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   Chapter 54 Her Smile

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"Boss, we have found the address of Miss Carolyn!" Early in the morning, Nathan entered the CEO's office with an address excitedly.

As soon as he stepped into the door, he was shocked by the scene in front of him.

Derrick's clothes were untied and collapsed on his body. He fell asleep leaning against the chair wearily.

Even in his sleep, he frowned.

In order to find Carolyn, Derrick had hardly taken a rest these days. As his personal assistant, Nathan had noticed it.

It was rare for him to have a good sleep, so Nathan consciously left the office without disturbing Derrick.

Rita came to the FY Group in the early morning. Since she was a senior executive of Su Group, no one dared to stop her.

"What are you doing here? Where is Derrick?" Said Rita, frowning and looking at Nathan, who was standing in front of her.

"The boss is sleeping inside. I don't want to disturb him." Replied Nathan.

Seeing the map and a line of address in Rita's hand, Rita pulled it over with one hand. Nathan was about to stop her, but it was too late.

"The Sunshine Island? So it is the place where did that bitch go? " No wonder she couldn't find her after searching for so long. It turned out that Carolyn had hidden on an unknown island.

Seeing the vicious smile on Rita's face, Nathan suddenly regretted coming to the company so early.

"You misunderstood. This is not Miss Carolyn's address." Nathan was worried that she would do something bad, so he quickly found an excuse. "This is the island that our boss is going to develop next."

"Really?" Rita stared at Nathan with disdain. Did he think she was stupid? She had sent someone to keep an eye on Derrick these days, and she knew that Derrick had spent so much effort to look for Carolyn. So at this time, Derrick was not in the mood to develop any island. The location of this island must be where Carolyn was.

"It's true. If Miss Rita has nothing to say, give it back to me." If it weren't for Rita was the Su Group's senior leaders, Nathan would have been rude to her.

"Humph!" She threw the address on Nathan's face and strode away.

After walking out of the building of the FY Group, she made a phone call in the car.

"The place is in the Sunshine Island. Send some people over there to kill that bitch, Carolyn Xia!" She said viciously.

Now that Murphy was not at home, she had nothing to worry about.

It would be better if Carolyn died. She believed that men were all sentimental creatures. As long as she worked hard, she would definitely replace Carolyn.

Rita didn't know whether Murphy lived well abroad or not. She called several times, but only got some vague answers.

Forget it. Anyway, Peggy would take care of Murphy. As a child, what could happen to him?

In the Su Family, abroad.

As Murphy was losing his temper in the villa, he broke all the toys that Peggy gave him.

He had planned to visit Carolyn every day after she recovered, but when he woke up the second day, he found that he was abroad.

He was surrounded by fair-skinned people who spoke foreign language. He had argued f

leather shoes. Even if he stood there doing nothing, he attracted the attention of the people on the island. He was noble, handsome and a stranger.

He began to realize that his clothes were too eye-catching, so he changed into ordinary clothes with the fishermen on the island.

He felt a little uncomfortable wearing the coarse cloth.

As expected, no one noticed that after he changed his clothes, he came to the door of the shop where Carolyn worked. She lowered her head to settle accounts and talked to the guests from time to time, a faint and satisfied smile appeared on her face.

He couldn't help but be fascinated by her. As the sun set, Carolyn packed up the things on the table and was about to get off work. Derrick was afraid that he would be recognized, so he left first.

It was the first time that he didn't dare to recognize her, and it was also the first time that he saw her wearing such a simple smile.

Seven years later, when he met her again, she was not living a good life. She was oppressed by her family and bullied by Eric. She always had a sad face.

However, on Sunshine Island, she got rid of the shackles of her past life and lived a free life, like a bird flying in the sky and finding its own home.

Derrick was afraid that his appearance would break the peace of her original life, and that she would escape again.

He was relieved to see her live a good life in the distance.

But he couldn't just let Carolyn live on the island like this. He would go back to the FY Group sooner or later. He would be worried if he couldn't take Carolyn back.

But would Carolyn refuse him...

Derrick was troubled.

"Mr. Derrick, we have booked the best hotel on the island. Do you want to go there first?" Nathan came over with an umbrella in his hand. It was too hot here.

"Okay." He took a look at the shop.

There was no air-conditioner on the island, and the hotel furniture was simple. There was only an old fan rotating and squeaking, making him unable to sleep.

After taking a shower, Derrick sweated again.

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