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   Chapter 26 It's Not Easy To Work As A Cleaner (Part One)

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"Bang! Bang! Bang"

Amanda knocked hard on the door, hoping someone to open it.

But no matter how she shouted or knocked, no one opened the door for her.

In fact, she didn't know that there was no one outside. Everyone went to the company canteen or downstairs for lunch. Besides, people who knew about Amanda's situation wouldn't be kind enough to open the door for her. They all hated her so much.

Because of the business cooperation, William went out for lunch with the person in charge of the Ming Company. As an assistant, Michael also followed him to the lunch.

In the whole company, only Amanda was still in the washroom.

"Is there anyone out there? Please help me open the door!" Amanda shouted hysterically, but no one answered. "Why did you do this to me? Why..."

Amanda sat on the ground wearily, with her hands still knocking at the door. But she knew very well that these women were playing tricks on her.

One after another, all the colleagues had finished their lunch and came back to the company. They returned to their office and continued to work, but none of them went to the washroom.

Hearing the faint knock on the door of the washroom, everyone was delighted that Amanda was finally punished for her previous behavior!

Therefore, Amanda kept knocking at the door until Michael came back with William. Michael immediately thought of her after he entered the company.

In order to see if Amanda had done anything wrong, he went to the washroom and heard a strange sound.

It was from the lady's room.

After a pause, he called in a female colleague and asked her to open the door.

The person who came out was Amanda, who was hungry and uncomfortable. Her face was pale and her eyes were dull. She looked at Michael with a weak smile.

"I guess it's you, or who will let me out?"

Hearing this, Michael didn't say anything.

After the CEO made such a decision, Michael knew that the people in the company would not let go of Amanda easily. He had expected such a result.

However, Amanda didn't make a fuss, which really surprised him.

"I just went here to check your work."

Amanda forced a smile and understood what he meant.

She was not stupid. Michael didn't want to help her at all.

"Okay. You can check my work now."

"I don't think it's necessary. Miss Susanna, it seems that you haven't adapted to this job well."

Hearing this, Amanda looked around and found that the ground was in a mess with rubbish and coffee juice scattering around. It was so dirty.

He was right. There was no need to check.

Amanda smiled bitterly and said, "I'll clean it now."

Without saying anything, Michael turned around and left.

It seemed that everyone was qualified to make fun of her.

Amanda sighed, found a mop and began to mop the floor again. However, because she wiped the mirror a few minutes ago, as long as sh

e used some strength now, the blisters on her hands would make her very painful.

In the end, she slowed down her speed to mop the floor, so as to relieve the pain a little bit.

"Are you mopping the floor? You are just like a snail, dawdling."

"You are right. She is from a rich family. She don't need to this kind of thing at home. But she probably forgot that she doesn't have a rich family to support her now."

"How can we go to the washroom since you mop the floor so slowly? The floor is still very dirty."

They made fun of her again! Amanda told herself to ignore them.

But these women seemed to torture her on purpose. They either threw the tissue on the ground by accident after washing their hands, or poured the tea in their teacups onto the ground.

As a result, the floor was getting dirtier and dirtier.

In the end, Amanda got angry. No matter how good-tempered she was, she couldn't bear these women anymore.

"I heard that a client is coming this afternoon. If you don't care about the company's image, you can continue to do so. After all, I'm just a cleaner."

Amanda knew what these women were worried about.

They wanted to give her a hard time just because they thought that Amanda stole confidential information of the company before, which caused their business performance to decline. This accident almost let them lose their jobs.

And Amanda had figured it out that she had nothing to be afraid of now.

In this case, she would like to see who would win in the end!

Obviously, those women paid more attention to the company's reputation than her. After all, the better the company's operating efficiency, the higher their wages would be. If they lost some important clients, their wages would be greatly reduced.

Obviously, Amanda didn't care about the company's image at all.

Again, Amanda won by taking advantage of the weakness of these women.

There were a lot of things to deal with in the company, and those women didn't have the spare time to continue to fight with Amanda. They just left the washroom one by one.

No one tried to find fault with her again, and Amanda began to quickly mop the floor.

The whole washroom had been cleaned. It looked cleaner now. Amanda was very satisfied with her first cleaning of the washroom.

However, Amanda felt sorry for her own hands. They were red and the blisters on her index finger were broken, which made her painful.

When Michael came again, Amanda was about to get a glass of water in the lounge.

"Have you cleaned it?"

Amanda nodded and said nothing.

Michael raised his eyebrows. He was surprised that Amanda could clean it so smoothly this time. But he had seen how powerful Amanda was before. She must have used some methods to subdue the female colleagues in the company.

"Let's go to the lounge together?"

Amanda didn't object to his invitation.

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