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   Chapter 50 Fire Her

Lose In CEO's Love Tricks By Shi Yue Characters: 9791

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Carolyn bit her lips tightly. She wanted to find an excuse to leave. It was not too late to talk about the cooperation tomorrow, but Billy meant that if she didn't agree tonight, he would give up the cooperation.

The last thing Carolyn wanted to do was to screw up the cooperation, but she failed anyway.

Derrick had helped her a lot, but she couldn't even do that. She felt guilty.

She had planned to repay Derrick with her efforts step by step, but...

"Have you made up your mind?" Billy didn't dare to give up this cooperation. His company also attached great importance to the cooperation with the FY Group. The reason why he said so was just to deceive Carolyn. As a newcomer, Carolyn didn't know how to play tricks, so she was easily cheated by him.

It was difficult for Carolyn to make a choice. What should she do?

At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open. In the dim light, she faintly saw a tall man walking towards her.

She was drunk, but she could still recognize him.

"Derrick... Derrick? " She asked in a low voice and looked at him in disbelief. Why did he come here?

"Mr. Derrick?" Billy let go of Carolyn at once and walked up to Derrick with a smile.

Derrick gave him a sharp look which was cold and terrible.

Billy was good at reading people's mind. He immediately froze and didn't know how he had offended the president.

Derrick walked over and picked up Carolyn. His face darkened when he smelled the strong smell of alcohol from the woman.

"Mr. Derrick, you are here to..." Billy suddenly realized that he had offended someone he shouldn't have offended.

"You are Billy Lu, right? I'll keep that in mind." Derrick sneered and strode out of the room.

Billy collapsed to the ground, paralyzed. He was doomed. He had offended Derrick, and the company would must fire him. In the worst case, perhaps no company dared to hire him again.

It was all Lilly's fault. He picked up his phone and dialed Lilly's number.

"Oh, Mr. Billy, why did you not in a hurry to enjoy the sweet moment, but call me now?" Lilly giggled on the other end of the line.

Lilly thought that everything must be done.

Billy shouted at the phone, "You bitch! Did you set me up on purpose? I won't let you go!"

"What? Mr. Billy, what do you mean? " Lilly was surprised.

"Don't pretend to be innocent. How dare I touch Derrick's woman? You deliberately arranged a woman of unknown identity to come here. Do you want to kill me? "

"You misunderstood. Mr. Derrick has a fiancée, and that woman is at most a mistress."

Lilly suddenly felt flustered. Did Derrick go to save Carolyn? It seemed that her plan did not succeed, but failed completely.

"Damn it! Do you think I'm stupid? Do you think I'm so gullible?" The way that Derrick looked at Carolyn was different. Billy had seen so many people and had already found that something was wrong.

Lilly was so annoyed that s

" Mary was confused. Ordinary girls were lucky enough to enter the villa, and they were eager to stay here all their lives. But Carolyn seemed to want to escape.

"Well, all right." She thought Derrick was going to talk about the cooperation with her last night, so she didn't refuse. The situation seemed to be very chaotic last night. She believed that the cooperation must have been messed up by her. If Derrick blamed her, she would have no objection. If he wanted to fire her, she would submit her resignation letter first.

For the whole day, Carolyn was very melancholy. Mary came to ask her what fruit or cakes she wanted to eat several times, but she refused.

"Mr. Derrick, Miss Carolyn seems to be in a bad mood. What do you think..." Mary called Derrick secretly.

Derrick had told her to keep an eye on Carolyn and report everything to him.

There was a few seconds of silence on the other end of the phone, and then he said in a slightly low voice, "I know."

Derrick got off work early in the afternoon. When he returned to the villa, he saw that Carolyn was sitting alone in front of the window with a thin back, which made him very distressed.

"What's wrong?" He walked up and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind.

She was taken aback and blushed at the thought of what happened last night.

"You... What do you want to talk about? Why do I have to wait for you? " Carolyn broke free from his arms and took a few steps back.

Derrick was slightly dissatisfied. Was she so resistant to him?

"Did Lilly ask you to talk about the cooperation? I have fired her." His gentle words made people feel cold.

Carolyn was surprised, "Did... Did you really fire her? Did you do that because of me? But... " But anyway, Lilly was a senior employee in the FY Group. On the first day she went to the company, Derrick had fired a senior in the company. If this news had spread out, what would people gossip about it?

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