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   Chapter 6 Being Challenged

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The threatening roar hit Carolyn's eardrum. Her skin was exposed in the air and swept by the cold wind. All kinds of humiliation, resentment and grief surged crazily in her heart.

She deserved it...

She had heard this sentence so many times.

Carolyn knew that it was her fault that caused her father's death, so she had been living in self-blame for all these years to atone for her sin.

But when did this sin come to an end? Did Carolyn really have to sacrifice herself, even her own body and life...

Then her sin would came to an end?

The sound of Eric unzipped came from the air. At this moment, Carolyn screamed desperately like an irritated little beast and kicked him with all her strength.

Eric didn't expect that Carolyn, who had always been tolerant of abuse, had the courage to resist. Before he could dodge the kick, Eric was kicked somewhere!

"Ah..." The piercing pain made Eric's face ferocious. "Carolyn! You ungrateful bitch! "

Taking the opportunity to break free from the belt on her wrist, Carolyn picked up the scissors on the table and looked at Eric on the ground as if she was facing a formidable enemy. Her hands couldn't help trembling, "Don't come over! I will pay back what I owe, but that doesn't mean I can have no bottom line! You are Dora's fiance. If she knows what you have done, you won't live a peaceful life! "

At the mention of Dora, Eric's face changed. Enduring the pain, he stood up and glared at Carolyn. "I didn't expect you to know psychological battle... Well, since you said that you dared to take the responsibility, I have a task for you. If you can't complete it, you should immediately get out of the company! Don't blame me for driving you to a dead end! "

Carolyn's face turned pale. If she lost her job, her family would lose their source of living. Her stepmother and Dora would definitely force her to sell the house...

Forcing herself to compromise was exactly what they had been trying to get these days.

"Okay, no matter what task you give me, as long as it is within my ability, I will definitely complete it for you!" She was never a coward. The more they wanted to suppress her, the less likely she would let them succeed!

On the second day after she agreed to do what Eric assigned, Carolyn came to the destination with the company's documents——

In the LF Clothing Design Studio.

Although it was just a studio, its founder, Lauren Lan, was also the boss of this studio. She was an internationally renowned designer of famous brands. She had been the design consultant of Milan fashion week. In recent years, she had returned to China and created her own fashion brand.

It was said that the designers of this studio were all well-known. As the highest leader, it was said that Lauren Lan was a noble and otherworldly person. It was even more difficult for ordinary people to see her.

The job that Eric gave to Carolyn was to persuade the chief designer and get the release right of the studio's latest design.

Didn't know if it was because Eric deliberately made difficulties for her. This time, the conditions he offered were very harsh. Even Carolyn couldn't help frowning when she knew what it was. He even put forward a lot of requirements for a designer that no one else could get close to...

But as long as she though

t of Eric and Dora and her stepmother, she had to knock at the door of the LF Clothing Design Studio.

After a long time, there was still no response from the closed door.

Fearing that the people inside didn't hear her, she slapped the door harder, but no one opened the door.

It seemed that the way didn't work. She had to make another plan.

With a slight sigh, Carolyn turned around and left in disappointment.

When she was about to cross the road, a private car passing by her with a strong wind blew. Carolyn almost fell to the ground with a scream. Her head hit the steps on the roadside, and she gasped in pain.

She looked up at the silver car, and some fragments of scenes suddenly flashed through her mind.

"How can you betray me, Eric, Dora?"

"My name is Derrick Song. Are you okay?"

"Carolyn, go home with dad."

The memory fragments were in a mess, but they could not be connected at all. They were like sharp blades tearing and grinding Carolyn's brain. Although she could not remember anything, she seemed to know everything...

A black car stopped at the side of the road and a man got off. The man who got off the car saw the woman lying on the side of the road holding her head with an extremely painful expression, which made his heart tightened.

"Are you okay?"

His low and pleasant voice, mixed with a trace of imperceptible concern, pulled Carolyn out of the painful and chaotic memory.

Carolyn looked up in a daze. Against the gentle afternoon sun, the outline of the man in front of her was a little blurry. His handsome face was as delicate as an artist's sculpture, making her heart skip a beat.

"I... I'm fine... " Looking at Derrick's hand, Carolyn hesitated for a moment and then held his hand tightly.

After helping Carolyn up, Derrick rubbed her head naturally and asked, "Did you got hit when you fell down? Why don't you look at the road carefully?"

His reproachful tone made Carolyn feel like a child, but her heart was filled with warmth. "I'm fine. By the way, why are you here?"

Carolyn found that she seemed to meet Derrick wherever she went. Was it fate?

"I..." When Derrick was about to explain, another voice came from the other side.

"Derrick! You are finally here! I've been waiting for you for a long time... " The door of the LF Clothing Design Studio had been opened. A beautiful and delicate woman walked out. She looked at Derrick and Carolyn, who was held in his arms. A strange look flashed through her eyes and she said excitedly, "Who is it? Your girlfriend? "

Hearing what that woman asked, Derrick looked down at Carolyn, neither admitting nor denying.

His tacit attitude made Carolyn blush. She quickly explained for herself, "I'm not his girl..."

The woman patted her forehead, as if she couldn't hear her explanation at all. "I can't believe it! What's going on! I didn't expect that Mr. Song would fall in love with someone one day! I thought you like men! "

Carolyn was stunned. Mr. Song? What does she mean?

The woman, however, received Derrick's threatening eyes. After a while, she came to her senses, smiled and pulled the two into the room. At the same time, she explained to the puzzled Carolyn, "Ah, I'm his friend. This is how we call each other in private. He often calls me Mrs. Lan, right, Derrick?"

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