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   Chapter 55 Felix Is Actually A Good Man

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Amanda blurted out and the atmosphere was immediately filled with embarrassment. Then Amanda realized what she had said and laughed awkwardly. She then looked at Felix with an embarrassed look on her face.

A slight smile appeared on Felix's face, but he ate the food on the table quickly. With a hint of tenderness in his eyes, he said, "Ha-ha, you found it."

Amanda was not stupid. She knew that he didn't want to embarrass her. In fact, she also knew how the food she cooked tasted...

"Thank you. In fact, I know I didn't cook well. But I'm really hungry, so..."

"Don't eat these. I'll call someone to bring breakfast here." As he spoke, Felix put the last piece of cheese into his mouth and ate it quickly.

Amanda was rendered speechless. She felt that she couldn't understand Felix now. Did he know what he was doing?

Very soon, Felix picked up the phone and asked Joe to buy breakfast. He turned to look at Amanda and said, "Wait a minute. Joe will be here soon."

Amanda touched her belly. She still felt a little disgusted after eating these food cooked by her. The empty plates on the table made her feel moved. But she was also confused by his behavior.

However, to Amanda's surprise, Felix, who had always been a playboy, could also behave like a gentleman. This made her surprised. Maybe people's inner world was really much different from their outer appearance sometimes.

All of a sudden, a question flashed through Amanda's mind. William had always been cold and ruthless. What would his inner world be like?

"Amanda! Amanda!"

"Ah!" Embarrassed, Amanda looked at Felix who had been calling her and noticed that she was absent-minded. "I... I was thinking about something just now, so..."

A careless smile appeared on Felix's face. Then he thought of something and asked seriously, "Amanda! Where did you see William get injured yesterday?"

Hearing this question, Amanda also began to think about it carefully and said, "It's very close to the beautiful square of the Second Ring Road. When I got off work, I heard from the assistant of the president that he received a call to talk about cooperation. I don't know the details."

Hearing this, Felix frowned.

Everyone in City A knew the relationship between the Long Family and the Chu Family. Ordinary people wouldn't have the guts to make trouble for William. Moreover, that person used the phone call to lure William out. He must be very familiar with the Rocco Company. At least he knew what William was busy with recently and then lured him out.

Since that place was very close to the Second Ring Road, it must also be near to the villa of the Long Family.

After thinking about it for a while, Felix had a general idea. It seemed that this matter was not as simple as it seemed. He had to wait for William to wake up and then make a plan.

'Those people who dared to provoke William seemed to have underestimated him. William is even fiercer than me!' Felix thought.

If they offended him, they would end up miserably.

"Felix! Do you think he will be seriously injured?" Amanda

stand the temptation of the delicious food and ate it again.

Joe looked at the way Mr. Chu got along with Miss Su with a smile. His master had always worried that Mr. Chu was too playful and didn't want to have a formal girlfriend. Now it seemed that it was not a problem at all.

This lovely and beautiful miss was a perfect match with the handsome and smart Mr. Chu! Well, she just looked a little thinner. He had to bring more food next time!

Amanda, who was eating, had no idea that Joe had made up his mind to let her put on weight. He was enjoying the food happily.

"Felix! You should also eat something. The dishes I cooked just now are not delicious. But these food are all very delicious! Have a taste!" Amanda handed her favorite crab-roe bun to Felix, but she didn't notice that Joe showed a strange expression.

Felix couldn't eat cabs, for he was allergic to them and would feel uncomfortable after eating them. Everyone in the Chu Family knew that.

Joe was about to stop Amanda, but he didn't expect that Felix would take the crab-roe bun and said with a smile, "Really? Let me have a taste."

"Mr. Chu..." Before Joe could finish his words, he saw that Felix took a bite and he began to panic. What should he do? If his master knew that Felix was allergic to this dish, he would definitely kill him.

"What do you think? Is it delicious?" Amanda asked, looking at Felix with a look of "I'm greedy, but I still want you to like it".

"Well, very good!" Felix didn't change his expression and praised her with a smile.

Hearing this, Joe almost fell down. 'Mr. Chu, you've worked so hard to make Miss Su happy!' he thought. But was it really okay for him to eat the steamed bun with crab roe?

Before Joe could do anything, Amanda added happily, "Since you like it, then eat more."

Joe's eyes darkened and he fell to the ground. Before he passed out, he prayed silently that his master would leave a complete corpse for him since he had been guarding the apartment for so many years!

"Joe, Joe, what's wrong with you?"

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