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   Chapter 18 Sense Of Distance

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Carolyn trembled slightly and looked back at him, "No, I..."

Murphy jumped off the sofa and looked at Eric up and down with a look of disgust. "Why are you yelling? We are not deaf!"

"Mr. Murphy, why are you here? Are you hungry? I'll ask someone to take you to eat some dessert. " Eric immediately put on a flattering smile.

Taking a step back in disgust, Murphy said, "I had a good appetite at first, but somehow I felt a little sick when I saw you."

Eric's face froze and he couldn't stand it anymore. He couldn't offend Murphy, but he was embarrassed by Murphy's rude words.

"What's wrong with you? Do you want to argue with me, a child?" Knowing that he didn't dare to retort, Murphy said more boldly, "Do you have a crush on our Carolyn? Why do you always come to bother us? There are so many people chasing after her. I advise you not to be daydreaming."

Eric's face turned livid. He gritted his teeth and explained, "No, you misunderstood. I didn't mean that."

"You mean you don't like my Carolyn?" Raising his eyebrows, Murphy looked like a domineering president innately.

How dare Eric say that he didn't like Carolyn? Looking at the little master of the Su Family, it was obvious that he was partial to Carolyn. If he dared to deal with Carolyn again, he would suffer a lot.

Eric glared at Carolyn, "Of course not..."

Carolyn held back her laughter. Seeing that the little guy was making things difficult for him, she felt that she was congenial to Murphy. Unfortunately, he was not her child. If she had such a cute kid, she would be very happy.

Seeing the smile on Carolyn's face, Murphy was a little proud. "Then tell me what advantages does she have?"

Eric tried hard not to think of any advantages that Carolyn had, but now that Murphy was unwilling to let him go, Eric had to answer casually, "She is beautiful and has a good character."

It was not until quite a while later that Murphy was willing to let Eric go. When Derrick came over, he found that Carolyn and Murphy were sitting on the sofa, talking and laughing. She didn't need him at all.

Although the little guy was a smart kid, he didn't care as long as he didn't hurt Carolyn.

Although Murphy had seen Derrick, he had an intuition that Derrick was going to chase after Carolyn. He was a little unhappy. He didn't want his mother to be taken away by another man.

"Are you coming so late to see a joke?" Murphy said arrogantly.

After a short pause, Carolyn looked at Derrick in confusion and found that his face was a little dark. She hurried to mediate, "Uncle was just a little busy, so he was late."

"What's the matter? Aren't you happy to be surrounded by so many women just now? Why are you still here?" This little man was not polite at all. He just hoped that Derrick would shrink back from difficulties and give up the idea of pursuing his mother.

"There are only two or three women, not so many..." Carolyn felt that she didn't have enough strength to speak. Not only Rita was there, but also the daughters of other famous families surrounded him.

She thought sadly that he had received so much attention, so many noble girls were waiting for his favor, and she, an ordinary woman, really did not deserve him...

At this time, Rita came over. She was here to take away Murphy.

Derrick held Carolyn's hand and took her away without demur.

Outside, the air around them was much fresher. But Carolyn felt a little cold. With her hands crossed, she looked ahead, but the focus was no longer on Derrick.

Derrick felt that she was a little far away from him.

"Carolyn, are you still angry?" He knew that she must be angry. After all, he had hidden his true identity from her. "I didn't mean to hide my identity, but too many things have happened, and I have no choice."

She lowered her head, smiled and shook her head, "No, I'm just a little surprised." More importantly, she found that there was an unreachable distance between the two people.

Although she had forgotten a lot of things, she knew from others how bad she had been, and her father had left because of her... She didn't have much confidence in herself, so how could she have the courage to continue to contact him?

Even if she had a complete family, her humble identity was nothing compared to his.

"I think we'd better not see each other again." Carolyn thought for a long time and finally came to a conclusion. She was afraid that she would fall in love with him again, so she'd better leave as soon as possible.

Just forget him as if the two had never seen each other.

Derrick held her shoulders and s

tared into her eyes, "What did you say?"

She took a deep breath and continued, "We..."

"I don't agree!" Derrick held her tightly in his arms. He was afraid that she would escape, so he didn't dare to tell her his identity.

But in the end, she knew it and decided to leave.

Carolyn still said bluntly, "We are from two different worlds, and we shouldn't be together. I... I don't think I deserve you, you are the CEO of the FY Group, and I am nobody. The world is cruel. "

Derrick held her tighter. After a long time, he said, "I'll drive you back. I haven't heard these words."

"I have made it clear."

But no matter what she said, Derrick insisted on sending her back.

When they got home, Dora and Mae were at home. Seeing that Carolyn brought a man back, Mae, who didn't know the true identity of Derrick, immediately scolded, "You bitch! How dare you take a man home? Are you a jinx? Do you want to piss us off?"

Although Dora was fascinated by Derrick's handsome face when the moment she saw him, she still sneered, "Did you find him in the host club? I didn't expect you to be so greedy for man."

Mae came over in an imposing manner and stared at Carolyn, "Your father is gone, but you are so reckless. Do you think that no one can control you at home? Don't bring back some riff-raffs. Who is this guy?"

"How could you say that?" Carolyn was almost pissed off.

Derrick held her hand and walked up to Mae, "Riff-raffs?"

"Yes, I mean you. What's wrong?" Mae didn't know who she had offended, but she looked righteous.

Carolyn was anxious, but Derrick said before her, "You'd better be responsible for what you said."

At this time, Eric came. Seeing that Derrick was stopped at the door, he felt something's wrong. He knew that the two women at home would do something bad.

Eric ran over and said with a flattering face, "Mr. Derrick, why are you here? Dora, why are you still standing here? Why don't you invite Mr. Derrick in for a cup of tea?" Eric kept winking at Dora.

"What? Oh, come in, please. " It suddenly occurred to Dora that since Eric had said that this man was Mr. Derrick, then his status must be not low.

Realizing that she had offended someone she shouldn't, Mae looked at Eric in a daze, hoping that he could explain.

"Mr. Derrick is the CEO of the FY Group!" After saying that, Eric glared at Mae, and then continued, "Mr. Derrick, don't be angry. These women are thoughtless. Don't be mad at them."

Derrick was not in the mood to go in and have tea, so he said bluntly, "If anyone of you dares to bully Carolyn again, you'd better pack up and get out of the company as soon as possible!"

"What?" Eric didn't react. A few seconds later, he suddenly remembered that the boss of the company and Derrick had grown up together, and the two groups had a wide cooperation, so Derrick had the ability to fire the employees he didn't like!

Eric cried in his heart.

It was not easy for him to get the position today. If he was fired like this, he could say that not many companies were willing to use him, because no one was willing to offend Derrick!

So he couldn't lose this job... Eric yelled at Dora, "What did you say to Carolyn? How could you be so vicious to treat your sister like this! Apologize to Carolyn now! "

Dora was stunned. Did Eric scold her just now? It was the first time that he had scolded her. He used to be gentle and patient to her, but today...

Looking at Carolyn, Dora thought it was all Carolyn's fault!

Seeing that Dora didn't move and didn't want to apologize, Eric was anxious. "You bitch, don't you understand me? I ask you to apologize to Carolyn!"

Looking coldly at the dramatic scene in front of her, Carolyn suddenly didn't know what to say.

Dora didn't want to apologize at all, "I don't want to apologize to this bitch. What qualifications does she have? She is just a bitch that no one wants."

Her voice was loudly enough to be heard by everyone present.

"What's more, she brought a random man back and wanted me to apologize to her. You wish." Said Dora proudly.

Eric got angry. He wondered why this woman was so stupid. He walked over and slapped on the face of Dora. The slap was so hard that half of her face was swollen.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she looked at Eric in disbelief.

"How dare you hit me for this bitch?"

However, Eric didn't look at her at all. He said to Derrick apologetically, "Mr. Derrick, I'm so sorry. It's my fault. I will teach this bitch a good lesson later."

Derrick didn't want to see them quarrel. He took Carolyn back to her room and left.

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