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   Chapter 10 Despair

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His tone was so calm that it doesn't sound like a child of six or seven years old would had, but Carolyn sensed a hint of sadness and her mood sank...

This child... Didn't he have a mother? No wonder he was so intimate with his auntie. At first, she thought they were mother and son.

Carolyn's heart ached. She held little Murphy tighter and patted his back to comfort him. "No, no mother will abandon her child in the world. If there is... Then she must have her own difficulties... "

The coldness on Murphy's little face gradually turned into surprise. He looked up at Carolyn. With the help of the slanting sun through the window, Carolyn's soft lines, and the tenderness and love between her eyebrows, were like warm spring water slowly integrated into his heart.

At that moment, his small and strong heart was suddenly moved and somewhat indulged.

Maybe... Maybe she was really not that kind of person?

Maybe he had misunderstood her from the very beginning?

But soon, such a thought was stifled in the cradle by him. He would not be deceived just because of her words!

Somehow, he pushed her away with all his strength, and his expression returned to the indifference. "Don't touch me. A decent girl wouldn't do that. If my aunt sees it, the cooperation plan with your company will be ruined!"

He jumped off the sofa and grabbed the bag in Carolyn's hand. He walked out and then turned back and took out her phone from the pocket of her shirt. He input his phone number and said seriously, "I haven't accepted your apology to my aunt yet! I will contact you after I figure out how to punish you! "

Then he left the office without looking back.

But he looked more like running away.

Carolyn was stunned.

After successfully sending the nephew and aunt of the Su Family away, Carolyn also went back to her office to sort out her own things. After putting the contract modification opinions about the cooperation with Lauren in Eric's office, she was ready to go home.

As soon as Carolyn took a step forward, the pulling force from her arm pulled her back again.

Carolyn frowned and looked at that man coldly. She shook off his hand and asked, "What else can I do for you, director?"

With his arms crossed, Eric leaned against the wall and said coldly, "Carolyn, I've just taken a look at your revised opinion. I think you haven't figured out your position yet."

"What do you mean?"

Eric slammed his hand on the table and raised his voice. "The task I asked you to do is to persuade Lauren, not to ask you to propose the revised opinions. If I really want to change the contract, I won't have sent you there at the beginning! Do you really take yourself seriously? The terms of the contract set by the company are not something you can change easily!" ...

The door of the office was open, and the furious voice attracted many people's attention.

Those eyes, either gloating or sneering, were like needles stabbing into Carolyn's body, making her uncomfortable.

"But, director, those terms are indeed t

oo strict. I don't think Miss Lauren will agree to such an unfair agreement." She tried to sound calm. Carolyn knew that the reason why Eric made it difficult for her was not only because of Dora's instigation, but also because he tried to please that woman, Rita Su.

"I said you were wrong. How dare you talk back?" Eric roared, suddenly rushed to her and raised his hand.

Shocked, Carolyn closed her eyes subconsciously, but Eric's fists didn't fall. Her neck twitched slightly, and then she opened her eyes in horror, and found that the necklace that she had been wearing for seven years was thrown out of the window by the man!

At that moment, the whole world seemed to collapse, and there was no light in front of her.

She glared at Eric with her red eyes and rushed out of the office without looking back.

The cold wind made her face painful, but it was not enough to compare with the pain in her heart.

The necklace was given by her father before he died.

Although she had lost almost all the memories in her life, she could not forget only some fragments after the car accident...

She vaguely remembered that her father spit out blood and he did not forget to tell her...

"Take good care of it. It's a token of love between your mother and me."

"Live well. I will love you forever."

Eric knew everything about it.

It was not until now that she realized that there was really someone in the world who could be so cruel to tear up the most precious thing you cared about in front of you!

When she rushed to the first floor, the square in front of the company was crowded. Carolyn looked around aimlessly as if she had lost her soul.

The huge spray fountain on the square faced to Eric's office on the sixteen floor. Without hesitation, she plunged into the pool and fumbled for it.

Water splashed.

The cold wind swept over her wet body, and the piercing coldness would made people faint in despair. The passers-by looked at her as if she was a lunatic, but she didn't care about anything.

At this moment, the only thought in her mind was to find the necklace. It was her father's deep love for her, the mental support for her to live all the time, and the only comfort in her life which was filled with boundless guilt...

It was getting dark and many onlookers dispersed.

In the huge square, only a lonely figure was still looking for the necklace.

The night lamp drew her figure long, and her tears could no longer hold back. She looked helplessly at the night sky, and her voice was desolate and mournful. "Dad... I'm sorry... "

She hated herself for being incapable. She couldn't protect the people she wanted to protect, and the family she wanted to guard was broken into pieces.

Now she lost the necklace her father had given her. The house might soon fall into the hands of Dora and her mother, but she couldn't do anything about it.

The huge mental blow and physical fatigue tormented her, and Carolyn could no longer hold on. Everything went black and her body fell back feebly.

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