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   Chapter 19 Curry Soup (Part Two)

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In that case, she didn't mind driving her out of the family forever!

"Mrs. Li! Let's close the door. Even if she wants to come back home, we won't let her come in!"

Hearing that, the cook laughed with Sarah.

"Bad guy! William, you are a bad guy. It was that cook who messed things up. You still believe her, but you don't believe me. You are a bastard!"

Amanda cursed angrily, kicking the stone on the ground.

Why didn't he believe her? It was those people who bullied her. Since she woke up, everyone was against her. They could beat or scold her at will. How could she be so unlucky?

She really wanted to regain her memory.

"Who am I? Who am I?" Amanda squatted on the ground and pounded her head with both hands. She still couldn't remember anything, but her head hurt.

Amanda didn't know where she was now, so she just squatted on the roadside and silently rubbed her stomach. She was really hungry.

But she didn't have any money with her.

It suddenly occurred to her that she might have some money! It seemed that she still had one hundred dollars left. It was William who asked Michael to give it to her today!

Thinking of this, Amanda stood up immediately and put her hand into the pocket. Sure enough, she found the one hundred dollars.

"Ha-ha... God is really kind to me!" Looking at the one hundred dollars, Amanda grinned. But all of a sudden, a person quickly passed by her and took the money away.

Amanda, who was in a daze, looked at the man who was running away and quickly chased after him, shouting, "Catch the thief, catch the thief!"

All the people in the street saw that a dirty woman was chasing after a man who was running fast. No one helped her and they just passed her indifferently.

In the end, Amanda, who was out of breath, didn't catch up with the thief who had robbed her of one hundred dollars. She had become so tired now.

After running for a while, Amanda became hungrier.

"Alas... I can't live on my own after leaving that family!" Amanda looked at the people on the street. They were all strangers and everyone was so cold. Then she suddenly realized why William had said that to her.

Without William, she really had nothing.

Amanda felt very sad. She felt as if her heart was strangled by something, which was more painful than being strangled by Olivia in the daytime. She didn't want to go back to the environment where everyone hated her.

But she had no way out.

Amanda thought with self-mockery, 'If I go back like this, William will probably laugh at me.'

But what could she do? She had to go back. At least she wouldn't starve to death in that place, and there was still a place for her to sleep. She was so tired, hungry and uncomfortable.

With great difficulty, Amanda walked back to the family step by step along the original road.

She didn't know how lon

g she had walked. When she was about to lose all her strength, she finally saw the familiar European style villa. For the first time, she was overwhelmed with joy that she could remember how to come back.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Amanda knocked at the door with her last strength and shouted weakly, "Open the door!"

Hearing the voice and looking at the time, Sarah immediately guessed that the person outside must be Amanda, who had run away from home.

"Humph! You want me to open the door? No way!"

Ignoring the knock on the door, Sarah picked up a book and decided to take a bath. The others in the house were all doing their own things, as if they hadn't heard the sound outside.

Amanda knocked on the door again and again, but no one came to open it.

In the end, Amanda finally realized that the people inside had really driven her out.

'The people inside this house really hate me, ' she thought.

In that case, why should she still stay here? The world is so big and there must be a place for her to live in.

Amanda felt exhausted and turned away. Looking at the night sky, she thought maybe she should find a place to sleep for a night. Perhaps the park was a good choice.

After walking for a while, she looked around and found she wasn't familiar with the surroundings.

Without thinking too much, Amanda walked casually.

It was not until she saw a park that her eyes lit up. She found a bench and sat down, feeling better.


A white cat with dark eyes walked up to her and looked at her curiously.

"So cute!"

Amanda looked at the cat in surprise and stretched out her hand to stoke its fur.

The cat was not afraid of her at all. It jumped onto the bench and lay on it, enjoying Amanda's touch. It meowed from time to time, which was very cute.

"Hey, did you run away from home too? Since you are so clean, your master must be nice to you." Amanda said with a smile and her eyes brightened up.

"Meow!" The cat answered Amanda's question by making a soft sound.

"It seems that we are destined to meet each other. I also ran away from home. But he didn't treat me well. He just let others bully me and even didn't give me food to eat. What a bad guy he is!"


"Why did he do this to me? I don't remember anything, but he doesn't believe me anyway. He always blame me for what happened in the past. That's not fair!"


"I'm so hungry. Are you hungry? It's a pity that my last one hundred dollars was taken away by someone. Otherwise, I can buy you a glass of milk."

"Meow!" The cat suddenly cried out, which startled Amanda. She thought the cat was angry because it didn't get the chance to drink any milk.

All of a sudden, a strange man came over. He had handsome features, cold eyes and a straight nose. He pursed his thin lips slightly, and looked at her doubtfully.

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