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   Chapter 29 You Look Like My Young Sister (Part Two)

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Michael nodded and didn't ask him where he was going.

With a cold face, William drove all the way to the hospital. He stopped a nurse in the corridor and asked her where Amanda's ward was. He immediately found her and Bill, who was at her bedside.

Amanda was still in a coma, and her face was still very pale. A nurse was injecting glucose into her body. The terrible wound on Amanda's hand made the nurse who gave her an injection feel sorry for her.

Anyone who saw a pair of beautiful hands become like this would feel a little distressed.

So far, it was undoubtedly that Bill was the most distressed one. When he looked at William, he was enraged instantly, and he punched him on the spot.

"Bang!"! William covered his eyes with his hands and stared at him fiercely, but he didn't fight back. Instead, he suppressed his anger.

After all, it was obvious that it was Bill who sent Amanda to the hospital.

"William! Are you a man or not? Look at her. She is not well-nourished and she is so weak. How do you take care of her?" "Look at her hands! Her hands are blistered. I don't know what kind of job there is in the company that can make a girl's hands like this!" said Bill angrily to William, pointing at Amanda's hands which were covered with bandages.

Hearing this, William calmed down.

He really didn't expect that Amanda's health would be so bad, and he didn't know what happened at noon. But since Michael asked her to have lunch outside, it was obvious that she didn't have lunch in the company on time.

And her hands were like this?

It seemed that the job of cleaner was not suitable for her.

"It's her own request to take this job. As for other things, it's none of your business!" Although William felt a little regretful for what had happened, he was still confused by Bill's angry attitude.

When did Amanda and Bill become so close?

No matter what happened to Amanda, Bill always stood up for her. William remembered that Bill also spoke up for her the last time.

William took a look at Amanda on the bed and then looked at Bill, who was glaring at him angrily. He didn't know what had happened between them.

Thinking of this, William felt very uncomfortable.

"Mr. Bai! This is my family matter. Thank you for sending her to the hospital. I will take her back." William looked at him coldly and said impolitely.

With a sneer, Bill stared at William and said, "Since you hate someone so much, why do you keep her at home? I'm willing to take her in. From now on, she doesn't need your concern, William."

William glared at him and thought, 'Is he competing with me for a woman?'

Even if he didn't like Amanda, it didn't mean that other men could be so blatant!

No one else could take anyth

ing or anyone away from him.

"Mr. Bai! Let me say it again. It's my private affair. Amanda is my fiancée and she is a member of the Long family. There is no reason for her to live in other people's house." With a gloomy face, William stared at him.

"Since she is your woman, why did you treat her like a dog?" At first, Bill didn't want to care so much about Amanda, but the more he got along with her, the more he felt that she was his own sister.

Since she was his sister, he would not allow anyone to bully her. Besides, he thought that Amanda was just a simple and pure girl. If he could find Elva, the two of them would definitely become good friends.

He could let Amanda come to the Bai family as her second sister!

Just as the two of them were glaring at each other, Amanda, who was lying on the bed, woke up slowly. She opened her eyes wide and looked at William and Bill blankly.


Hearing Amanda's voice, Bill let go of William immediately and ran to her side. He asked worriedly, "Amanda, how are you feeling?"

Hearing his concerned words, Amanda smiled, "Brother Bill! I am so sorry to let you worry about me. I'm fine now."

Looking at the gentle smile on Amanda's face, Bill felt even more distressed. He reached out his hand to touch her forehead and said guiltily, "It's all my fault. I didn't know that you were in poor health just now, and I didn't know that your head was hit by an electric shock before. I even asked you those stupid questions, which made you faint."

"It's not your fault. It's all my fault. I am really sorry to worry you." Amanda shook her head and said apologetically.

William's eyes were burning with anger when he saw the two of them being so intimate.

Amanda! 'How could you talk to another man so happily in front of me? Didn't you see me?' he thought.

Perhaps feeling the strong anger of William, Amanda turned around and lowered her head. She should have apologized for not being able to work well.

But when she thought of the reason why she fainted, she felt wronged.

Why should she say sorry to this bad guy?

He was just the company's CEO! And it was nothing to be proud of!

Seeing Amanda behave like this, Bill was surer that if he let Amanda stay with William like this, she might suffer greater torture.

"William! Now that Amanda has woken up, I'll take her back to the Bai family. You don't have to worry about her anymore. You don't like her anyway."

William glared at Amanda when he heard what Bill said.

Amanda shrank back, feeling that William was more terrifying. She didn't seem to have done anything wrong, although she really wanted to go to the Bai family.

"Amanda! If you still remember what you said, you should know what to do!"

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