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   Chapter 20 My Name Is Felix

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"Do you know me?"

Amanda vigilantly looked at the man who suddenly appeared. The little white cat slipped away when the man came.

The man looked at Amanda with a sarcastic smile and said, "Amanda! When did you learn to play this trick?"

Hearing the man call her name, Amanda was sure that he knew her. But he didn't seem to be friendly to her. Did he also have a grudge against her?

How many people did she offend before?

"I'm sorry, sir. I have lost my memory. I don't remember what happened before."

"You lost your memory?"

With her eyes wide open, Amanda looked at the man, nodded and said firmly again, "The professional doctor has confirmed that I have lost my memory. If you are looking for me to talk about the old days, I'm sorry."

The man burst into laughter, as if he had heard an incredible thing.

Amanda smiled helplessly. Obviously, this man didn't believe her.

Suddenly, the man approached Amanda and pinched her face as if he was going to tear something off her face.

"Ouch! Let me go!" Amanda didn't expect that the man would do this. She felt so painful that tears rolled down her face at once and fell on the man's hand. Shocked, he loosened his grip on her.

"You are crying!"

Hearing this, Amanda was sure that this man was as crazy as William.

Without hesitation, Amanda turned around and left.

What was wrong with this world? Why did she always meet some crazy people?

Seeing that Amanda wanted to leave, the man immediately grabbed her hand.

"Ouch!" Amanda shook his hand off with all her strength, but he pinched her harder. So she asked, "Are you insane? I don't know you at all. If you keep doing this, I will call for help."

"Ha-ha." The man laughed and said indifferently, "You can call for help now! I also want to see who else dares to meddle in my business in City A!"

'Oh my God! I messed with a gangster!' Amanda thought to herself.

Only then did Amanda notice that there was a dragon-patterned tattoo on the man's arm. She was in despair and wondered what she had done before.

"Brother! If I offended you before, please forgive me. I'm homeless and miserable now. Please let me go!"

Amanda begged for mercy pitifully. The man was tall and strong, and she couldn't gain the upper hand if she fought with him. She really didn't dare to conflict with him, so she wanted to run away from him quickly.

"Amanda! Look at you. You are not as arrogant and domineering as before. What's wrong with you? You must have a hard time since everyone has seen through your own nature."

Amanda didn't believe what he said.

"It's impossible. Although I have lost my memory, I am sure I wasn't an arrogant girl before. You must have mistaken me for someone else!"

The man sneered and took her back to the bench like carrying a little rabbit in his arms. "Sit down. I'll ask you some questions, and you must answer me!"

Faced with his threat, Amanda had no choice but to nod.

"Why isn't William with you?"

"Do you know him?"

Amanda raised her head and looked at the man in front of her in surprise.

Although she didn't like William very much, William wouldn't hurt her. However, she was not sure whether the fierce man in front of her would do any harm to her.

"It seems that you really have lost your memory. Don't you know who I am?"

Amanda shook her head in confusion and seized him up and down again. He was handsome and had the temperament of a hooligan. Many girls would like men of his type.

But since she woke up after losing her memory, she was totally sure that she had never seen him!

"Okay, no matter you lose your memory or not, I'll tell you one thing. My name is Felix!" the man said with a sneer.

"Felix," Amanda repeated it in a low voice and realized that she really hadn't heard this name before. Even if she had lost her memory, she should recall something when she heard a familiar name.

But she didn't remember anything at all, as if she had really seen this man for the first time.

Felix also noticed that Amanda was too calm, as if she was really a stranger to him.

If she was acting now, her acting skills would be so great.

But when he just saw her talking to the cat, he didn't think she was acting. Could a memory loss change a bad-tempered girl into an obedient and cute one?

Felix shook his head and decided to observe her for a little longer.

"Hey! You haven't answered my question yet." Felix pretended to threaten her by making a gesture, and he was satisfied to see Amanda show a terrified look. He secretly observed Amanda's every move without her notice.

As long as he found that something was wrong with her, he would make her show her true colors.

Amanda was so frightened that she didn't dare to move. She told him what had happened in the Long family. In the end, she said with grievance, "That's the whole story. The cook played tricks on me on purpose, but William didn't believe me. I was so angry that I ran out of the house."

After hearing that, Felix looked at Amanda from time to time with an unreadable expression.

Feeling his intent gaze, Amanda was afraid that this man would take a fancy to her. If so, she wouldn't be with him even if she was beaten to death!

"Is that true?"

Seeing that the man was as suspicious as William, Amanda was so angry that sh

e raised her eyebrows and jumped off the chair. She said angrily, "That's the truth. They have done this kind of thing to me more than once. Last time, they even put a lot of salt in my bowl."

Amanda's face bulged with anger. It was the first time that Felix had seen such an expression on her face. He thought it was fun.

It was also because of Amanda's losing of temper that he found that he didn't seem to hate her so much after she lost her memory.

"Hey, did you really get kidnapped last time?" Remembering what happened to her last time, Felix asked casually.

At the mention of this, Amanda recalled the scene of being kidnapped. Her face turned pale and her eyes were full of horror. She squatted down in fear.

"What's wrong with you?"

Noticing that there was something wrong with Amanda, Felix asked.

Amanda didn't answer him, so Felix approached her. However, she stared at him warily and stepped back a little bit, with her arms across her chest.

Judging from her expression, Felix was sure that she had been kidnapped and might have encountered some bad things. Otherwise, how could she become like this?

Felix pictured what might happen to Amanda in his mind, and he felt sorry for her. He blamed himself for making out with beautiful women last time, otherwise he wouldn't let her suffer such things.

So Felix deliberately made his voice sound gentle and said softly, "Amanda! It's all right. It's all over now."

Seeing that Amanda was still in fear, Felix thought for a while and called an inferior to give him some orders.

After a while, a man in black brought a cup of hot milk and a hamburger to the front of Felix.

Felix opened the lid, handed the milk bottle to Amanda and said gently, "Drink it."

Amanda was already very hungry. When she smelled the aroma of milk, she wasn't terrified of Felix at once. Not caring who handed her the milk, she quickly took a sip.

The gentle look on her face softened Felix's heart.

"Meow!" The little white cat who had just walked away seemed to smell the aroma of milk and appeared in front of Amanda again.

"Are you hungry too? Here you are!" Looking at the fluffy kitten, Amanda put the milk bottle on the ground and touched the kitten, smiling happily.

All of a sudden, Felix was speechless. He had known Amanda for a long time, but he found that Amanda acted so abnormally today.

If they didn't look the same, he would doubt if this girl was truly Amanda.

"Thank you very much." Amanda felt better after drinking the milk. 'Although this man looks a little fierce, he is actually good, ' she thought.

"Well..." After a short pause, Felix handed the burger to her. He found that the girl in front of him looked like the cat beside her, and he almost couldn't help reaching out to touch her head.

Amanda had wanted to stop eating, but her tummy started to rumble and her face flushed with shyness.

"How about I take you to a restaurant?" said Felix with a smile.

"No, thanks. It's enough for me to have this burger." Amanda shook her head and smiled shyly. She didn't want to bother him too much.

It was almost 11 o'clock and the restaurant had closed.

Then, Felix asked his subordinate to buy some porridge and let Amanda eat the burger first.

"You are so kind! This is the most delicious thing I have eaten today." Amanda took a bite of the burger and said gratefully.

Hearing this, Zoe was about to ask her if William didn't allow her to eat anything. However, thinking of what Amanda had just said, he didn't mention it anymore.

Felix was surprised that William didn't worry about Amanda and even didn't call him to look for her. It seemed that what Amanda had done really made William give up on her.

"Let me drive you home after you finish eating it."

After thinking for a while, Felix decided to escort Amanda back home. After all, Amanda was William's nominal fiancée, and William would definitely look for her in the end.

Amanda, who was eating the burger happily, almost choked when she heard this.

Fortunately, the man in black bought porridge and water for her. Felix quickly opened a bottle of water and handed it to Amanda.

Amanda calmed down again after drinking the water.

"Please don't! I don't want to go back again." Thinking about what had happened when she knocked on the door, Amanda decided not to go back to the villa.

Noticing the anger in Amanda's words, Felix laughed and said, "What? You don't want to come back just because of a bottle of curry soup?"

"No!" Amanda shook her finger in front of Felix and said seriously, "It's about my dignity. It's obvious that the cook is playing tricks on me, but William believes her, which makes me very angry."

Felix smiled and found that Amanda was so cute after she lost her memory. However, he was born in a mafia family and had experienced a lot of things. Therefore, he wasn't very surprised to see her like this.

Moreover, he attached great importance to his best friend William.

So when he heard what Amanda said, he said mercilessly, "It's understandable that he did that to you. You used to be a good liar. If he believes you again, he will be too stupid."

Seeing that the man in front of her was still defending William, Amanda retorted angrily, "Then what did I do before? Why didn't he believe me?"

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