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   Chapter 30 A Negotiation Between Two Men

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Amanda blinked her clear eyes in confusion. Was he referring to her vow that she would completely change into another person?

Indeed, this was a good opportunity to leave William and the hell-like life in that house.

But she had promised William to start over this morning. She had made up her mind to tell everyone that she was different through actions.

However, her colleagues there didn't like her. Everyone in the Long family hated her, including William.

Thinking of this, Amanda hesitated.

Seeing the hesitation and struggle in Amanda's eyes, William was stunned.

Amanda wanted to leave him?

He hadn't let her take the responsibility for what she had done. He couldn't let her leave so easily.

William tried his best to ignore the sudden panic in his heart. 'I just don't want to let go of the woman who almost made me lose everything, ' he tried to persuade himself.

Yes! This must be the case.

With a hint of displeasure in his eyes, Bill took a look at William. Since William dared to threaten Amanda like this in front of him, it could be seen that he really treated her badly at ordinary time.

"Amanda! Don't be afraid. If you want to go back with me, no one can stop you."

Hearing this, Amanda was moved.

Since she woke up, Bill had been the person who treated her most friendly, and she even saw him as her own brother. She appreciated that Bill would like to help him, but she knew that escaping from the Long family could not solve any problem.

She could live a peaceful life in the Bai family, but if she regained her memory one day...

If she was really that kind of vicious woman, she would feel so sorry for William. After all, she had hurt him a lot in the past. If so, she would hate herself very much.

Moreover, since she had lost her memory in the Long family, she could also get her memory back there.

She had a feeling that her loss of memory was not that simple.

Perhaps, she was not that arrogant woman they thought.

Anyway, this answer could only be found from the Long family!

After thinking it over, Amanda calmed down and looked at Bill gratefully. She said, "Brother Bill! I've made up my mind. I'd better stay in the Long family. I want to get my memory back there and then decide where to go."

At this moment, Bill understood what Amanda was thinking. After all, it was indeed helpful for a person who had lost his memory to regain his memory by staying in the original place.

But he was still worried about her, fearing that William would do harm to her.

"Amanda! Since you have made up your mind, I respect your choice. But I will visit you from time to time. As long as you want to leave, you are always welcome in our family."

William clenched his fists and looked at Amanda coldly.

This woman was so awesome!

Amanda had wanted to refuse Bill's suggestion, but William's eyes were so horrible that she finally nodded and decided to leave herself a way out.

William was going to take Amanda back to the Long family for a rest, so Bill had to let her leave the hospital.

Fortunately, Amanda was in a good condition after the glucose injection.

However, William took Amanda out of the hospital without saying a word. The atmosphere was very wired, which Amanda have a feeling that winter had come ahead of time.

"Get in the car!"

Amanda thought for a while and sat in the back seat.

When William noticed Amanda's action, William's eyes became colder and colder.

William drove slower than usual because of Amanda's poor health.

But in Amanda's opinion, it was better to be quick. Because she felt that the atmosphere in the car was even more uncomfortable, especially when William did not speak to her. He looked like a person coming out of the dark world, and his expression was extremely gloomy.

Amanda licked her dry lips nervously and decided to say something to ease the atmosphere.

"Well, I was supposed to have dinner downstairs, but I didn't expect that I would faint," Amanda explained to him and nervously looked at William who was driving in the front.

William sneered and glanced at her flustered expression from the rearview mirror.

She had done something wrong, so she was afraid!

Why didn't he find that Amanda was so good at seducing men before? She always felt that everyone around her framed her up out of no reason, but she was wrong. Only when he saw her behavior with his own eyes did he know how capable she was of seducing men.

No wonder she was not afraid of him driving her away!

As soon as Amanda finished her words, she saw that William seemed to be even angrier, because the car speed became faster.

As the car sped up, Amanda felt dizzier.

Besides, she hadn't eaten anything. Her stomach was empty and she felt so uncomfortable that she wanted to throw up.

But Amanda didn't dare to say anything more to William. She knew he wouldn't understand her or believe her words.

Amanda, who had been trying hard not to make a sound, finally closed her eyes and passed out again when William drove at full speed.

When they arrived at the villa of the Long family, William asked Amanda to get off the car in an angry tone.

He waited for a long time, but she didn't react. Then William found that she was not asleep, but fainted.

William was even more irritated when seeing this.

William kicked the car to vent his anger, staring at Amanda who fainted in the back seat with his eyes filled with anger. "You'd better wake up as soon as possible!"

Sarah, who was still preparing dinner with the cook, was stunned by the sound of a rough kick on the door. Then

she saw William come back with Amanda in his arms, expressionless.

A hint of jealousy flashed through Sarah's eyes. She walked quickly to Amanda, only to find that she seemed to have fainted. With a trace of doubt in her voice, she said, "Mr. Long! Miss Su fainted again?"

Hearing what Sarah said, William cast a sharp glance at her.

Sarah regretted being so impulsive. No matter how much she hated Amanda, she couldn't show it in front of William.

"Go to find Doctor Wang!"

After saying that, William went upstairs with Amanda in his arms.

Watching William go upstairs, Sarah clenched her apron tightly.

Amanda! What tricks were you playing this time?

Despite her unwillingness, she still listened to William and called Doctor Wang over.

When the doctor received the phone call, he immediately guessed that the patient was Amanda.

Because of his superb medical skills, he became a full-time doctor of the Long family. Naturally, he was familiar with Amanda, the fiancée of William.

In the past, the doctor didn't like her at all.

But since Amanda lost her memory, he sympathized with this poor girl.

After all, William had a clear-cut stand on what to love and what to hate. When he loved a girl, he could treat her very well to the extent that tens of millions of people were envious of her. However, when he hated someone, he could also let you live a hell-like life.

Therefore, the doctor could imagine Amanda's situation after she lost her memory.

When he received a call again, he knew exactly who the 'patient' was.

"Alas..." the doctor sighed and drove to the Long family with his medical kit.

After entering the Long family's villa, he went upstairs and entered Amanda's room. Sure enough, William was there, and he was still irritable.

"Doctor Wang! What's wrong with her? I just came back from the hospital with her. Damn it! She fainted again!"

Seeing this, the doctor quickly took out his own medical equipment. First, he used something like a flashlight to roll up Amanda's eyelids. He looked at her eyes and frowned.

"Mr. Long! Can you tell me why she was sent to the hospital?" The doctor could guess what had happened to her, but because of his professional caution, he needed more useful information.

William thought for a while and repeated what Bill had said to him in the hospital. He stared at Amanda on the bed gloomily and said fretfully, "Is she pretending to pass out?"

"Mr. Long! I'm telling you for sure that she's not pretending to faint. Besides, she is in a very bad condition now. She had suffered a very serious electric shock before, which caused her amnesia. This time, it seems that she was stimulated by something, which triggered the aftershock waves in her brain. That's why she lost consciousness and fell into a coma."

Seeing that William didn't believe what he said, the doctor said angrily, "Mr. Long! If you think it's just a trifle, I can tell you that if she doesn't wake up tonight, she might never wake up!"

"What?" William cried out in surprise. Amanda might become a vegetable like his grandfather?

What a retribution!

The doctor sighed in his heart. He had thought that if he said so, William would treat Amanda better. At least after she woke up, he would not be so rude for the sake of her memory loss.

But he underestimated what Amanda had done to William and the Long family.

Well, this girl should have taken the responsibility for what she had done.

He was just a doctor, and he shouldn't interfere in their private matters.

"Mr. Long! As long as Miss Su could wake up, there would be no problem. If she can't wake up, I suggest that you should send her to the hospital for a long-term observation." The doctor put away his things and said with his head down.

Hearing this, William's expression became a little complicated.

Amanda had enraged his grandfather so much that he became a vegetable. It should be a great pleasure that she might also be like this now.

But the doctor's attitude scared him.

What if Amanda really couldn't wake up?

"I seem to know you!"

"I'm not playing dumb. I really don't remember my name is Amanda."

"What I said is true. I really don't remember anything. I am not playing dumb, let alone acting in front of you. Why don't you trust me?"

"Mr. Long, help me! I was kidnapped and locked in the warehouse. Please help me. I'm scared!"

"Give me a chance, please. I will prove that I am different from the previous Amanda!"

All of a sudden, what Amanda had said to him after she lost her memory flashed through William's mind.

Her blank look, crazy tone, frightened expression and angry eyes were really different from before since she lost her memory.

He had always thought that she was pretending to lose her memory.

The doctor had confirmed that she had really lost her memory, and he had found that Amanda was really a little different from before.

But he was still very angry with her, and he even felt a sense of powerlessness.

The person who had hurt him so badly was right in front of him, but he could do nothing. She didn't even remember who he was, let alone what had happened in the past.

He hated her very much.

But she didn't remember anything.

That was so ridiculous.

As if all his strength had been taken away, William went back to his room in a trance. He didn't even hear what the doctor said to him in the end.

Her grandfather had become a vegetable, and it was urgent to save the company's business now. But if she fainted this time, she might never wake up again.

All these things were really ironic.

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