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   Chapter 52 Being Framed By William

Escape From The Devil CEO By Ning Zhi Characters: 10161

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"Mrs. Josiah! It was said that Mr. William had been planning to cooperate with the well-known Abbott Pharmaceuticals recently, and many of his peers were competing with the company! Maybe we don't have to do it ourselves. Since Amanda joined the company, with her character, she will definitely do it. As long as we are careful, we can catch her. " Sarah said confidently.

Hearing this, Josiah nodded and said. "You're right. I have to ask Michael in the company to pay attention to her."

Seeing this, Sarah knew that her plan had succeeded. The rest was up to her!

In the Rocco Company.

After William brought Amanda to the company, he asked Michael to deal with the rest.

Michael was confused by the CEO's sudden move.

But since the CEO had given the order, he had to obey. But he thought that the saddest person should not be him, but Amanda, who had lost her memory with him.

All the employees in the company hated Amanda the most.

Don't say that time will make people change and tolerance, that's nonsense. If the person you hate shows up in front of you all day long, how can you stand your hatred?

Of course, when the people in the design department knew that the vicious woman Amanda was going to be their colleague, they threw their angry, resentful and disdainful eyes on Amanda.

Fortunately, Michael was kind enough and specially said. "From today on, Amanda is your colleague. I hope everyone can treat this new colleague in a peaceful way. And the CEO doesn't want to see anything unpleasant in the company. "

Of course, Michael added this himself. But from what had happened recently, he could see that the CEO seemed to be softhearted to Amanda.

Therefore, as the considerate assistant of the president, he could only help Amanda silently.

He only hoped that he didn't help the wrong person this time. Amanda truly regretted and had really changed!

Fortunately, Amanda was not a fool. Knowing that Michael was speaking for her, she gave him a big smile, which comforted Michael a lot. He arranged the table for Amanda and left with satisfaction.

As a result, as soon as Michael left, Amanda had a hard time.

"Wow! Miss Amanda still needs to work? You should enter the intelligence bureau of the United States with your ability. There is no secret that you can't steal. "

"I said that's why she came here. Everyone knows the company is planning to cooperate with the Abbott Pharmaceuticals recently. I think everyone should keep your eyes open. Don't be deceived again."

"Yes! Everyone should remember that if this woman sees anything that she shouldn't see, we will really lose our jobs and go home! "

Listening to the obvious ridicule and sarcasm beside, Amanda endured it all the time. Time would tell. As long as she was doing well, she was not afraid of these people talking about her.

Maybe because Amanda didn't say anything, the people in the design department lost their interest in talking.

But there was a tacit understanding between them, that was, they though

at she had to be strong at any time, because only in this way could her life become better!

As usual, Amanda stood up. When she was about to go out, she saw a girl standing at the door. She seemed to be a colleague of her design department. Amanda had some impressions of her.

The girl didn't expect that Amanda would see her and said with embarrassment. "I'm going to get a glass of water."

It was the first time that someone talked to her so politely in the company, which made Amanda remember her at once, but she didn't know how to say. After all, everyone here hated her.

"I heard that your name is Amanda?" The girl came in to get some water and noticed that she didn't leave. She thought that the way she cried just now was very different from what her colleagues described. She seemed to be the victim.

Amanda nodded. She didn't dare to look at the girl, thinking that she must have heard about her and might hate her very much.

"My name is Shelly Li."

Amanda raised her head in surprise. She didn't expect that the woman would introduce herself. She stammered excitedly. "My, my name is Amanda, but I have lost my memory. I don't remember what happened before. Do we know each other before?"

Looking at the excited look on her face, Shelly Li shook her head and said. "I just entered the company not long ago. I just heard that they had talked about you. You seem to be different from before. Is it because you lost your memory?"

Hearing this, Amanda finally understood why she didn't hate her as much as those people did. She was a newcomer.

But it was the first time that someone sent a friendly signal to her, and it was a woman. Amanda cherished it very much and said. "When I woke up from memory loss, they all said that I am Amanda, but I think I'm not her. But before I regained my memory, I was still Amanda."

After saying that, Amanda felt that Shelly Li didn't seem to understand what she meant, so she looked at Shelly Li worriedly and asked. "Do you understand what I mean?"

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