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   Chapter 51 A Woman Who Had Given Birth

Lose In CEO's Love Tricks By Shi Yue Characters: 10271

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Sure enough, the second day when Carolyn came to the company, she heard someone whispering and looking at her strangely.

"Look, she is Carolyn. Lilly was fired on the first day she came here. It seems that she has a powerful background."

"She must have used some dirty tricks. I really don't understand why Mr. Derrick is so obsessed with her..."

Several female colleagues gathered around to discuss. When Carolyn walked over, they immediately changed their smiling faces.

"Oh, isn't this Miss Carolyn? You came so early today. Have you had breakfast? Do you need me to buy it for you?" Those female colleagues became enthusiastic to her all of a sudden. They surrounded Carolyn like a group of bees.

Carolyn understood at once. It seemed that they wanted to curry favor with her so that Derrick could remember them.

"No, thanks. I've already had it." With a smile, Carolyn walked past them to her seat.

Some people were like that. They could change their face faster than turn the page. Yesterday when she just went to work, everyone in the company didn't like her. But after only one day, they had changed their attitude towards her.

Carolyn was not stupid, so she didn't want to have any contact with these people.

It was not easy to get off work. After saying goodbye to the people in the company, Carolyn walked out of the company alone.

Suddenly, a figure flashed by her side and she couldn't help frowning.

In the past few days, she felt someone was following her, but that person did not show up. She began to doubt if it was her illusion.

But today, it happened again.

Carolyn suddenly turned around and saw Lilly standing behind her with a ferocious face.

Lilly glared at Carolyn as if she wanted to eat her up.

It was getting dark and there were fewer and fewer pedestrian. Carolyn stood beside a landscape pool in the small square not far away from the company.

"You..." Carolyn didn't know what to say. She could understand why Lilly hated her. But what could Carolyn explain? She gradually realized that it was Lilly's design last night. Since Lilly wanted to hurt her, Carolyn couldn't tolerate her.

Lilly walked towards her and asked, "Are you very proud now?"

"You think too much. You deserve it." Then Carolyn turned around and left. She didn't want to waste time with Lilly. After all, it was obvious that Lilly came here to make trouble.

Although Carolyn also felt a little guilty, she knew that there was no need to be too soft on someone. Thinking of what had happened last night and almost lost her virginity to a strange old man, she felt sick.

Lilly wouldn't let her go. She walked over and pulled Carolyn's hair and clothes. "What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that I will expose the dirty things between you and Mr. Derrick?"

"Miss Lilly, please behave yourself." Carolyn pushed her away with all her strength to maintain her image.

Although there were few passers-by, the two women quarreled and pulled in the street was not proper at all.

"I'm sorry for what happened to you, but

he Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology for many years, and I've seen all kinds of women. Judging from your figure, you do seem to have given birth to a child before. Although the difference is not very obvious, I'm the most experienced nurse in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology..."

"Are... Are you serious? " Carolyn was surprised with her mouth wide open. It was impossible. She remembered that she had gone to the hospital to have a check-up. The doctor said that she had never given birth to a baby!

"Maybe I have made a mistake, but I don't think so..."

At this time, Derrick pushed the door open and came in. He cast a cold glance at the female nurse, which shocked her.

"Get out!" He suppressed his anger.

He had tried so hard to hide it from Carolyn, but this damn nurse almost exposed it!

It was true that she was experienced, but Derrick didn't need such experience to be useful at this time!

"Why are you so angry?" Carolyn said discontentedly. She wanted to ask the nurse about the baby. She always felt that Derrick was hiding something from her.

Derrick's attitude softened and said softly, "You don't need to care about such a nonsense talk. I think she has been in the hospital for a long time and wants to change a place to work."

He didn't mind letting the senior staff of the hospital fire this talkative nurse!

Carolyn understood what he meant and immediately retorted, "No, you just fired Lilly. Do you still want to fire others?"

She didn't want others to lose their jobs because of her. Besides, the nurse did nothing wrong and didn't know nothing.

"Don't mind my business, Derrick. I appreciate what you have done before, but I can't accept it." She was really a little angry. Derrick always drove others away, but he didn't know how much impact it would bring to other people's families.

It was not easy for people at the bottom of the society to find a suitable job, and Derrick, who had been raised in a rich and powerful family since childhood, would not understand it.

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