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   Chapter 16 The Imaginary Rival In Love

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"The make-up is ready. We're waiting for you." Derrick looked calm as if what had just happened had no effect on him.

Carolyn wondered, he's not an old flirt, was he?

The make-up artist gave Carolyn a light makeover. Because of her good skin and features, even the light makeup could fully show her beauty. After putting on the clothes prepared by Lauren, Carolyn looked more graceful.

She looked at the woman in the mirror. Her long hair was coiled up, and she was wearing an elegant light colored dress. With the light makeup made her more charming. She was extremely beautiful.

"Is this me?" Carolyn touched her face in disbelief.

"Of course." Derrick appeared behind her, and the two stood in front of the mirror. They were a perfect match as if they were taking wedding photos.

Derrick was tall and handsome. He looked more charming in the tailored suit.

Carolyn felt like she was in a dream, holding the prince's hand.

Derrick asked the driver to head to the press conference immediately.

When they arrived at the press conference, as soon as Derrick and Carolyn got out of the car, they heard a cry of surprise. Everyone's eyes fell on the two of them out of amazement or jealousy, and some out of unbelievable.

No one had expected that Carolyn, who was usually silent in the company, would be so beautiful when dressed up, and the man beside her was noble. It was obvious that he was a perfect man.

At this moment, Eric was talking with Rita. The atmosphere was quite harmonious, but when he saw Carolyn and Derrick, his face immediately changed.

As soon as Carolyn arrived, she took away all the limelight. Even his partner, Rita, couldn't help but look at them, not listening to what Eric was saying at all.

When Carolyn saw Eric, she pulled Derrick by instinct and walked in another direction. She was not afraid of Eric, but she didn't want to get into trouble. Although Eric wouldn't do anything to her in public, she still felt disgusted of seeing him.

With a microphone in his hand, Eric announced that the company had successfully signed the contract with a world-famous designer, Miss Lauren, and that he had also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Su Group.

All of a sudden, people's eyes, which had been fixed on Carolyn, fell on Rita and Murphy. The two of them became the focus of the crowd.

It was not easy to have chance to cooperate with the Su Family.

With an indifferent expression on her face, Carolyn didn't say anything.

Derrick whispered in her ear, "Do you want to go out and have some fresh air?"

"No, it's not convenient for me to leave." Although she also wanted to go out, as an employee of the company, if she left at this time, she would definitely be caught by Eric.

Derrick frowned slightly. Since when his woman had to act according to others' expressions.

Since Rita saw Derrick and Carolyn standing together, holding hands and talking happily, she couldn't control her anger.

Seeing that his auntie was so strange, Murphy frowned and asked, "Auntie, what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing. I just saw an ann

oying woman!" Rita looked at Carolyn with resentment. Why it wasn't she standing next to Derrick? Since the first time she saw Carolyn, she felt that this woman was very annoying. She even had a premonition that Carolyn would become her obstacle in the future. Today, it seemed that this premonition was reasonable.

"Auntie..." After all, Murphy was still a child. Seeing that Rita had become so terrible and her eyes were fixed on Carolyn, Murphy could vaguely guess something.

"Nothing." All of a sudden, Rita realized that she had lost her manner. She quickly looked away and smiled at Murphy, "If someone bullies me, will you help me?"

"Auntie... What do you mean? " Usually Murphy would nod in agreement. He looked in the direction of Carolyn with hesitation.

"Just tell me if you can!"

Looking at his aunt helplessly, Murphy had to say, "Yes."

Only then did Rita stop asking with satisfaction.

Perhaps it was because of the overbearing look in Rita's eyes that Derrick sensed something and looked at her, he also saw Murphy.

When he heard Rita call the six-year-old child Murphy, Derrick thought of the name on the phone note of Carolyn that night. It turned out to be the same person!

Realizing this, Derrick couldn't stay calm. It turned out that the "rival in love" he had imagined was a six-year-old boy!

With a darkened face, Derrick looked at Murphy carefully and wondered what kind of child dared to tease him.

With a glass of red wine in their hands, Eric and Rita slowly walked up to Carolyn.

"Carolyn, where did you find this man? Did you find another man so soon after you broke up with me?" Eric sneered. His voice was loudly enough to make everyone around hear it.

With a straight face, Carolyn said, "Don't talk nonsense!" She didn't want to be humiliated like this in front of Derrick.

She couldn't help but look at Derrick. She admitted that she cared about his thoughts...

Would he still choose to believe her?

"I'm telling the truth. If you hadn't been a skittish woman who couldn't bear loneliness and found another man, your father wouldn't have..."

"Enough! Don't mention my father! " What she feared most was that others would speak ill of her father.

"Are you feeling guilty?" Eric knew that Rita didn't like Carolyn, so he mocked her.

In order to please Rita, he dared to do it even if he made his employees lose face in public. At the worst, he could fire Carolyn and the company's reputation could be redeemed.

Rita sneered, "I didn't expect that Miss Carolyn would have such a terrible past. Your life is really in a mess."

"Yes, you're right. You've never seen her dissolute appearance before. Even if she wears clothes now, she can't hide her nature of being a skittish woman." Eric said. "I used to be her boyfriend, but I couldn't stand her cheating on me. I wouldn't dare to marry such a woman."

Carolyn's face turned pale. How could they say such harsh words on such an occasion! They didn't care about their dignity at all.

Carolyn held Derrick's hand and was about to leave. The air here made her feel suffocated.

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