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   Chapter 25 Cleaner In The Washroom (Part Two)

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After saying that, Olivia left like a winning peacock.

Amanda was rendered speechless. She was furious, but she knew that it was just the beginning.

Anyway, she hadn't started cleaning yet. She had no choice but to ignore Olivia's disrespectful behavior.

Amanda picked up the mop and began to clean the floor.

However, after a while, she saw a woman in white uniform stepping on the mop. Amanda frowned and looked up. It was the woman who had attacked her with Olivia before.

"Oh, isn't this Miss Su?" The woman looked at Amanda in surprise, but there was a gloating look in her eyes.

"Excuse me, bitch, what's your name?"

"I'm Gloria." The woman didn't realize the contemptuous meaning in her question and blurted out her name. Then she opened her eyes wide and angrily looked at Amanda, who was snickering. Gloria shouted, "You are the bitch! I am not! Don't think that the CEO will still protect you. How dare you talk to me like that?"

Being scolded, Amanda was not in the mood to clean the floor anymore.

"Whether he will protect me or not has nothing to do with you. You are an employee of a big company. How can you scold your colleagues like this? If no one has ever taught you to show respect to others, I don't mind being the first one." As Amanda spoke, she pulled back the mop with great strength. Gloria lost her balance and almost fell down.

Amanda was a little complacent. But then she found another two women standing beside Gloria.

"Gloria, are you okay?" A woman in a blue suit supported her up.

"Amanda, who do you think you are?" The other woman rushed to Amanda and wanted to slap her on the face.

Fortunately, Amanda waved the mop in her hand as a weapon and rushed to that woman. The woman was frightened and hurriedly shrank back.

Seeing that these women were obviously afraid of making their clothes dirty, Amanda smiled and said, "If you are not afraid of getting dirty, you can come and have a try again."

Gloria and the other two female colleagues looked at each other. They didn't expect that Amanda would suddenly become so smart. She didn't go crazy when working in the washroom and even used a mop to fight against them.

They were all women and loved to be beautiful. No one wanted anything from the toilet to smudge their clothes.

Finally, they had no choice but to go back to work temporarily.

But they wouldn't just let go of Amanda.

Instead, they just came up with a better idea.

Amanda also knew that these women who hated her the most couldn't be let go of her so easily.

But now she had a mop to protect herself, which made her become relieved a little bit.

Why didn't she think of this before?

It seemed that people would become smarter after they figured out something.


No one disturbed her anymore, and Amanda was not so resistant to cleaning the washroom now.

She first mopped the floor,

and then began to wipe the glass with a duster cloth.

A female employee who just came out of a stall saw Amanda cleaning the washroom. After washing her hands, she took out a lipstick from her pocket and began to refine her make-up in front of the mirror.

Then, the woman began to write a few words on the mirror with her lipstick.

"Amanda! You will die miserably."

The bright red color was shocking, just like a scene in the ghost movie. Amanda was stunned on the spot and watched the complacent woman passing by her.

"Amanda! It's just the beginning," the woman said with a sneer.

Then she left the washroom. Looking at the words on the mirror, Amanda was distressed and her hands were trembling. For the first time, she clearly understood how much the people in this company hated her.

But what could she do?

As that woman said, it was just the beginning.

Amanda held her tears back, wetted the duster cloth with water and began to wipe the words on the mirror. But the lipstick was oily and it was very difficult to wipe the words off.

Before Amanda finished, the female colleagues who went to the washroom one after another seemed to find something interesting.

They all began to write on the mirror with their lipsticks. After a while, the big mirror was full of curses to Amanda.

The words were written by pink, dark red and various colors of lipsticks. Amanda was surprised that there were so many kinds of lipsticks.

Amanda couldn't stop them and she was even splashed by many female colleagues.

What was worse, after they finished writing, they directly took the useless lipsticks and threw them on Amanda.

Amanda silently picked up the lipsticks on the ground and put them into a trash can. Then she continued to wipe the words on the mirror with a duster cloth, but tears continued to roll down her face.

While wiping, Amanda cried silently.

In the end, Amanda poured a basin of water onto the mirror. Looking at the blurry mirror, [Amanda smiled.

"Do you guys think you can defeat me in this way?" she murmured. Amanda wiped her tears and forced a smile. She wouldn't be defeated by anyone.

This was a chance for her to prove to everyone that she was no longer the arrogant woman she used to be.

Amanda had been cleaning the mirror the whole morning.

Her hands were soaked in water for a long time and had turned pale. Besides, her delicate fingers soon began to blister. When she exerted more strength, she would feel a piercing pain coming from her fingers. But the mirror was still a little dirty. Amanda gritted her teeth and continued to clean it.

No female colleagues came to make trouble again. She guessed they might find it boring to bully her in this way, and she felt much more relaxed.

But soon, Amanda realized that something was wrong.

Because the washroom's door was locked from outside and couldn't be opened.

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