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   Chapter 11 Can You Lend Me Some Money

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Carolyn felt that her consciousness was fading away, and her body became cold in the water. Before she passed out, she saw a familiar figure.

When she woke up again, she found herself in a strange room. She felt a little uneasy subconsciously. She lifted the quilt and found that she still had her clothes on. Then she was slightly relieved.

Carolyn felt her head heavy as if she had caught a cold. When she was about to get up, she found herself weak and had to fall back to the bed.

"Necklace... Where is my necklace? " Carolyn touched her neck, but there was nothing. Her pupils dilated, and the memories slowly returned. It turned out that she still couldn't find the necklace...

She held her arms and couldn't help crying. The necklace was her only wish in the world, but in the end, she couldn't find it back.

No, she had to find it back. The only thought in Carolyn's mind was to get the necklace back. As soon as she walked out of the room, she found that she was in a hotel.

Although she was grateful to the man who sent her to the hotel, she had no time to wait for him to come back. Fortunately, the hotel was not far from the company. She ran downstairs. But the light at night was dim, and it was useless for her to find the necklace.

Lost in thought, Carolyn went back home and fell weakly on the bed. She had been sick for several days since then. During this period, Dora and Eric came to talk nonsense.

Looking down at Carolyn's pale face, Dora didn't feel sorry for her at all. Instead, she said arrogantly, "Sister, why are you looking so pale? Just get better as soon as possible. Our money is not enough to pay your medical treatment."

Carolyn felt tired and was not in the mood to respond to her. She closed her eyes deeply, but Dora's noisy voice echoed in her ears.

"You know, if you fall ill, you will be a burden to us. We don't have money to pay for your medical fees now, and you are sick and can't work. You have been resting at home for so many days. It's time for you to recover." Dora looked at her coldly.

Mae came in and saw that Carolyn lying on the bed. A trace of disgust flashed through her eyes.

"Dora is right. You can't just stay in our house for nothing. When will you transfer your house to us? We have paid so much money for your medical treatment. You have to repay us, right?" Mae stood at the head of the bed with her hands on her waist.

She was threatening Carolyn. They didn't even care about the fact that Carolyn was sick and lying on the bed. They just wanted to force her to transfer the house.

Feeling very noisy, Carolyn couldn't help saying, "I will pay you back the medical fees later."

"Can you afford it? It cost money to have an injection and see a doctor. The doctor also said that you are seriously ill. If you can't be cured, you will die soon. It would be good for all of us if you give us the house as soon as possible." Mae said viciously.

Seeing that Carolyn say nothing, Dora changed another way to persuade her.

"Sister, don't blame us. In fact, we are doing this for your own goo

d. You have to spend a lot of money on your disease. The doctor said that you'd better be hospitalized."

"Save it. I won't give up the house." Carolyn opened her eyes with determination.

She had lost the necklace her father left to her. If she gave up the house, she would really have nothing. This house had too many memories of her family, and she would not give up.

Mae pointed at her angrily and scolded, "You little bitch. We raise you up, and now we are in trouble, but you are not willing to help at all. Why are you so selfish? Even your father wouldn't allow it!"

Speaking of her father, Carolyn couldn't stand it anymore. She sat up from the bed, leaned against the wall and slowly walked out of the bed.

"What do you want?" Mae took a step back. She thought Carolyn was fed up with her and wanted to beat her. Mae's eyes widened. "I tell you, don't think you can bully us after your father's death."

Carolyn looked at Eric and said slowly, "Give my necklace back to me!"

She knew that it was useless to blame Eric now, but how could she bear it when the person who had lost her necklace was standing in front of her.

Tears welled up in Carolyn's eyes. She endured the pain in her heart to stand in front of Eric.

Eric didn't take Carolyn seriously. Instead, he said in a bad tone, "You haven't gone to work for a long time. Don't you want this job? Many people can replace you now. "

"Give my necklace back to me..." There was no mood for Carolyn to go to work. All she cared about was the necklace.

"How can I know where your necklace is? Didn't you look for it?" Eric said impatiently.

Carolyn came to her senses. She did look for it, but she couldn't find it.

She ran out of the house without looking back. She really didn't want to see those people.

When she ran outside, she found that it was completely dark. The wind at midnight was very cold, and hurt her feet.

She was barefoot, stepping on the cold stone ground, and her feet were red with cold. She walked in the garden downstairs for a while and didn't know where to go. Although she wanted to go to the company to continue looking for the necklace, she vaguely knew that the necklace could not be found.

Besides, she didn't wear shoes, so it was inconvenient wherever she went.

Helplessly, Carolyn took out her phone from her pocket and looked at the familiar number on it, hesitating whether to call it.

What was Derrick doing now? Did he get off work? If she called him so rashly, would she disturb him?

Carolyn had so many questions, but she couldn't think of another person to help her except Derrick. She didn't want to go back to that house, but since she came out without any money, she could only ask for help from Derrick.

Carolyn took a deep breath and dialed the number.

Derrick answered the phone soon.

"Well... Do you have time now? " She felt a little embarrassed to ask for help.

"Yes." Derrick's low and pleasant voice came through the phone.

"I don't have money with me now. Can you lend me some money..." Carolyn's face was burning.

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