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   Chapter 18 Curry Soup (Part One)

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Last time, the breakfast was very salty. And for this time, Amanda was afraid that many strange seasonings might be added into the soup.

But she was hungry, so she had to pick up the spoon and spooned some soup. Looking at the expectant expression of Sarah and the cook, she put it into her mouth.

The soup was bitter, sour, spicy and salty... Amanda almost vomited.

"Water! Water!" Amanda was totally in a bad mood now. She just wanted to drink some water to forget the terrible taste of that soup.

With concern, Sarah poured a glass of water and put it in front of Amanda's table.

Amanda picked the glass up and pour the water into her mouth without any hesitation. But the water was so hot that she jumped up from the stool and spit it out.

William, who had been exhausted because of his work, just wanted to finish his meal as soon as possible and then go back to the company to deal with business. He didn't expect that his food would be stained with the saliva of Amanda.

William was so angry that he put down the bowl and chopsticks, looked at her coldly and said, "Amanda! If you don't want to eat, you can go upstairs and have a rest."

Tears welled up in Amanda's eyes because she felt so aggrieved. The curry soup and boiling water really infuriated her. When she heard William's obviously reproachful tone, she was so angry that she pointed at the cook and said, "It's she who cooked the soup..."

"Mr. William! It's all my fault. Maybe the curry soup I made is not to Miss Susanna's taste." Before Amanda finished her words, the cook bent down in front of William and blamed herself.

Amanda was so angry that she trembled all over. When she was in the company, she was bullied by Olivia and other colleagues. And when she came back here, she was also bullied by the cook and Sarah. Did they really think that she was a good-tempered person?

"You are lying! You cooked the curry soup with terrible taste on purpose." Looking at the hypocritical expression of the cook, Amanda wanted so desperately to expose her true nature.

After the cook heard Amanda's words, her eyes flashed with a trace of viciousness, but she knelt down to Amanda as if she was so afraid of her. Then she said, "Miss Susanna! It's all my fault. If you don't like it, I'll change it right away. Don't drive me out!"

Looking at the cook, Amanda was too angry to say anything.

'Drive you out? I do hope that I can have that qualification!' Amanda thought to herself. Obviously, the cook said it on purpose to enrage William. There was no good person in this house!

Just as Amanda thought, William had been very dissatisfied with her. The company was messed up by her, and she even made a lot of troubles at home.

William became more and more impatient with her. He said to the cook, "Mrs. Li! From now on, you didn't need to prepare dinner for Miss Susanna. Besides, no one can drive you away without my permission."

His words deprived Amanda of her right to have dinner.

What m

ade Amanda sadder was that William didn't believe her at all. It was the cook who played tricks! However, he chose to believe in the cook's words without hesitation, and he even didn't allow her to have dinner from today on.

She thought he was a good person when he gave her an ointment, but in fact, he still treated her badly because of hatred.

All of them were all bastards!

"William! All of you bullied me and hated me. In that case, I'll go!" Amanda couldn't stand it anymore. She didn't wanted to be bullied by anyone in the future!

After saying that, she ran out of the house directly.

Seeing Amanda running away, Sarah was very happy. But when she saw William's cold face, she suppressed her joy and said hesitantly, "Mr. William! Do you want me to chase Miss Susanna back?"

William stared at the dark sky outside. Thinking of what had happened today, he felt exhausted.

"It's no need to do that. It's good to let her calm down outside. If it's too late, she will come back."

William knew Amanda well. He knew that she just wanted to let him find her. No, he won't do that again. He was fed up with her bad temper and capriciousness.

In fact, she should be grateful for him that he didn't send her to the police station.

Seeing that William was not going to look for Amanda, Sarah was overjoyed. She had long hoped that Amanda could get out of the family and her wish finally came true.

But did Amanda still want to come back? Well, it depended on whether she gave her the chance or not!

"Mr. William! I'll ask Mrs. Li to prepare dinner for you again." Looking at the dishes destroyed by Amanda's saliva, Sarah felt sorry for William.

However, William was not in the mood to have dinner anymore. Besides, he had a lot of things to deal with in the company.

"No, thanks! I'm going to the company now."

Sarah had no choice but to bring the clothes to him. She helped him put on the clothes and couldn't help but ask with concern, "Mr. William, do you want me to send you a midnight snack tonight?"

"No need!"

William refused without hesitation, and then he drove to the company with his briefcase.

"Sarah! Will that woman come back?" The cook asked Sarah worriedly as she saw William leave.

"That woman likes to play such tricks. But now Mr. William doesn't like her anymore. Does she think her trick will still work?" Sarah said with disdain.

"That's true. But just now, Mr. William seemed to have guessed that woman would come back."

Sarah also knew this. It was one thing that the woman left voluntarily, and it was another thing that Mr. William drove her away. This woman was so shameless that she might come back soon.

Therefore, what she needed to do was to make Mr. William think that she didn't want to go back to this family at all because of anger. She needed to let him believe that Amanda went to other places. Judging from Amada's dissolute lifestyle, Sarah guessed she must have a lot of men to take care of her outside.

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