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   Chapter 21 I Was Such a Bastard Before!

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Looking at Amanda who became so righteous, Felix suddenly felt bored.

"Do you stop faking now?

Just now, you pretended to be pure and innocent. At the mention of this, you immediately showed your unreasonable look. It's really disgusting.

Amanda! Do you think you are innocent? "

Amanda didn't notice that there was something weird with his tone. She nodded and said with tears in her eyes, "since I woke up, no one has shown kindness to me."

The disdain at the corners of Felix's mouth became more obvious.

"Haven't you thought about why?"

Amanda lowered her head, clenched her fingers and murmured, "They said I was bad and did a lot of things that hurt them."

"How do you think of that?" Asked Felix with a faint smile

Amanda shook her head desperately and replied dejectedly, "I don't believe that I did that. They must have misunderstood something. Otherwise, I am not Amanda at all. "

Hearing this, Felix smiled.

The play was really good. She used the kitten, sympathy, pretended to be innocent, and finally shirked responsibility. This plan was really good!

Hearing his laughter, Amanda finally found that something was wrong. A normal person wouldn't laugh when he heard this, would he?

"You don't believe me?"

"I have never believed you."

Amanda's face turned pale. She stood up and said straightforward, "Like William, you think I'm acting."

Felix didn't deny it. He stood up, clapped his hands and said leisurely, "Amanda! I have known you for many years. I can recognize you even if you are burned to ashes. A person who lost his memory couldn't escape the punishment he deserves. So, you'd better give up this idea. "

Amanda bit her lips and didn't want to say anything more.

From the past few days, she found that there was no reason to argue with a group of people who had hated her to the core.

Seeing that Amanda fell into silence, Felix felt bored again. "Let's go. I'll drive you back."

"Why bother!" Amanda refused politely.

But Felix didn't care. He pointed at the bench and said, "Let's sit down and have a talk."

Amanda looked at him cautiously and didn't know what he was going to do.

"Don't look at me like that. Although I'm not a good guy, you are the woman of my brother. Even if someone wants to take revenge, that would be him. "

Seeing this, Amanda had to sit on the bench with him, keeping her mouth shut and saying nothing.

However, as if Felix was trying to organize his words, he didn't make a sound. The tense atmosphere suddenly became quiet.

A breeze blew in the air, and the hair on Amanda's forehead was flying gently. Her long eyelashes were like butterflies, which were projected in her eyes. It was hard to see what Amanda was thinking.

After a while, Felix's thin lips moved and he said, "He used to love you very much."


Amanda raised her head in confusion and asked softly, looking at Felix who was immersed in his memory.

With laughter, he asked, "Can you stop playing dumb?"

Amanda was so angry that her face turned red. She calmed down and said, "If you don't believe me, there is no need for us to talk."

"Well, he is William."

Hearing this, Amanda laughed and said sarcastically, "Are you kidding? Does he love me? What a joke! "

"I mean in the past."

"……" At the thought of her loss of memory, Amanda felt a little sad and said sulkily, "I know."

"You've known each other since childhood. You were childhood playmates. Both of your parents supported you to be together and you two have a good relationship. "

Imagining the scene, Amanda felt more and more depressed. She still recalled nothing, as if she was listening to someone else's story.

"Then your family went bankrupt. Everyone thought you wouldn't be together. But he still took you home regardless of everyone's objection. He spoiled you both mentally and materially like a princess. He even worried that you would feel insecure and announced in front of everyone that you were his only fiancee in his life. His only fiancee. Don't you think it's love? "

"Ah!" Amanda was really surprised. She didn't expect that William would spoil Amanda so much. He even had given her the title of fiancee. It seemed that he really had loved Amanda.

But now, as the spoiled girl herself, Amanda was not happy at all. The problem was that she had an illusion that William loved another girl, instead of her, as she had not an iota of the feeling.

At first, Felix wanted to make Amanda regret by telling her what had happened in the past. But when he noticed the change of her expression, Felix found no trace of guilt. Felix thought he had been too naive.

He nearly thought that Amanda would regain her kindness after memory loss, but she was as selfish as before.

In that case, Felix was not in the mood to be a

teacher anymore.

"If you are smart enough, you should cherish this relationship. But you didn't. You not only committed atrocity by making use of his love, but also flirted with other men covertly. You even helped his rivals and stole important confidential information of his company. So I think you deserve the punishment. "

Hearing this, Amanda frowned and disagreed.

Many people had told her these things, but every time she heard that, she felt as if she was listening to the mistakes of others. She didn't feel guilty at all, but felt that William had gone too far.

She was not Amanda.

"I hope they can distinguish me from what I used to be. I don't remember the past. I don't want to live with that burden."

Amanda said in a depressed voice.

But when Felix heard this, he sensed a different meaning.

He thought Amanda wanted to erase the past on the excuse of memory loss.

He could probably understand William's feeling. William must feel so angry and helpless. But if someone kept living in his own world, he will go crazy.

"If the person you trust most stabbed you in your heart and then told you that he remembered nothing, will you forgive him?" Looking at Amanda's limpid eyes, he came up with an example.


Amanda kept silent. She really couldn't say she can forgive that. After all, it was the one who she trusted most that stabbed her.

Amanda couldn't answer. Felix now sort of believed that she had really lost her memory. If she really said she would forgive that shamelessly, Felix would really punch her.

"So you mean the reason why William did this is that he trusted me and loved me too much before, right?" Amanda looked at him helplessly and said worriedly.


Hearing such an affirmative answer, Amanda smiled bitterly. What should she do? Could she really continue to stay with William with such an identity?

Just then, Felix's phone suddenly rang.

It was William.

In the villa of the Long Family.

William had been busy in the company until 11 o'clock. When he came back home, he saw that Sarah was waiting for him in the living room in a white Pajama, so he casually asked if Amanda had come back.

Sarah felt unhappy and jealous, but she concealed her feelings carefully and said with concern that she had been waiting for Miss Amanda in the living room.

Therefore, William was very angry that Amanda was still throwing a tantrum and hadn't come back so late.

At first, William didn't want to care about it. When he thought of the scene that Amanda cried in the company in the afternoon, he was extremely upset. Finally, he picked up the phone and called Felix.

After all, there was no one Felix, with his underworld power, couldn't find in City A.


"I know. You want to see Amanda, right?" As soon as he received the phone call from William, Felix spoke out first.

William knew that his buddy had always been defending him and hated Amanda.

Now he asked him to help find Amanda. Even William himself found it ridiculous. But he couldn't help worrying if something bad would happen to a girl who had lost her memory so late in the night.

"Felix, Amanda has lost her memory."

In the end, William only said that. At the same time, he didn't expect that Felix was beside Amanda and put him on speaker.

The words "Amanda has lost her memory" was full of helplessness and a little subconscious worry.

Hearing this, Amanda felt a little sad, "Silly man, you finally want to look for me."

"If I find her, I will send her back."

After Felix hung up the phone, he looked at Amanda calmly and asked, "That's how he loves you. Although you treated him like that, he still cares about you. In fact, I'd rather you stay away from him. At least he won't get hurt. "

"It's me who got hurt, okay?" Amanda complained with a pout. She rubbed her aching arm and thought, "Olivia is too cruel."

Felix grabbed Amanda's hand and found that the upper side of her arms was red, as if she had been pinched, which was shocking on her fair skin.

"Who did it?"

Although Felix hated Amanda very much, she always believed that men could never hit women.

Amanda was shocked by the rude voice of Felix. She looked up at him with her wet eyes and said in an aggrieved and low voice, "It all owes to those bad women."

Being stared at by Amanda's eyes all of a sudden, Felix's heart seemed to get an electric shock. He quickly let go of Amanda's hand.

"It's getting late. Let me drive you back."

Since it was a women's fight, he didn't want to get involved. After all, Amanda had offended a lot of people before, so there was no need for him to help her.

Amanda didn't want to go back, but after hearing what William said on the phone, she felt that William might not be as cold as he looked.


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