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   Chapter 51 Felix Chu Knew What He Wanted

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"You go ahead. Open the door!"

Felix Chu nodded, pretending that nothing had happened. He opened the door and led William Long to the room where Amanda Su had lived before.

Joe was smart. He seemed to think that Amanda Su would come back to live again. He made the whole house very clean, and the room that Amanda Su had lived in was especially attentive.

Looking at it, Felix Chu felt that he could raise Joe's salary later. He did a good job!

"Let's go downstairs." William Long put the sleeping Amanda Su on the bed and tucked her in, then turned around and said to Felix Chu.

Felix Chu nodded and went downstairs with William Long.

"You misunderstood what happened today."

When Felix Chu said this, he was a little nervous. After all, Amanda Su used to be William Long's woman. What happened just now was really misleading.

"I know you are my best friend. I trust you." William Long said without hesitation.

Felix Chu was moved by William Long's trust. But when he thought of Amanda Su, who had been misunderstood, he couldn't help but put in a good word for her. "In fact, Amanda Su is really different from before. Maybe you can change your eyes to see her, so that you won't be so painful."

After saying that, Felix Chu was ready to be scolded by William Long.

However, William Long didn't contradict him this time. He just glanced at Felix Chu indifferently and looked into the distance, saying. "After she lost her memory, she is indeed different from before. But she is still her. She did all those things. Grandpa is still in hospital. How can I forgive her? "

Speaking of this, Felix Chu understood the pain of her brother.

He could see that William Long didn't hate Amanda Su as much as he acted. Sometimes he couldn't help but care about her. But it was very difficult for him to admit this. After all, there had been such a big betrayal between the two people.

"I don't know how to persuade you. But she is a girl after all. You'd better not be too rude to her." Thinking of the slap just now, Felix Chu said disapprovingly.

Hearing this, a smile flashed across William Long's long and narrow eyes. He teased. "What! You're being tender to women again. But it's good. At least you won't be hurt and you can enjoy your life. "

A wry smile appeared on Felix Chu's face, but the scene that Amanda Su opened her hands and smiled in the wind flashed through his mind. She was like an angel descending in the night, branded in his heart.

What should he do?

He seemed to have fallen in love with the woman of his brother...

"Hey! Which woman are you thinking about? " Seeing that Felix Chu in front of him was absent-minded, William Long hit him on the shoulder and said. "Go and get some wine. Let's get drunk!"


Felix Chu answered casually and suppressed the rising heartbeat. Without thinking any more, he turned around and walked to the fridge. When he opened it, he found that Joe had indeed prepared beer in it.

That night, Felix Chu didn't know what he was talking about either. He just listened to William Long talking about the company's affairs and Amanda Su's bad behavior.

A silly smi

rranged a position for her. This really pissed me off! "

Thinking of what had happened before just happened again, Josiah Cheng was so angry that her face turned pale.

At that time, Amanda Su also said that she was bored at home and wanted to go to work. William Long felt sorry for her, so he asked her to be his secretary. But she sold the company's business secrets to others later!

William Long still didn't remember this lesson. How could he still believe this woman!

Seeing that Josiah Cheng was so angry, Sarah Shu knew why. Thinking of the ungrateful woman, Amanda Su, Sarah Shu swore to protect Mr. William and not let him fall into the trap of this woman again.

"Mrs. Josiah! Since Mr. William thinks that Amanda Su is trustworthy, why don't we play along with her? We can use a fake news to test Amanda Su and let Mr. William see her true face. I believe that after the same thing happened two times, Mr. William will never give this woman any more chance! " Sarah Shu came up with an idea and said.

Hearing this, Josiah Cheng thought it was a good idea.

That woman was greedy and selfish. She would definitely be seduced by this fake inside story. In this way, she could seize her hand, letting William Long give up at once!

"Okay! Just do as you said. " With the consent of Josiah Cheng, she began to think about what kind of inside story to reveal. After all, if they were not destined to come, with the cunning character of Amanda Su, she would definitely not be hooked up.

Sarah Shu thought of the mysterious man who had been asking her to inquire about the inside story of the Rocco Company and the design plan of the Abbott Pharmaceuticals.

That was to say, the drug advertising design was the company's most important secret at present.

In this case, why not take advantage of this opportunity? On the one hand, she could cooperate with the mysterious person and let him help her design a noble identity, so that she could be smoothly together with Mr. William.

On the other hand, she could also take the opportunity to drive away that vicious woman, Amanda Su.

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