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   Chapter 24 Cleaner In The Washroom (Part One)

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However, Amanda met Olivia in the washroom.

Amanda's eyes narrowed slightly. She knew that Olivia was up to no good, so she decided to attack her first. She took a mop in the corner and waved it at Olivia.

Olivia didn't expect her to do this. Her beautiful white clothes were stained by the dirty mop, which made her very angry. She pointed at Amanda and began to curse her.

"Amanda! You bitch! I will definitely kill you today!"

With a sneer, Amanda put the mop on the ground with one hand and made a gesture of contempt with the other. She said arrogantly, "Come to me if you have the guts!"

Seeing that Amanda was holding a mop, Olivia was a little afraid of her. Besides, she wouldn't get any benefit from fighting against Amanda alone. Therefore, Olivia had no choice but to threaten her, "You'd better not let me find a chance to get back at you!"

After saying that, Olivia left angrily.

Amanda didn't put down the mop and walked to the sink to wash her hands until she was sure that Olivia had left. After tidying up her clothes, she walked out of the washroom.

In the CEO office.

William was dealing with the e-mails quickly while Michael was reporting the latest company's affairs to him.

But after Amanda came in, the two of them stopped at the same time. Michael closed the file, while William knocked on the table with his fingers regularly, as if he was thinking about how to make a decision.

Amanda was used to the silence of William. She just felt that he seemed to have something to tell her this time.

As expected, William said, "Didn't you say yesterday that you wanted me to give you a chance to prove that you were not that domineering woman you used to be?"

Seeing that William brought up this topic again, Amanda looked at him happily and nodded. "Yes, will you give me a chance?"

Michael frowned and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, wondering what the CEO was going to do.

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, William said in a low and cold voice, "You have caused so much loss to the company. It doesn't seem to make sense if you just don't work all day long. From today on, you will be responsible for cleaning all the company's washrooms."

"Ah!" It never occurred to Amanda that William would give her the chance to be a cleaner! What was worse, she was in charge of cleaning the washrooms!

"What? You are unwilling to take this job?" William looked at Amanda sarcastically and said, "Didn't you beg me to give you a chance yesterday? Now I give you the chance, but you seem unhappy."

His words aroused Amanda's stubbornness. She was just surprised by his decision, and she didn't want to refuse him.

Anyone who heard such a thing would be stunned for a few minutes, and she was no exception. After all, it was the job of cleaning the washrooms. It was understandable for her to be a little depressed.

However, Amanda also knew that she had no right to say NO in front of William.

Truth to be told, she was kind of willing to take this job. After all, i

f she could be qualified for this job, it meant that she really wanted to change her previous character and let more people knew that she was no longer the previous Amanda.

After pondering for a while, Amanda bravely raised her head, looked straight at William with her bright eyes and said word by word, "I want to take this job!"

Such a straightforward answer made William, who had planned to mock her, a little surprised.

Looking at Amanda intently, William couldn't find a trace of unwillingness on her face. 'Does she really want to do this job? Maybe she wants to take this opportunity to prove herself, ' William thought.

He frowned. He had a lot of work to do and didn't want to waste his time on this matter.

"Michael, take her away and let her know more details about her work. By the way, tell her colleagues that she will be transferred to another post. It is necessary to do so."

Michael was smart enough to understand his boss's meaning, so he responded immediately.

Even Amanda knew that William wanted her to lose face in front of her colleagues. She cursed him in her heart secretly.

But she had no choice. After all, he was the boss of her!

After Michael went out of CEO's office with Amanda, he announced the order given by William in front of all the people in the company.

"Dear colleagues! From now on, Amanda will be the cleaner of our company's washrooms. In view of what happened before, please take care of your documents. If you have any questions, please tell me directly."

Amanda stared at Michael morosely while he said this.

'You almost told everyone that I might be a thief and everyone should take good care of their own things, ' she thought.

Michael just looked her expressionlessly. 'I don't need to point out that you are a thief, because everyone knows what is going on, ' he thought.

Amanda almost went crazy. But she tried her best to hold back her anger when she thought of what Felix had said to her.

After that, Michael took Amanda to the door of a washroom. He pointed inside expressionlessly and said seriously, "There are many employees in the company. It's very important whether the washroom is clean or not. You can start cleaning now. I'll check your work later."

"I see." Amanda gritted her teeth, but when she looked at the bathroom, she felt a stomachache.

Michael didn't say anything more to Amanda and he left directly.

Looking at the figure of Michael, Amanda felt that he seemed to be more indifferent to her after she brought Bill here.

But in fact, he had always been like this to her.

Thinking of this, Amanda shook her head, found her gloves in the storage room and began to spend her first day as a cleaner.

But obviously, there were many people in the company who didn't like her.

Olivia took the lead in finding fault with her. Holding a cup of coffee in her hand, she glanced at Amanda arrogantly with a smile, and directly poured the coffee onto the ground. Then she pretended to say in an apologetic tone, "I am so sorry."

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