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   Chapter 53 The Beauty In His Arms

Lose In CEO's Love Tricks By Shi Yue Characters: 9729

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She shook her head and told herself to be firm and not to be softhearted.

But to her surprise, Derrick came that night. Carolyn locked the door and leaned against it, trying not to hear his voice.

Although the door was soundproof, the sound could still be heard.

"Why don't you open the door and see me, Carolyn?" Derrick said in a low voice.

When he knew that Carolyn was going to resign, she didn't know how flustered he was.

How could she be so heartless and leave without discussing with him?

He didn't think he did anything wrong. He just wanted to protect her.

"You can leave now. Don't come back again." She closed her eyes. She would soon move out of the apartment to a place that Derrick couldn't find.

She couldn't tell whether she was angry or she really wanted to avoid seeing him.

But now her mind was in a mess. She wanted to know if she had given birth to a baby, but almost all the doctors concluded that she had not given birth, but she did not believe it.

Derrick clenched his fists and resisted the impulse to open the door.

He had the back-up key of the apartment, but he didn't want Carolyn to know it, or she would move away immediately.

When he finally calmed down, he smiled bitterly. Although he had done a lot for her, Carolyn still didn't trust him... No one could see his sadness.

"Come out. Let's have a talk." He tried to retrieve all this, but the people inside the door were no longer willing to answer him.

In the evening, when the neighbor saw Derrick standing at the door, he asked, "Did you young couple quarrel? Girls need to be coaxed. "

Coax? Derrick raised his head.

"She must be angry now, and she won't listen to anyone. You'd better let her calm down. That's how my wife is. She will figure it out after she calms down."

Derrick thought it made sense. He waited at the door for half an hour, but Carolyn still didn't come out, so he left first.

On the second day, Carolyn packed up her luggage and left the apartment with her suitcase.

She really didn't know how to face Derrick.

On the Sunshine Island, she lay on a golden and soft beach, surrounded by the warm sun. She closed her eyes leisurely.

It felt good to have a holiday like this. She took a plane of more than ten hours to arrive at the Sunshine Island. She came alone without telling everyone.

On second thought, she had no family now, and she could tell no one except Derrick.

The residents on the island were enthusiastic and honest, without too many bad intentions. She felt that she was very happy with the people here, without pressure.

She liked this island, so she stayed here and found a job in the shop. She was busy in the shop every day and went to the seaside in her spare time.

Derrick waited downstairs for many days, but he didn't see Carolyn. It was not until the neighbor told him that Carolyn had already left with her lu

Derrick's eyes as if she was a woman that no one wanted.

She closed her eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks.

She hated Carolyn. Even if she couldn't get Derrick, she wouldn't let Carolyn get him.

Derrick didn't want to look at her anymore. He passed her and walked out of the room.

Raising her gloomy face, Rita held the phone in her hand. The screen was the picture of them hugging just now.

Even if nothing happened tonight, she had already got the pictures of her and Derrick lying together, which was enough to stir up a disturbance.

If these photos were posted on the Internet media, they would soon be suppressed by Derrick.

So she had a good idea.

Rita asked a private detective to find out Carolyn's phone number. She edited the photo into a text message and sent it to Carolyn's phone one by one.

She believed that when Carolyn saw these photos, she would be very angry. A smug smile appeared on Rita's face. No one else could get what she couldn't get!

On the Sunshine Island, Carolyn held her phone tightly with her knuckles turning white.

She thought she could be indifferent to Derrick, but when she saw this group of obscene photos, her heart seemed to be tightly gripped and she was too painful to breathe.

In the photo, Derrick looked down at the woman in his arms with an affectionate look in his eyes.

His eyes were not pretending, but showing tenderness in front of his beloved woman.

The woman lying in Derrick's arms couldn't see the face, but she was a beauty.

Carolyn wanted to delete this group of photos, but she hesitated again.

No wonder Derrick hadn't come to see her for such a long time. It turned out that he had already forgotten her since he had another beauty in his arms. Carolyn felt very disappointed. Maybe she was not important in his heart at all.

Derrick wouldn't come. Although she could live in a peaceful place now, she felt empty in her heart.

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