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   Chapter 36 At The Press Conference

Escape From The Devil CEO By Ning Zhi Characters: 10022

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Amanda thought that today was a good day for her and William to part with each other. Although she didn't remember anything about the past, she had to dress formally to show her respect to him.

Therefore, after rummaging in the wardrobe for a long time, Amanda finally made a decision. She wore a pearl white shirt and an elegant A-line skirt. She tied up her black and bright long hair, and had pearl earrings on her delicate ears, which matched her clothes well. She didn't look too mature nor too childish. She was quite gorgeous now.

When she walked downstairs unhurriedly, the sound of her high-heeled shoes was like the heartbeat of William. He was attracted by such a beautiful woman.

Her dressing style was very different from before. Amanda used to wear scarlet-red lips, which made her look mature and sexy. Now, instead of revealing her good figure or wearing heavy make-up, Amanda also made people think she was attractive from the inside out.

Noticing that William was attracted by that bitch, Sarah was so jealous. This woman was so shameless that she didn't forget to seduce William now.

"Mr. Long. Your clothes."

William was shocked. He didn't come to his senses until he looked at the clothes presented by Sarah. He found that he was staring at Amanda in a daze. He quickly pulled his clothes and showed a sullen look at Amanda who was walking towards him.

"I've been waiting for you for a long time. Do you think you can use your little trick today?" William said in an angry tone because of what happened just now.

Amanda was used to William's attitude, so she didn't care at all. She looked at the exquisite breakfast prepared on the table, swallowed and said, "Can I go to the press conference after breakfast?"

"Well, I'll let you have breakfast. You'd better hurry up."

Seeing that William agreed, Amanda smiled and went to have breakfast happily.

William was stunned. He found it so strange that Amanda behaved like this. Was she Amanda or not? Even if she lost her memory, she must have remembered a lot of things after so many days.

If she was still that domineering and cunning woman, she must be trying her best to stop him from going to the company now.

Was it because she was no longer the woman she used to be?

No, it was impossible. Amanda must be using her tricks now.

William kept those doubts in the bottom of his heart. He didn't want to believe any of Amanda's words. Today, he would announce to the reporters that she was no longer his fiancée and that the Su family would stop making use of the Long family.

Amanda had to give up the delicious breakfast because William kept an eye on her from time to time. Maybe Mrs. Li knew that the press conference would be held today, so she was in such a good mood to cook delicious breakfast.

Amanda sighed and felt unhappy that she couldn't enjoy the food.

Amanda shook her head silently and followed William out of the door. She got on the car without saying a word and b

the ground, and his eyes darkened.

"That's all for today's press conference." William stood up and winked at the staff of the company.

The reporters kept on asking, unwilling to give up such a good news. When they were about to ask again, they found that William, who had just announced the dissolution of the relationship, took Amanda's hand and left the venue.

The reporters hurried to capture the scene, and the security guards could not stop them. They also didn't know what the CEO was doing.

"Let me go." Walking out of the corridor, Amanda shook off William's hand. For the first time, she looked at him coldly and sneered, "Are you satisfied? Do you have any other ways to torture me? Just use them to humiliate me."

Looking at Amanda like this, William pursed his lips and his expression became complicated. He didn't tell anyone that Amanda had lost her memory, but the reporter knew this news. It was undoubtedly leaked out by his own people.

No. Bill also knew about this.

But since Bill was so concerned about Amanda, he shouldn't be the one who leaked the news.

Although William was angry that someone didn't listen to him, he didn't feel sorry for Amanda at all. He also wanted to see what Amanda would do next.

After shouting, Amanda looked at William's cold eyes. Tears of grievance welled up in her eyes, but she bit her lips tightly to prevent them from flowing down.

William noticed her stubbornness. Without any hesitation, he grabbed her uninjured left hand and pushed her into the car again.

Amanda was ready to pass out, but this time, William drove steadily without any expression on his face, and his whole body was emitting a cold aura.

William left Amanda in the villa of the Long family and drove back to the company. He didn't say a word from beginning to end, and no one noticed Sarah's cold expression. After looking at Amanda who had returned to the villa and the press conference that was broadcast on TV, Sarah was so depressed.

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