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   Chapter 17 True Identity

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Derrick let go of her hand. Suddenly, Carolyn could feel the coldness spreading from him as if he had completely changed into another person, not as gentle and considerate as before.

Did he dislike her... Carolyn couldn't help but think that Eric's words were so unpleasant to hear, but she had no reason to refute. So he also disliked her like Eric?

This was the last thing she wanted to see. She had thought that she could start a new life and accept a new relationship... However, every time she plucked up the courage to touch hope and happiness, she was slapped hard in the face by reality. How could Eric and others be willing to see her live a happy life?

Derrick suddenly grabbed Eric's collar, his eyes filled with rage. "Pardon me, what did you just said?"

Eric was frightened by Derrick's imposing manner. He had thought that Derrick was just a good-looking but unknown nobody. But he didn't expect that when Derrick was angry, his imposing manner was like a king, which made him have to be afraid.

"You have nothing to say?" Derrick threw away Eric's collar in disgust. He was a neat freak and didn't like to touch dirty things.

Eric's face turned pale. There were so many people present today, but he made a fool of himself. Moreover, Rita was beside him. How could he retreat? What if she looked down upon him?

"Carolyn, the company is not welcomed people like you. Look at what kind of people you have brought in. Security guard, drive him out!" In order to save his face, Eric didn't care about what would happen.

Rita's face turned pale, "Eric, you..."

"Miss Rita, don't worry. I won't let these filthy things ruin your mood. I'll kick him out right now." Eric thought he could please Rita by doing so.

Before long, the security guards arrived. Seeing the cold Derrick, they didn't dare to take a step forward.

"What are you waiting for?" Eric shouted, "Can't you hear me? How did you let such a messy person in?"

Carolyn frowned and retorted, "He's with me. How can you drive him out?"

Carolyn was very grateful to Derrick for helping her.

Now Eric just wanted to humiliate her, so he vented his anger on Derrick. If she didn't stand out, it would be too sorry for Derrick.

"You? What qualifications do you have? Who do you think you are? " Eric looked down upon her.

"I'm the main person in charge of this cooperation, and I won the cooperation with Miss Lauren. Of course I have the right..."

Carolyn was interrupted by Eric before she could finish her words.

"What are you doing? Get them out of here!" Eric completely ignored Carolyn. In his eyes, she was just an ordinary woman that didn't deserve his attention.

However, Rita was angry and shouted, "Stop!"

Confused, Eric looked back at her, wondering why she was losing her temper again.

"Do you know who he is? Do you know what you are doing? " Rita looked at Derrick with fear. She was afraid that he would be angry. She didn't expect that he would come to such an occasion today. But such an unpleasant thing happened. If she didn't stand out and say anything, Derrick must have a bad impression of her.

Obviously, Eric wanted to please her, so he drove Derrick out, which made Rita very depressed.

With a flattering smile on his face, Eric said, "Miss Rita, whatever you say is true. Even if you say he is nothing."

"He is the CEO of the FY Group. Although few people know him in here, they can recognize him as long as they are not blind!" With a disdainful look at Eric, Rita put on an apologetic smile and said, "I'm sorry for what had happened."

Eric was stunned. CEO of the FY Group? He looked at Rita in shock. The expression on her face was not fake.

After hearing the introduction of Rita, all the people present looked at Derrick. Some were surprised, while others came over to talk happily.

Carolyn widened her eyes and looked at Derrick in disbelief. But before she could say anything, Derrick was invited by several bosses.

Derrick was instantly surrounded by the crowd. He dealt with them skillfully and looked at Carolyn from time to time. But Carolyn didn't have the courage to respond. She looked away from Derrick in a hurry.

She couldn't help but smile bitterly in her heart. It was not until now that she realized that she and Derrick were from two different worlds... If it weren't for the fact that Rita had said, she would have been deceived by him for the rest of her life!

All the models and employees were lies.

The CEO of the FY Group was his real identity. He could drive a luxury car, have dinner in a high-end restauran

t, and buy a whole wardrobe of new clothes which price was at least five figures.

However, she didn't know that.

Carolyn couldn't tell how she felt. She just felt extremely cold from inside.

Seeing her absent-minded look, Eric couldn't help laughing at her, "Now you know, a lowlife like you can never be a Cinderella!"

"You are wrong. I have never thought of being a Cinderella." She didn't want to marry a rich man, nor did she want to be a wife in a famous family. She just wanted to live a peaceful life and find someone she liked to live with until she was old.

She had thought that Derrick might be that person, but it was all her wishful thinking.

"Haha, drop the act. Don't you just want to be a lady of a rich family and then trample on me?" Eric believed that Carolyn must know Derrick's true identity.

Carolyn didn't say it just now to humiliate him. Eric wanted to find an opportunity to vent his anger.

"Please don't say that," Carolyn said, gritting her teeth.

"You can do it on your own. Are you afraid of being told? No wonder you have been so honest for so many years. It turns out that you have already found a new man! You are really a bitch. You can't change your nature no matter where you go. "

Eric kept mocking her, which annoyed Carolyn. She turned around and was about to leave.

"Don't go. I have a task for you!" Eric wouldn't let her go so easily. His pleasure now was to see Carolyn being tortured and humiliated.

Carolyn calmed down and looked back at him in confusion.

Eric raised his chin slightly, "We need a waitress here. You can wear this evening dress and go there."

Carolyn couldn't help asking, "What? I don't want... "

"No? Do you still think you are a lady? If you don't want to work in the company, then just quit! " Eric didn't allow her to refuse.

She clenched her fists. Since she couldn't lose this job, she gritted her teeth and agreed.

Just one night and everything would be fine.

Obviously, Eric had prepared for it. He deliberately found a few restless people and touched Carolyn's thigh when she brought the wine to them.

Carolyn frowned.

"What are you looking at? Get me some wine!" The man said rudely.

Just then, a small figure suddenly broke in, took a glass of wine and poured it on the man's face.

When the man saw it was Murphy, all the anger he wanted to lose faded away. He couldn't afford to offend the young master of the Su Family.

"Fuck off!" Said Murphy coldly.

"Yes, yes, I'm leaving now."

Looking down at the little boy, for the first time, Carolyn thought he was a man and knew to help the weak.

But where was Rita who loved her nephew so much? Carolyn looked around and found that Rita was talking to Derrick, but she couldn't hear clearly what they were saying.

It turned out that Murphy was left alone, so he came to help her.

Murphy said coldly, "Since I helped you. In return, you can stay with me tonight."

Carolyn smiled gently and rubbed his hair, "Sure."

Seeing the gentle smile on her face, Murphy was in a trance for a moment. He doubted if the person in front of him was really the one who abandoned him.

He began to be a little uncertain.

"I want watermelon and cola. Go get them for me." Murphy found a comfortable sofa and sat down with his legs crossed, acting like a little master.

Carolyn knew that it was not good for the child's health to eat too much, so she patiently persuaded, "No, you can only eat a little, and don't drink too much cola, or it's not good for your health."

"Are you concerned about everyone?" Murphy didn't know whether she only cared about him so much or everyone else.

Looking at the ceiling, Carolyn thought for a while and answered, "I don't know."

Murphy found that her eyes were sincere and gentle, not as cruel as he thought, and it seemed that she had lost her memory. In order to test her, Murphy asked again, "You are not young. Haven't you ever thought about getting married and having children? Don't you like kids? "

Carolyn thought he was a big boy and asked about her private life. But she had a good impression of Murphy, so she answered patiently. "I like children very much. I also want to have a child of my own, but I haven't found a suitable person to get married yet."

Hearing that, Murphy was completely stunned. It turned out that she had really lost her memory...

At this time, Eric came over. Seeing that Carolyn was sitting on the sofa and chatting with a little boy without going to work, he was angry and shouted, "Carolyn, don't you take my words seriously?"

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