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   Chapter 35 Stay Overnight

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Carolyn walked out of the bathroom and hid in the corner. Her heart sank when she heard their sarcastic conversation. She had thought that they really wanted to treat her as a friend, but now it seemed that they was just trying to give her a hard time.

She had no appetite at all, but in order to be polite, she had a few bites. She didn't expect that in their eyes, it was her hypocrisy. It seemed that she had really took unnecessary action...

It was not a good idea for Carolyn to continue to hide here, and Peggy would doubt it if she stayed here too long. Although she didn't want to face Peggy and Rita, she had to calm down and walked out from a corner.

She walked to the table and smiled apologetically. "I'm sorry. I have a stomachache recently, so I was a little impolite just now."

Carolyn explained it clear to them. She didn't want Murphy to misunderstand her.

Peggy smiled, "It doesn't matter. If you are not feeling well, I will ask the co

red at Carolyn secretly. She didn't expect that Carolyn would dare to go against her!

Holding the hand of Carolyn, Murphy rushed back to the villa in high spirits. Seeing that Carolyn had returned, Rita's face darkened.

"What's going on? Didn't you leave? Who let you come back? "

Unfortunately, no one paid attention to her. Murphy took Carolyn back to his room and slammed the door, keeping Rita outside.

Seeing that Peggy followed them in, Rita couldn't help but lose her temper. "Mom! What the hell is going on? That bitch is back! "

Peggy was also in a bad mood, but she was calmer than Rita.

"I didn't expect that girl to be so scheming. It's my fault." Peggy sat on the sofa with a cold face. She loved her grandson so much, but now he had a mother and already forgot his grandmother.

Peggy had mixed feelings.

"As you can see, now Murphy treats her as a treasure. What can I do with her?" Rita was so angry that she stamped her feet.

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