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   Chapter 27 It's Not Easy To Work As A Cleaner (Part Two)

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Truth to be told, she also wanted to hear what Michael wanted to say to her. After all, he shouldn't be so bored to just have a small talk with her.

Sure enough, after the two of them poured two cups of coffee and sat down, Michael said, "You were locked in the ladies' room at noon?"

"Ha-ha," Amanda laughed as an answered to his question.

"You also did the same thing to Olivia before. She was locked up in the washroom by you for a whole day. You threatened whoever let her go would be fired."

Although Michael didn't point out who locked her up in the washroom today, Amanda understood it was Olivia.

But Amanda felt a little helpless after knowing what she did before.

It seemed that she was really an arrogant and domineering woman before, and her bad deeds were unforgivable.

"I didn't blame anyone. I just hope that everyone can look at me with new eyes." Amanda looked at him calmly without any complaint or resentment.

Her attitude made Michael realize that Amanda was different now.

"If you don't have lunch yet, I can treat you."

Amanda shook her head. She didn't want to have lunch with someone who didn't like her. She knew it was just a sudden kindness to her from him.

Michael was just trying to be polite by offering this invitation. Seeing that Amanda didn't agree to his suggestion, he picked up the coffee on the table and took a sip.

"How about you lend me one hundred dollars?"

Michael was rendered speechless. It was the second time for her to borrow one hundred dollars from him. "You haven't returned it to me last time."

Hearing this, Amanda was awkward. She wiped the sweat off her forehead. She didn't know that Michael was such a stingy man!

"William borrowed the money from you and gave it to me. You should let him return it to you."

Hearing this, Michael suddenly wanted to laugh. He felt happy when chatting with her now. "Okay, I can lend the money to you this time. You can have one hour to eat lunch."

Amanda took the one hundred dollars from him and smiled brightly. "Thank you!"

In the CEO office.

Looking at the CEO who was concentrating on his work, Michael told him that Amanda was going to have dinner downstairs.


William replied casually and went on with his work.

Seeing this, Michael was about to leave the office.

"Michael!" William said, "From today on, you must keep all the documents well. This time, we must do a good job in the cooperation with the Abbott Pharmaceuticals. We can't let the Tai Company seize the opportunity earlier than us."

Michael also understood the importance of this cooperation. He nodded and said, "President, don't worry. There will be no problem this time."

William nodded and Michael went out with the documents.

Since Amanda gave the confidential information of the company to the Tai Company, the business of Rocco Company had been very unstable. All the inve

stors began to hesitate to cooperate with them, and some of the partners began to doubt the strength of the Rocco Company.

As long as the cooperation with the Abbott Pharmaceuticals could be concluded, the Rocco Company could temporarily recover.

However, this was the first time that the Abbott Pharmaceuticals had cooperated with a partner, and every company wanted to win over this chance. Besides, the Tai Company had also announced that the Abbott Pharmaceuticals would definitely cooperate with them this year.

Everyone knew that the medicine industry was profitable and everyone wanted to get a share here.

If it had been in the past, William knew that the Abbott Pharmaceuticals would have chosen the Rocco Company as its partner. But he wasn't sure this time. William smiled bitterly, put down his pen and rubbed his eyebrows.

He hoped that nothing would go wrong this time.

He would surely teach Amanda a lesson after the company's business stabilized.

Amanda, who was going downstairs, suddenly sneezed. She looked up at the building of the Rocco Company, thinking that it must be those women who were secretly cursing her.

'Humph! The more you want to drive me away, the less you can succeed. I'm tough enough!' she thought.

With a smile, Amanda took one hundred dollars to the place where she met with Bill last time. There seemed to be a clean small restaurant there.

Although she had never eaten in such a place before, she didn't know whether it was expensive or not. But from the distressed look of Michael, she knew one hundred dollars should be a lot of money.

Amanda comforted herself and walked quickly to the small restaurant.

After ordering two dishes, Amanda smelled the delicious food at the next table and almost drooled.

Just then, a handsome man in a suit came in and sat next to Amanda.


Amanda took a look at the man and found it was none other than Bill.

"Brother Bill, why are you here?" Amanda looked at him in surprise.

Looking at the hint of happiness in Amanda's eyes, 同 Bill was also very happy. "I just passed by outside and saw you, so I came in to say hello to you."

Hearing this, Amanda giggled and said shyly, "I'm hungry, so I came downstairs to eat something."

After taking a look at the time, he frowned and asked, "Why do you have lunch until three o'clock? Could it be that William doesn't allow you to eat anything?"

"No, no." Amanda shook her head immediately. It had nothing to do with William. She didn't like to blame the wrong person.

Noticing that Amanda didn't want to talk about it, Bill didn't ask any more.

But when he looked around carefully, he found that this restaurant was too small. It was the kind of restaurant that he had never come in.

Seeing this, Bill was about to take Amanda's hand and walk out.

"Brother Bill, why do you take me out? I've already ordered the dishes."

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