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   Chapter 22 The Second Friend (Part One)

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Amanda, who was silent, followed behind Felix. She was recalling what he had just said. Was William really that good before? She really doubted about that.

Did he love her before?

The more Amanda thought about it, the more depressed she felt. She had a feeling that she was not that person and everyone had mistaken her for someone else.

"What are you thinking about?" Looking back at the absent-minded girl, Felix asked with a smile on his face.

"Ah!" Amanda raised her head in a daze and saw the handsome and mischievous smile on his face. "No, I'm not thinking about anything. I just feel that the William you are talking about seems to be another person."

Seeing that Amanda was still thinking about it, Felix smiled and explained, "He loved you so much before, so he was really disappointed in what you did to him. If you hadn't been so heartless, he wouldn't have become such a ruthless man. And the reason why others treat you like this is also because of your previous behavior."

"What about you?" Amanda asked.

Felix paused for a moment, for he didn't expect that she would ask him.

If someone had asked him this question before tonight, he would not hesitate to say that he hated Amanda very much and wanted her to disappear from the earth.

But after getting along with her for a night, he found that Amanda had already lost her memory, and she was like a pure white paper now. He didn't have the heart to say anything to hurt her feelings.

But he was also not kind-hearted enough to do anything for her.

It was difficult to change people's view of others. He just felt that Amanda was different from before. But it was just because Amanda had nothing to do with him that he could accept her so smoothly.

As for the others, Felix thought it would take a long time for them to believe that this woman had changed a lot, especially William, who was deeply hurt by Amanda.

"In the past, I hated you very much. You were favored by many people around you, but you still hurt the people who loved you so willfully. But now, I just want to say that since I have nothing to do with you, I neither like nor hate you."

Amanda didn't get angry, and she was even moved by his words. At least, this was the first time that someone said he didn't hate her.

"Thank you."

Although Amanda looked very embarrassed, the smile on her face was very sincere. Realizing it was possible for her to change into a kind-hearted girl, he couldn't help smiling.

"As long as you treat everyone sincerely, I believe they will understand that you are not the same arrogant and domineering girl as before."

It was the first time that he had said something like that to encourage others, and Amanda was the woman he hated most in the past.

After saying that, he scratched his hair awkwardly and wanted to say something rude to conceal his kindness to her. But when he saw the sweet smile on Amanda's fa

ce, he didn't dare to look at her anymore.

Looking at the shy expression on his face, Amanda felt that he was actually a very simple boy.

It was undeniable that didn't treat her well at the beginning. But he gave her food and told her what had happened in the past. Most importantly, he was comforting her now.

She thought that she finally made the second friend since she lost her memory, and the first one was the gentle and considerate Bill.

After sending Amanda to the gate of the villa, Felix said goodbye to her.

"Thank you so much tonight."

"You are welcome. You can go back home now. I hope you won't run away from home next time." Felix had wanted to say goodbye to her briefly, but when seeing Amanda's dirty dress, he couldn't help but remind her.

Amanda smiled, waved her hand to him and walked into the villa.

After returning to the living room, she found that William was still sitting on the sofa. Sarah also sat next to him without saying a word.

Hearing the sound of walking, Sarah looked at Amanda in surprise and soon her eyes were filled with anger.

This woman really came back. How shameless she was!

Amanda had already known that Sarah was unhappy with her. Moreover, it must be her and the other servants who didn't open the door for her when she came back last time.

However, what she cared about was not Sarah, but the man who was sitting still.

After she heard what happened in the past from Felix, her feelings for William were a little complicated now.

Truth to be told, she sympathized with this man. After all, he was the one who got hurt the most.

But from a rational point of view, it was largely because of this man's connivance that she was bullied by others.

So she didn't know how to face him now.

Fortunately, it seemed that William didn't want to see Amanda either. Seeing her come back, he said in a tired voice, "Go to bed and have a rest."

It was exactly what Amanda wanted. She didn't look at Sarah's unhappy expression and went upstairs directly.

Her whole body was stinky. She just wanted to take a shower as soon as possible and then go to sleep. She wanted to discard all the worries now and have a sound sleep.

Good night!

On the second day, a ray of beautiful sunshine passed through the purple curtain and brought a romantic atmosphere to the room. Amanda was sleeping on the bed. She looked gorgeous, and the whole room was very quiet and cosy.

However, the sudden knock on the door destroyed the atmosphere at once.

Amanda woke up at once. Before she opened her clear eyes, she saw the door was pushed open rudely. The person who came in was Sarah.

Every time Sarah saw this room and saw the exquisite decoration, she hated Amanda even more.

William was so nice and considerate to her, but he was hurt so badly by this ugly woman. She could still lie on her bed comfortably and sleep like a pig every day!

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