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   Chapter 53 William Long Was Injured

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Shelly Li burst into laughter.

"You are so cute. You are nothing like what they say at all."

"Really?" Amanda Su stuck out her tongue and said helplessly. "They all hate the former Amanda Su. When you came in just now, I was afraid that you would be like them."

Shelly Li shook her head and said seriously. "I believe in my own eyes. You are not as bad as they said. I'm willing to be friends with you."

"Really? Are you willing to be my friend? " Amanda Su stood up, looked at Shelly Li and asked excitedly.

Shelly Li nodded, offered her hand and said. "Well, I just came to the company not long ago. It's also your first day here. I don't care what happened in the past. I just believe in you now. Let's become good friends together! "

Amanda Su was touched by his words. She held her little hand and said. "Thank you!"

After a long time, Amanda Su still felt warm when she thought of this scene. Looking at her pregnant friend Shelly Li, she always joked. "Why did you choose to be my friend at that time? They all said that Amanda Su was a bad woman! "

Shelly Li replied with a smile every time. "Because I saw a girl with shrewdness in their mouths crying and scolding in the lounge. I knew that she was definitely not that kind of girl as those people said, she was just a simple girl who was bullied. So I chose to be friends with you."

Every time Amanda Su heard this, she would be moved to kiss her, which made her male companions around her jealous...

Having a new friend, Amanda Su soon forgot about William Long's sadness.

Shelly Li believed her intuition. Unlike others, she didn't keep a distance from Amanda Su. Instead, she helped her warmly when she didn't know anything.

As a result, other people began to alienate them, which made Amanda Su feel sorry for Shelly Li very much.

"I'm sorry! It's all my fault. I also made you... "

Shelly Li shook her head with a smile. She tapped Amanda Su on the head and said. "They just misunderstood you for the time being because of the past. They won't do that in the future."

Amanda Su nodded vigorously and said. "I will prove to everyone that I am not the same Amanda Su as before!"

Shelly Li covered her mouth and laughed. She thought Amanda Su was so cute.

In this way, after work, Amanda Su was still reluctant to leave Shelly Li.

"Amanda! Where do you live? If we are on the same way, we can take a bus together. "

"I... I..." Amanda Su was afraid that if the other party knew that she lived with William Long, their friendship would be ruined. She thought for a while and said to Shelly Li. "Wait for me."

After saying that, Amanda Su ran to William Long's office.

However, he was not there. Looking at Amanda Su, Michael Jiang told the president had said before he left. "The president said that you could take a taxi home after work."

"Where is he?" Amanda Su asked casually.

Michael Jiang thought for a while and replied. "The president just received a call and was going to a place to talk about cooperati

r with tears full of grievance.

Josiah Cheng was so angry that her chest heaved and pointed at Amanda Su's face with her sharp fingertips. She was too angry to say a word.

Sarah Shu stood aside, observing the expression on her face and watching the good play with a smug smile on her face.

But soon, she saw William Long. A flash of worry flashed through her eyes. She immediately found a medical kit to treat William Long's wound attentively.

"You bitch, you are a natural jinx! It's not enough for you to hurt William's grandfather, and now you want to hurt my son! You not only made the whole Long Family restless, but also continued to leak the business secrets of the Rocco Company. What more poisonous thing could you possibly do? I'm so angry to see you now. Get out of here! Get out of here right now! "

Looking at the innocent look on Amanda Su's face, which showed that she didn't care about William Long's injury, Josiah Cheng was so angry that she almost fainted. But she couldn't. her son was still in a coma.

But this vicious woman couldn't stay any longer.

No matter what, she would make this woman completely disappear from the Long Family today. She would never let her hurt her son again. Absolutely not!

Amanda Su felt wronged and insulted by Josiah Cheng's cold and hard tone. She didn't know what she had done wrong to be entangled and hated by everyone in the Long Family.

"I won't stay here any longer even if you keep me here! But you can't slander me. I won't admit what I haven't done even if I die! "

The slap fell on Amanda Su's face again. Sarah Shu was enjoying it. At this moment, the private doctor of the Long Family had arrived here. Without any intention to beat Amanda Su again, Josiah Cheng turned around and followed the doctor into the room quickly.

With a smug smile on her face, Sarah Shu looked at Amanda Su, who was sitting on the ground and crying. She was extremely happy. She snorted coldly and turned around to walk towards William Long's room.

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