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   Chapter 35 Break Off The Engagement

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"Sarah! Tell him what happened during the day."

Looking at William's face, Josiah felt that Amanda was really something. She was surer that this woman couldn't stay here any longer.

Sarah, on the other hand, was happy to hear that. She stepped forward and told William what had happened in the daytime in an exaggerated way.

In fact, everyone in the Long family knew what kind of parents Amanda had.

But now, William held a different opinion. In the past, he thought although Amanda's parents were ill-bred, she was a good girl. At this moment, he just felt that it was no wonder that her parents raised such a scheming and vicious daughter.

"Call her down right now. How dare she behaves so arrogant now?" Hearing that, William flew into a rage, which made Josiah think that things were not as bad as she thought.

However, Josiah stopped Sarah from calling Amanda. She turned to William and said, "Sit down. I have something to tell you."

Hearing this, William sat down. Looking at the serious expression on Josiah's face, he became cautious. "Mom! What do you want to say?"

After a pause, Josiah looked straight into William's eyes and said, "I want you to cancel the marriage between you and Amanda and let the public know that she is no longer your fiancée."

"You want me to break off the engagement?" William didn't expect that Josiah would tell him about this, so he didn't know how to react.

Josiah nodded and said seriously, "William! I'm not interfering in your marriage. But Amanda doesn't deserve you. What's more, she made our family like this. Your grandfather is still in hospital now. I really don't want you to have anything to do with this woman. Do you understand?"

Hearing his mother's sad words, William thought of what Amanda had done before. He nodded and said, "Mom! I've already revealed this news to the outside world, but I haven't had an official announcement yet. Since mom brought it up, I will hold a press conference tomorrow to announce the news."

Josiah had planned to persuade her son. After all, she knew his feelings for Amanda best.

And Josiah also knew well about Amanda's tricks. So she was really worried that her silly son would be cheated again.

Hearing that William agreed to her decision without hesitation, Josiah was very relieved. She patted him on the shoulder and said in a soft voice, "William! As long as you like a girl, no matter how her family is, I will approve of your marrying her. I only have one requirement for you, which is that this girl can't be Amanda."

William nodded. He hated Amanda very much, especially when he thought of his grandfather in the hospital.

Seeing this, Josiah was relieved. She said a few words and left.

"Mr. Long! Do you need to tell the cook to make you some food?" Seeing that her ladyship had made up her mind to drive Amanda away, Sarah was full of joy. She couldn't help but show a happy expression on her face. Looking at the handsome

med out of the room and slammed the door shut in anger.

"Fortunately, he finally left." Amanda patted her chest and felt lucky that he had left.

After William left, he went back to his room with a cold face. He swore that he would let Amanda know the consequences of provoking him!

On the second day, Amanda was woken up early in the morning by Sarah. When she opened her eyes, she was still in a trance. She didn't really wake up until she shivered under the resentful gaze of Sarah.

"Good morning!"

Perhaps it was because of the good news from William last night, Amanda had a good night's sleep. She even greeted Sarah in a good mood.

Sarah was rendered speechless. She rolled her eyes at Amanda. She thought Amanda was trying to please her so that she could put in a good word for her in front of William. Impossible!

Looking at the unfriendly eyes of Sarah, Amanda had no choice but to accept the fact that no one in the Long family would like her.

Of course, she didn't expect that Sarah would like her. She just gave her a smile, but the other party showed a colder face. Anyone would feel a little disappointed when seeing this.

"Miss Su! Mr. Long is waiting for you downstairs. The reporters won't stop because of your dawdling." Sarah reminded Amanda of the press conference viciously, hoping to see the panic in her eyes.

"Well, okay. You go downstairs first. I'll change my clothes," Amanda replied calmly, not taking it seriously.

Looking at Amanda's calm face, Sarah was looking forward to the scene at the press conference. The TV station of the city should be broadcasting it!

'Humph! You can pretend to be calm now. Let's see how you will behave then, ' she thought. She must call everyone to see the press conference. She wanted them to see this woman's pathetic ending! Amanda still wanted to drive her away. But the one who really needed to leave was Amanda!

At that time, she would be the last one to stay with Mr. Long.

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