She stood there at a loss.

A hint of amazement flashed in Alston's eyes, and he fixed his eyes on Gabrielle for a long time. He knew that Gabrielle was good-looking, but he didn't know that she was so dazzling

It was completely different from before.

Alston was overjoyed at the present appearance of Gabrielle, but he was more heartbroken to realize that it was he who ruined her beauty.

"Mr. Alston? Mr. Alston? "

As Alston was lost in thought about the past, he heard the confused voice of Gabrielle. Alston came to his senses and reached out his hand to Gabrielle, "Come here."

Gabrielle grabbed Alston's hand, but she didn't move. Alston thought she was embarrassed, so he pulled her to his side gently.

But he didn't expect that with a little strength, Gabrielle lost her balance and fell into his arms!

Alston naturally had no objection to the beauty throwing herself at him. He held Gabrielle in his arms and looked down.

Under the hemline of her dress, there was a pair of crescent white high-heeled shoes. According to the rough visual measurement, the heels should be at least ten centimeters.

Noticing that he had noticed her shoes, Gabrielle felt a little embarrassed and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Alston. These shoes... I'm not used to them. "

She just sprained her ankle. Although the swelling had been reduced and she could walk, it was still a little difficult for her to ride on this kind of high-heeled shoes.

But today, she came to help Alston. How could she retreat because of this difficulty? Gabrielle quickly adjusted her expression and said with a smile, "Let's go."

Alston frowned and didn't move.

"What's wrong?" Gabrielle was confused.

But Alston let her go cautiously. Seeing that she stood firm, he turned around and left the room.

Gabrielle was confused.

After a while, the makeup artists came in again. They brought Gabrielle a pair of white crescent shoes. The only difference was that the shoes were flat.

Gabrielle was a little stunned and then realized what Alston had just done.

She was moved, but she wanted to refuse the pair of flat shoes. "Mr. Alston, it doesn't matter."

Although the shoes were of the same color, they were still a little inferior to high-heeled shoes. Alston prepared such a beautiful dress for her. Gabrielle didn't want to waste his kindness just because she was not used to it.

The only reward she could give to Alston was to wear a dress in the most beautiful state. As Alston's female companion, she should show up with him beautifully.

Hearing Gabrielle's refusal, Alston said, "You are already very beautiful."

Even without the high heels.

"Miss Shen, please change your shoes." Seeing that Gabrielle refused, the make-up artist next to her smiled and said, "If you get hurt because of a pair of shoes, o

ur Mr. Alston will feel sorry for you."

Gabrielle lowered her head, trying to cover the blush on her face. She didn't dare to speak loudly, afraid of exposing the shyness in her tone. She could only say in a very low voice, "then Okay. "

After changing her shoes, Gabrielle didn't move for a long time. The dresser quickly left the room. Alston walked up and pulled her up from the seat.

He held her hand with one hand and held her waist with the other, forcing her to look up at him.

However, the little woman's eyes were full of water. After a long time, her face was still red, and her cherry lips were open, as if she was tasting something tempting.

Alston's throat tightened, and his eyes became deep in an instant, staring at the seemingly delicious lips.

But he didn't do anything. His Adam's apple bobbed and he quickly turned around. His voice was a little hoarse. "Let's go."

At that moment, Chiba really thought that he would kiss her. When she saw him turn around, she felt a little disappointed.

But soon, [沈千叶] recovered from this strange emotion.

What happened to her? Why was it so easy to lose control in front of this man?

When facing Alston, where did the sense of familiarity and subconscious trust come from?

Before Gabrielle could figure out what was on her mind, Alston took her to the lobby of the hotel. From afar, she could hear the crowd.

This was what Alston had said for a long time. When Gabrielle stood at the door and was about to enter, she took a deep breath nervously.

However, Alston looked back at her and said, "don't be nervous. We are just going to meet some people."

Gabrielle nodded.

Alston then opened the door in front of him and led Gabrielle in.

When the two entered the door silently, they soon attracted many people's attention. Gabrielle didn't feel strange. After all, the person standing next to her was the president of the Mu's group.

But she didn't notice that half of those eyes were fixed on her.

Noticing those gazes, Alston frowned slightly and pulled Gabrielle into his arms. He lowered his head and whispered in her ear, "sit down for a while. I have something to talk about."

The warm breath blew in Gabrielle's ear, making her slender body tremble slightly. She nodded quickly, "Okay, okay!"

She turned around in a panic.

Alston watched Gabrielle leave until she disappeared in the crowd.

On the other side, after leaving Alston's side, Gabrielle found a quiet corner and was ready to wait for the end of the banquet, Unexpectedly, not long after she stood, a familiar voice came from the side, "Gabrielle Shen?"

Gabrielle was slightly stunned and looked back.

Not far away, Jasper Ye stood with a frown.

He was dressed in a black suit and looked handsome. There was a strong smell of alcohol on him. When he saw clearly Gabrielle's outfit, his eyes flashed with amazement and greed.

"Gabrielle? It's really you? Why are you here? "

In the past two days, Gabrielle's feelings for Jasper had been worn out. She hated this man, especially the way he looked at her now. She couldn't help but turn her body to avoid him.

This action irritated Jasper. The guests were all celebrities and aristocrats of G city. It took him a lot of effort to get the entrance to the party, but he did not expect to meet Gabrielle here!

The woman looked indifferent, as if she didn't think this opportunity was so rare. He also knew that Gabrielle came from an ordinary family. How did this woman get in?

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