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After Derrick left, the house finally quieted down. When Dora returned to her room, she was so angry that she smashed everything that could be smashed in the room. She still felt that it was not enough and her resentment could not be dispelled.

"Damn bitch! Now even Eric is on your side. If I know what you have done to him, I won't let you go!" Dora felt humiliated today. She couldn't believe that she made a fool of herself in front of Carolyn. Eric used to be gentle and considerate to her, but now all this had disappeared.

As soon as Eric walked to the door, he heard the exasperated voice of Dora. He suppressed the impatience in his heart and said gently, "Are you still angry?"

When Dora saw it was Eric, her angry face turned to grievance. Her eyes were slightly red, and her mouth twitched. She said plaintively, "What are you doing here? What you did today is obviously to protect that little bitch Carolyn!"

Eric walked behind her and put his arms around her waist, "Silly girl, you are the only one in my heart. Carolyn is nothing to me."

"Are you saying this to comfort me?" She wouldn't believe it.

"Not only to comfort you. What about your face? Did it still hurt?" Eric straightened her body, gently stroked her swollen cheek with one hand and said with concern, "I'm sorry. It's all my fault. I was too anxious just now. But Dora, we can't afford to offend Derrick, so in order to keep this job, I have to make you suffer. "

"You only care about your work. Haven't you ever considered my feelings?" Most of the anger in Dora's heart had disappeared. She calmed down and thought about it carefully. What he said was reasonable, but she still couldn't accept the fact that she was slapped today.

She had been spoiled since she was a child. She had never been treated like this. She thought that Carolyn must be very proud...

"If I lose this job, how can I punish Carolyn in the future? Do you think so? " Eric said gently.

With his gentle words, Dora soon cooled down. But she wouldn't let go of Carolyn, but made her more resentful.

"I must destroy their relationship and then cruelly torture Carolyn!" She raised her little face, which was full of malice, and said through gritted teeth, "I will make her beg for death!"

Needless to say, Eric would do the same. But with the support of Derrick behind Carolyn's back, he couldn't do it openly, so he had to come secretly.

He rubbed his chin and sighed, "I didn't expect that she would hook up with Derrick. It's difficult to deal with her now."

On the second day, as soon as Eric came to the company's office, he saw that Rita was waiting for him early. This really shocked Eric. Rita was so arrogant that she didn't even bother to look at him at usual.

"What brings you here today, Miss Rita?" Eric came in with a smile.

Rita's face turned cold and she seemed to be in a bad mood.

Eric couldn't figure out what she was angry about, so he didn't say anything. He was afraid that if he said too much, he would offend her again.

After a while, Rita said, "I need your help. Will you refuse me?"

Eric shook his head. He knew that there must be something wrong when Rita came to him.

"I want you to help me deal with Carolyn!" Rita had already had a plan in her mind, but she was still short of a man to do it.

Eric was a little surprised. Although he knew that Rita didn't like Carolyn, he didn't expect that she hated Carolyn to such an extent. From her expression, it could be seen that she must hate Carolyn very much. However, the two of them hadn't known each other for a long time. There was no enmity between them. Why did she have such a deep hatred towards Carolyn?

"You don't have to know the reason. You just need to answer me. Will you help me or not?" At first, Rita didn't like to deal with people like Eric, because she thought Eric was just a clown and didn't deserve to work with her at all. But in order to deal with Carolyn, she had to endure it!

"Of course I will help you, Miss Rita."

The two of them quickly made up their minds and discussed the implementation time.

Rita left with satisfaction. Eric was complacent in his heart. With the help of Rita, he didn't believe that Carolyn could have the chance to get off this time.

At this time, Carolyn was writing a list in the company. She didn't expect Eric to appear.

"What's up?" She asked indifferently.

"You've been working hard these days. I'll give you a day off."

Carolyn opened her mouth but said nothing for a while. Did she hear it wrong? Did Eric really say that? When did he be so kind to give her a holiday?

Eric knew that she didn't believe him, so he explained, "Haven't you hooked up with Mr. Derrick recently? I will give you a chance. You can go to him to cultivate your relationship. Maybe it will be helpful for our future."


s that your idea?" Now, Carolyn finally believed it. She didn't feel strange that Eric had such an idea.

Since Eric had given her a break, there was no need for her to refuse. Just then, Derrick sent her a message and invited her to have lunch together.

Carolyn packed up and left the company.

Derrick waited for her in front of the company's gate and opened the car's door for her.

"There's a Japanese restaurant serves delicious food, let's have a try." Derrick said while driving.

Carolyn didn't mean to refuse. She didn't know why she agreed to have lunch with him. She had already decided to stay away from him in the bottom of her heart, because they were not from the same world and there was no need to continue to get involved, but she was softhearted...

In the dining room, Derrick ordered several dishes and handed the menu to her. "What do you want to eat?"

"I'm not familiar with this place. It's up to you." She pushed the menu back.

The layout of the restaurant was very exquisite, with elegant style and few people.

Soon, all the dishes were served.

But it never occurred to Carolyn that the two of them were photographed by reporters and exposed to the public.

Photos of her and Derrick could be seen on all kinds of magazines, newspapers and media. Some even exposed the fact that Carolyn had eloped with someone else and had a car accident before, and described her very badly.

Most of the comments below were attacking her, saying that she was immoral and skittish.

"How could this be?" Carolyn had just taken a shower. When she came out and picked up her phone, she saw these negative news. She was totally confused.

What she didn't do was widely spread and maliciously appraised.

In the news, she was described as a vulgar material girl who always tried her best to hook up with Derrick. The news also revealed her so-called "criminal record", obviously in order to make people believe the content of the news.

Carolyn didn't know how to explain. She helplessly put down her phone and buried her head in her arms...

On the second day, she went to work as usual.

As soon as she entered the company, she heard someone talking about her behind her back.

"Have you read the news yesterday? I didn't expect her to be such a person." Some female employees gathered together to gossip before working hours.

One of the female employees said with contempt, "I thought she was a seductress before, but I didn't expect her to dare to make friends with Mr. Derrick..."

"I always look down upon this kind of woman. She is a typical vase. She can't do anything but get her salary by her face."

Carolyn left quickly, walked into the elevator and pressed the upward button.

She didn't want to hear those malicious comments anymore!

After returning to her seat, Carolyn breathed a sigh of relief. As long as she stayed in her seat, she wouldn't hear those gossips.

But someone didn't let her go. A well-dressed woman twisted her waist and threw a stack of documents on Carolyn's desk.

"The boss ordered you to finish reading and sorting it out in an hour." Said Tracy, raising her eyebrows.

"An hour? So many papers? " Carolyn frowned, it would take her a whole morning to finish these documents.

"Save it, or you can complain it to Mr. Eric!"

Eric? It was him.

Carolyn didn't want to argue with him. She couldn't succeed, and she would be taunted. At worst, he might find out what had happened a few days ago...

No... She shook her head subconsciously. She couldn't find him alone!

"Don't pretend to be innocent. A woman like you, as long as you use some seductive means, can subdue Mr. Eric!" Tracy looked at her with disdain and sighed, "But someone really has the ability to do that. Mr. Eric likes your figure the most."

"What do you mean?" Carolyn stood up.

"Now the whole world has known that Carolyn is a seductress who relies on her body to get the position. Who knows if you get it by your body?"

Carolyn became angry and slapped her hand on the table with a loud bang.

"Enough! If you continue to talk nonsense, just get out of here right now!" She closed her eyes and tried to calm herself down with her chest heaving violently.

Anyone who was humiliated like this for no reason would be angry.

Carolyn didn't explode because of her endurance.

Tracy snorted, shook her waist and left.

Looking at the documents on the table, Carolyn intended to concentrate on her work so as to distract her attention. The rumor would gradually subside as long as a period of time passed...

In the CEO Office of the FY Group, the assistant handed an old document to Derrick.

"This happened seven years ago, just as you expected." The assistant said.

"Put it here." Derrick opened the document, and what happened that year seemed to be still vivid.

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