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   Chapter 14 We Are Just Friends

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Carolyn held the clothes that Derrick had just bought, with a label on it that hadn't been torn yet. She picked up one of the labels and was a little shocked when she saw the price of five figures on it.

Derrick bought her such expensive clothes, and she didn't dare to wear them.

But he had already bought it. She couldn't let him return it. Besides, she needed it now.

"Don't you like it?" Derrick looked at her and saw her hesitation and embarrassment. He was confused. He was confident in his taste. The clothes he bought, regardless of size or style, were very suitable for her.

Shaking her head, Carolyn said, "I like it very much. Don't look back."

She quickly changed her clothes, and her face was still a little red.

Before long, the car arrived at the door of the studio. Derrick went in with her.

Sitting on the sofa, Lauren was drinking juice leisurely with her legs crossed. She was a little surprised to see Carolyn and Derrick.

She thought that only Carolyn would come here today, but she didn't expect that Derrick would come with her. He was famous for his indifference to women. It seemed that Carolyn had a great influence on him.

"Today's new clothes have arrived. You can go to change your clothes first. My photographer is waiting for you."

Lauren found an excuse to send Derrick away. Derrick glanced at Carolyn, turned around and walked into the fitting room.

After Derrick left, Lauren pulled Carolyn to the sofa and snickered.

Blinking her eyes, Carolyn asked in confusion, "Don't I need to change my clothes?" She remembered that Lauren's request was that she should also be a model. Carolyn planned to talk about the cooperation with Lauren after today's shooting.

"Don't worry. Are you really just a friend for him?" Lauren believe that there must be something between the two.

Carolyn blushed, "Yes."

Seeing that Carolyn was so embarrassed, if she kept asking, Derrick would come out. So she had to shut her mouth. She believed that Derrick couldn't bear to see that Carolyn was wronged.

"Your clothes are over there. Today's shooting is a set of autumn lovers' clothes. Come on!" Lauren smiled gently.

Carolyn thought that Lauren was easy to get along with. Maybe this negotiation would be successful.

Today's shooting went well. With the experience of the first day, the tacit understanding between Carolyn and Derrick was much better, and their expressions were not as stiff as they were on the first day.

After the shooting, Carolyn was a little disappointed that she couldn't find Lauren.

At the same time, Lauren was sitting in the coffee shop and talking with Derrick.

"You want me to agree to cooperate?" No matter how good tempered Lauren was, she couldn't stand it at the moment.

In order to maintain her beautiful image, she tried to calm down.

"Yes, you can tell me whatever you want." Sitting by the window, Derrick looked at the scenery outside calmly.

Derrick's attitude made Lauren speechless. Did he think that she wouldn't refuse?

"No, you haven't seen those conditions. They are too harsh." She didn't need to be afraid with her ability, but as a well-known designer, her proud didn't allow herself to yield.

Many people had dreamed of cooperating with her. But now that company was asking

her to accept the unfair contract. Although she had a good impression of Carolyn, it didn't mean that she had to give up her pride.

And Derrick didn't seem to give her any chance to object. "I'll pay you ten times the cost."

Lauren almost wanted to slap the table. She didn't lack money and didn't have to work hard for money. But when she saw Derrick's deep eyes, her anger was half gone. Finally, Lauren agreed reluctantly, "Fine."

After that, Lauren went back to her studio and was surprised to see Carolyn waiting for her.

"Haven't you come back yet?" There were a lot of things to shoot today. She was so busy that it was already past lunchtime. Did Carolyn wait for her here all the time?

Her sincerity moved Lauren a little. Although she was dissatisfied with those conditions, she pretty liked Carolyn.

Forget it. In order to make Derrick successfully pursue Carolyn, as his friend for many years, it was not a big deal for her to sacrifice this time.

"Well, I want to talk to you about the cooperation..."

Before Carolyn could finish her words, she was interrupted by Lauren, "I agree with your cooperation. Now let's go to the company and sign the contract."

Carolyn looked at her in surprise. She didn't expect things to go so smoothly. She felt like she was in a dream. Carolyn came to her senses soon and politely invited Lauren to the company.

Eric was surprised when he heard that Lauren was here to sign the contract.

"That's impossible. How could this woman be so capable?" Sitting on the chair in the office, Eric looked incredulous.

Even he himself was not sure whether Lauren would agree or not!

In the small conference room, Carolyn brought the documents. While Lauren was reading the contract, Eric came over.

He put on a flattering face and said, "I didn't expect to have Miss Lauren here. It's really an honor."

Without even raising her eyelids, Lauren simply answered, "You are flattering me."

Eric took out the documents he had prepared in advance and handed them to Lauren.

Pressing her eyebrows, Lauren said coldly, "I'm sorry. It was Miss Carolyn who persuaded me, so I will only sign this contract with Miss Carolyn!"

Of course, Lauren knew what Eric was thinking about. He just wanted to take all the credit for Carolyn's work. Lauren didn't like this kind of person, so she wouldn't give him a good look.

Eric was snubbed and stood aside awkwardly. He couldn't say too much to Lauren, so he could only glare at Carolyn.

He believed that all this was incited by Carolyn, or else the credit for this cooperation would be his!

Carolyn silently looked away, pretending not to see anything.

Soon, Lauren finished reading the contract and signed her name on it. "I have something else to do. I have to go now. Miss Carolyn, I hope we have a pleasant cooperation in the future. "

Holding her bag, Lauren shook hands with Carolyn and left the company.

Eric was like a transparent person, and a storm brewing in his eyes.


Carolyn was shocked. Now there were only the two of them in the room. She was afraid that what happened before would happen again, so she rushed out with the documents. "I have to go now!"

Eric was really pissed off this time. Lauren ignored him, and even Carolyn dodged him.

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