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   Chapter 15 I'll Always Be With You

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After walking out of the company, Carolyn breathed a sigh of relief. Instinctively, she had a deep resistance to Eric. She had seen through Eric's bad character. Since she couldn't afford to offend him, she would try her best to stay away from him.

A few days later, the company held a signing conference, and Carolyn was also asked to participate. But this made Carolyn distressed. She didn't have suitable clothes. Her clothes were ordinary home clothes or work clothes, which were not presentable.

Sitting on the floor, Carolyn looked at the clothes in front of her and wondered which one to wear.

At this time, her phone rang. It was Lauren. After the contract was signed last time, she and Lauren had left their phone numbers to each other.

"Miss Lauren?" Said Carolyn politely.

However, Lauren didn't care about it at all. "Hi, Carolyn, do you have time to come over?"


"That's great. Come here now."

It was not until she came to Lauren's studio that Carolyn found that Lauren had already prepared the latest dress for her. Carolyn looked at Lauren in surprise. Was this really prepared for her?

Carolyn felt very grateful for Lauren's thoughtfulness. After all, she didn't think that the relationship between the two hadn't been so close, but at the same time, she was very grateful to Lauren. Otherwise, she didn't know what kind of clothes she could wear at that time. If she wore too shabby clothes, not only would she lose face, but also the company.

"You have a great figure, Carolyn. If you wear the clothes I designed for you, you will surely become the focus of the whole party." Lauren praised her bluntly.

"Thank you. I'm glad to help you." This was also a publicity stunt.

"Well, let's go." Lauren led her to the table.

When taking the clothes, Carolyn saw Derrick by accident.

Lauren winked at Derrick as if saying that the opportunity is here and you should seize it.

"Look, I've even found your partner." With a cunning look on her face, Lauren pushed Carolyn to Derrick, and said, "I suddenly remember that I have another thing to do. Derrick, please help her get her clothes." After saying that, Lauren left quickly. She was not stupid, so she knew that she had to leave the two of them alone at this time.

After hesitating for a while, Carolyn said, "Thank you." In fact, she didn't need a partner at all. Even if she need to show up alone, she didn't care. But anyway, Lauren was her partner, and she warmly introduced Derrick to her, so she was too embarrassed to refuse.

Besides, she had a good impression of Derrick...

Derrick took out a beautiful dress, which was a light pink long dress to the ground. The end of the dress was stitched with white lace, and the picture that she put it on could be imagined. It could not only show her beautiful collarbone and back, but also show her perfect figure, and set off a noble and elegant temperament.

Carolyn was in a daze for a moment and stumbled on her feet by accident. Derrick quickly caught her and pulled her into his arms.

Half of her face was against Derrick's chest, and her little face turned red. She could even hear Derrick's strong and powerful heart beating.

Derrick's deep eyes softened and said gently, "Are you okay? Did you hurt?"

How could she b

e hurt? She was lying in his arms unharmed.

With a red face, Carolyn said in a low voice, "I'm fine..."

"That's good."

In fact, at this moment, an idea suddenly flashed through Carolyn's mind. Derrick was so gentle and considerate, and he could comfort people. Moreover, he knew what had happened to her in the past. It would be good if he was really her boyfriend...

However, this thought only flashed through her mind and soon disappeared. She did not dare to take action. Because she was scared. The fragmented picture flashed through her mind from time to time told her that she once seemed to have a failed relationship.

And Derrick was so nice. Could she really have him? She didn't dare to gamble, and she was afraid of getting hurt.

"What's wrong with you?" Holding her little face in his hands, Derrick felt sorry for her.

Thinking of what happened in the past, Carolyn's face turned pale and looked a little pitiful.

She came to herself at once, "Nothing. I just thought of something bad."

"Don't worry. I'll always be with you." He held Carolyn tightly in his arms again and patted her gently on the back, as if he was comforting her.

Carolyn was stunned. She hadn't experienced such care for a long time. Her father had comforted her like that a long time ago, but now he had passed away...

Derrick looked down at her. The eyes of the two met. One was deep and the other was soft and innocent.

His fingertips scratched her pale thin lips, and finally, he pressed his lips on hers...

Indulged in his affectionate kiss, Carolyn couldn't extricate herself from it. She slowly came to herself and was surprised. What was she doing now?

She wanted to push Derrick away, but Derrick held her back tightly and didn't allow her to escape. The posture of the two was very ambiguous.

"No..." She said softly.

She was afraid that the more she fell in love with him, the more hopeless she would be in the end. She couldn't help but want to get in touch with Derrick, but her reason told her that she couldn't do that.

Derrick didn't force her. After he let go of her, his eyes were still fixed on her.

"I'm going to the bathroom!" Feeling embarrassed, Carolyn turned around and ran away. She had to wash her face in the bathroom to calm herself down. Her heart was beating so fast just now that even she herself could hear it.

After Carolyn left, Lauren leaned against the doorknob as if she was watching a good show.

"What did you do? She blushed when she ran out."

Derrick answered calmly, "Do what I should do."

"Well, it's something made her shy?" It was rare for Lauren to have a chance to make fun of Derrick. After all, Derrick was as serious as an iceberg.

It was rare to find something on him this time. How could she miss it.

"You have talked a lot recently." Derrick gave her a warning look and left.

"What do you mean by 'I talk a lot'? Just say it if you are shy." Shrugging her shoulders, Lauren had no choice but to accept his arrogance.

After tidying up her clothes in the bathroom, Carolyn walked out slowly, only to see Derrick standing at the door of the bathroom and waiting for her for a long time.

Her face turned red again and she couldn't help but think of what happened just now.

"Why are you here?"

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