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   Chapter 17 Fake Coma

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Amanda was greeted with several cups of coffee before she could see who did it.

Olivia took the lead to slap her. Amanda's pretty face suddenly turned red and swollen. Other colleagues also came forward and surrounded her.

Looking at these ferocious women, Amanda stepped back. If it was a one-to-one fight, she could fight like last time and take an opportunity to slip away.

But with so many people around, she seemed to be in danger.

Perhaps it was because of the fact that Amanda had just brought a man to the CEO's office that stimulated the female colleagues in the company and they were all defending the CEO.

Everyone was eager to teach Amanda a lesson.

However, in front of everyone, Amanda fell down feebly and then completely lost consciousness.

"Why does she faint?"

"It doesn't matter. She must be pretending. This woman is good at pretending. Maybe she pretends to faint because she is afraid that we will beat her! "

"Then shall we beat her up or not?"

Everyone looked at Olivia. After all, she was the Secretary of the CEO. In the past, Amanda had always been bullying her, so it was natural for her to beat and scold her.

Now that Amanda had lost her power, Olivia hated her more than anyone else.

Of course, Olivia wanted to take revenge, but Amanda fainted. It would be fine if she was pretending to faint, but if she really fainted......

Although it seemed that the CEO didn't care about Amanda, she was still living with the Long family. Olivia thought for a while and decided to withdraw.

Therefore, Olivia hinted other people to go back to their seats. And she herself went to the CEO's office.

"Boss! I don't know why Miss Amanda fainted outside. "

After peeping at the handsome CEO, Olivia quickly lowered her head, her heart beating fast and her face flushing red. Although she was the CEO's secretary, she only served as an ordinary employee because of Amanda.

Therefore, Olivia hated Amanda very much. She had no choice before, but now she believed that Amanda would soon pay for what she did.

Amanda would better pray that she really fainted. If it was a lie, the CEO was not that easy to deceive.

As expected, when William heard that Amanda fainted again, he frowned and became impatient.

"Help her in."

"Yes, sir."

Olivia went out with a blush on her face. She hadn't been so close to the CEO for a long time.

But thanks to Amanda, she got the chance.

For this reason alone, she must 'repay' her.

Therefore, Olivia stepped forward and gently helped Amanda, unconscious, up. But Olivia obliviously exerted too much strength.

There was a trace of pain on Amanda's charming face, but the grin of Olivia became colder.

She pinched Amanda's waist hard while helping her up. Whether Amanda was pretending or not, she had to wake Amanda up!

Amanda was so painful that sweat seeped through her forehead. Her attractive red lips were a little white, and her delicate eyelashes were fluttering slightly, but she still didn't open her eyes.

At this time, Amanda really hated Olivia. She was mentally prepared to be beaten. But she suddenly felt dizzy, so she decided to use this method to avoid the disaster.

Unexpectedly, Olivia was so cruel that she reported it to William and even played tricks on her.

She only felt that her arms and waist were pinched so hard, but she couldn't open her eyes. Wasn't it obvious that she was pretending?

Finally, after the torture, Amanda helped her into the CEO's office and laid her down on the sofa.

Amanda breathed a sigh of relief covertly, thinking that this time, she should be able to pretend to pass out smoothly.

Unexpectedly, William said to Olivia, "Get me a glass of water."

Amanda was wondering why William wanted water?

As a result, a cup of water was poured on her face. Amanda angrily opened her eyes. It was an enlarged version of William, and a pair of angry, yet handsome eyes that was before her.

William looked at Amanda coldly and said, "Why don't you continue pretending?"

Hearing this, Amanda suddenly remembered that she was still pretending to be unconscious. Looking at the fierce eyes of William and the complacent look of Olivia beside him, she knew that she was really going to be miserable this time.

"Amanda! My patience with you is limited! Don't think that I will forgive you no matter what you do as before. Those days will never come back again. " William shouted at Amanda angrily.

Amanda shrank back into the sofa, feeling afraid of such a man.

However, Olivia was so happy that she felt her heart was flying as if with wings. She finally understood that Amanda was out of favor.

She had to tell this news to her colleagues, so they can take revenge.

Seeing that Amanda still looked aggrieved, William was even angrier.

The company at a crucial juncture. He wished one hour could be used as two hours, but the culprit had been wasting his time!

Thinking of this, William gave Amanda a slap in the face.

Amanda was stunned. Touching her painful face with her right hand, she looked

at William without saying a word, but tears fell down like strings of pearls.

She really didn't want to cry. She didn't want to cry......

She just wanted to protect her dignity in front of such a devil-like man. At least she can't cry in front of him.

Amanda wiped her tears hard, revealing the traces of pinching on her arm, which, coupled with the red and swollen face and the stains on her clothes, made her look in an awkward position.

"Get out!"

William roared. Amanda laughed at herself, stood up from the sofa and was about to leave.

She had made up her mind that even if she didn't know a person outside, at least she didn't have to stay with such a sick person. She couldn't stand it anymore!

"Stop! Who let you go? " William angrily looked at Amanda who was about to leave, feeling that this woman really wanted to piss him off.

Amanda was stunned. Didn't he ask her out?

Olivia, who had been gloating, was stunned. She was the one who was asked to get out of the CEO's office! There were also a group of colleagues at the door watching the show. They didn't expect this to happen.

Olivia's face turned pale and red. She lowered her head and scurried towards the door.


William suddenly called her. Olivia stopped in joy. Did he ask her to stay?

"Whether you come in or go out, you should remember to close the door." William looked coldly at Olivia, who thought she herself was smart. He didn't feel good about the scheming woman.

Olivia lowered her head. She hadn't expected that the CEO would say that. In all, it was all because of the bitch——Amanda!

No matter how resentful she was, Olivia forced a smile and nodded, "Yes, sir. I will remember it."

Before leaving, Olivia gave Amanda a vicious look, but Amanda smiled defiantly. She would remember this woman.

"You'd better keep quiet, or I will definitely throw you out!" William warned. Then he went back to his seat and continued to work hard.

Amanda accepted her fate and sat back on the sofa. At least it was much safer here than outside. She touched her face and couldn't help but hiss. She felt pain all over her body now.

She really wanted to know what had happened in the past and why everyone hated her so much. She didn't believe that she had done those things. Or maybe she was not Amanda at all.

Then who was she?

Because of the great pain, Amanda could only distract her attention by thinking of other things.

"Take it!"

The sudden voice startled Amanda. She saw that it was William with a long face and a plaster in his hand.

Looking at the vigilant look on Amanda's face, William felt sorry.

He didn't want to care about this woman. She pretended to faint to cheat him and even disturbed his work many times. She had stirred up a lot of things and deliberately groaned.

But when he looked up, he saw Amanda's awkward look, tears hanging from the corners of her eyes, her small mouth slightly pursed, and charming eyebrows tightly wrinkling. Her pity look defied description.

Yes, he actually felt her pitiful.

Finally, William unwittingly took out the plaster from the drawer. It was bought by himself when Amanda had injured her knees.

He was really moved at that time as Amanda got hurt because she was coming to visit him, who was working overtime in the night.

Unfortunately, it was not until later had he known those were all faked.

"Thank you."

Although Amanda doubted William's intention, her face, arms and waist were so painful that she had to accept the ointment.

However, Amanda felt worse about William, who had beaten her and given her the ointment. It was simply a dual personality. It was better to stay far away from him.

"You don't have to come to the company again." William thought it was better to keep her at home. He happened to have to deal with a big order these days, so he didn't have so much energy to deal with these trifles.

Amanda had been forced to come to the company. She nodded her head immediately, not caring what the purpose of William was.

After work, William drove Amanda home without saying a word.

The cook had prepared delicate dinner. When Amanda came in, she smelled the delicious food and felt that she was still alive.

She had no choice but to spend every second in the company thinking of surviving.

Looking at the smile on Amanda's face and the fading red and swell on her face, William suddenly felt a little ashamed. But soon, when he thought of what Amanda had done before, his face darkened.

"Master William! The dinner is ready." Sarah said gently as she took over William's clothes and bags.

William nodded and walked towards the dining room.

Amanda followed him and sat opposite to William. She found that there was only William's dinnerware at the table.

"What about mine?" Amanda couldn't help asking.

Hearing this, the cook smiled and quickly picked up a bowl of thick soup from the kitchen and explained to Amanda, "Miss Amanda, you told me that your dinner will only be a plate of curry for losing weight. Miss Amanda, please help yourself! "

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