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   Chapter 54 Amanda Left Angrily

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Amanda was left alone crying in the hall. She didn't know why she had to bear these, and why she had to bear the humiliation from the Long Family!

She didn't want to stay here anymore. These people would definitely not believe her. What she did was useless! William was like this, so was Josiah!

The more Amanda thought about it, the sadder she became. She suddenly stood up, wiped her tears and ran out of the Long Family.

Amanda walked on the dark road. The whole city was cold to her. There was no place for her to rest, no family and no memory. She seemed to be abandoned by the world. She trembled her shoulders, squatted down, buried her head in her knees and cried bitterly.

In the Long Family, Dr. Wang was trying his best to treat William.

Standing outside the door, Sarah was anxious. At the same time, she was blaming the gangsters for being so cruel. What if they really killed William? Then what was the point of fighting?

At this time, Josiah was so angry and worried that she had a heart attack. The doctor gave her medicine and lay in the bedroom to rest.

Sarah felt happy for no reason, because she knew that everything would be fine this time.

Josiah succeeded in kicking Amanda out. Without Amanda, she would have more chances to get close to William. Sooner or later, William would belong to her.

Thinking of this, Sarah couldn't help smiling weirdly.

"Dr. Wang, how is William?" After resting for a while, Josiah rushed back to William's room, looked at Dr. Wang and asked anxiously.

"The blood has stopped. I am also replenishing his blood. But he is still in a coma. We have to wait and see when he will wake up."

"Dr. Wang, you must save him. My son can't be in danger! Absolutely not. " Josiah's face turned pale immediately and she grabbed the doctor's arm.

"Mrs. Josiah, don't worry. Mr. William will be fine." Seeing this, Dr. Wang understood Josiah's feelings. After tucking William in, he began to hang up the infusion bottle for him.

"William! My son, it's all because of that woman! " Josiah threw herself on the head of William's bed and cried out.

By this time, the wounds on William's face had been treated. The original handsome face was now deathly pale. Layers of white gauze were wrapped around his head, and his eyes were tightly closed, as if he was asleep.

Josiah was there all the time, Sarah didn't want to leave either, except for Amanda...

At this time, Amanda was still crying outside. She was tired, so she leaned against the wall and sat on the roadside. She was like a sad porcelain doll, which made people feel pity for her.

Driving the sports car on the road, Felix looked out of the window casually and saw Amanda squatting on the roadside, as if she had lost her soul.

Worried, Felix immediately turned the car around and drove towards Amanda, and soon stopped in front of her.

"Amanda! It's you aga

arching for a long time, Amanda finally found three eggs, a bag of unopened cheese and a can of lunch meat.

Amanda had no choice but to make breakfast with these ingredients.

Felix had been busy all the time and fell asleep in the study. A book fell to the ground from the edge of the table.

With a sound of "snap", Felix suddenly woke up and sat up. The sun outside the window had shone in. He yawned and stretched, and a crisp sound came from his bones. He picked up the book on the ground, stood up and walked out of the study.

"Hmm? What's that smell? It smells so good... "

As soon as Felix smelled the fragrance, his stomach rumbled. He saw the figure of cleaning up in the kitchen. For a moment, he felt warm and at home.

He couldn't help but stop and enjoy the scenery at this moment.

However, when Amanda heard the sound of someone walking, she turned around and saw that it was Felix who mistakenly thought had left. His hair was in a mess with dark circles under his eyes. He should not have slept, just like her.


"Good morning! Are you making breakfast? I don't remember there is food in the fridge. "

Amanda smiled. She knew that Felix didn't live in this apartment often, but she was hungry and had to find food to eat.

After a while, Amanda put the hot milk in front of him. Looking at the stiff special toast on the plate, Felix was stunned.

"There is indeed nothing to eat in the fridge. It's not easy to find these. Let's eat them."

“……” Looking at the embarrassed look on Amanda's face, Felix smiled and said. "It seems to be delicious. Let's eat together."

Embarrassed, Amanda raised her hand and tucked her hair behind her ear. Then she began to eat awkwardly. Fortunately, the food didn't taste bad.

However, Felix acted as if he had never eaten. She ate like a starving wolf, which stunned Amanda.

"Brother!" You don't have to boost and eat all the food...

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