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   Chapter 16 Being Backed Up!

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Soon, Finley bought coffee as required.

"Brother Bill, brother Finley, thank you." Amanda was very excited and said apologetically, "I have to go back to the company now, hope I can see you again."

With a slight smile on his face, Bill said thoughtfully, "Let me drive you there."

Amanda shook her head, feeling that she had brought them too much troubles. Although she had lost her memory, she knew that a successful man like Bill must be busy every day.

She had asked him to help her so much that she didn't have the heart to occupy his time.

As far as Bill was concerned, he could tell what a silly girl like her was thinking at a glance. Thinking of William who never cherished such a cute little angel, Bill doubted whether William was blind.

Thinking of Amanda's crying just now, Bill decided to send her back anyway!

Finally, Amanda couldn't refuse his kindness, so Amanda had to go back to Rocco Company with him.

However, when all the people in the company saw that Amanda appeared with a handsome and extraordinary man, their unfriendly, jealous and disdainful eyes fell on Amanda.

Especially Olivia's vicious eyes made Amanda shiver. She wondered when she had offended this woman again.!

Seeing that Amanda returned to the company, Michael breathed a sigh of relief. But when he saw Bill beside Amanda, his relief was thrown thousands of miles away.

Amanda was as smart as before and knew how to make use of men!

But this time, the man who came over was not easy to deal with.

Because the latest magazine had specially interviewed Bill, Michael recognized him at once. No matter how dissatisfied he was with Amanda, he could only come forward with a smile and greet her in person, "Mr. Bill! It's really impolite of me not to usher you into our company! "

Although Michael recognized Bill at once, Bill was not shocked at all. After all, the Bai family was well-known abroad, and also had wide businesses at home. Recently, it was going to develop business in City A, which naturally attracted many people's attention.

But this time, he came here not for business, but for the little cutie beside him.

"I'm just accompanying Amanda." Bill's succinct words not only pointed out that he didn't want to have a business chat with them, but also directly showed his intimacy with Amanda. The dubious answer also made it difficult for Michael to tell his attitude.

When Michael didn't know how to carry on the conversation, Amanda felt at ease. She thought that Bill knew that William was bullying her, so he came here to back her up. She was moved.

But in the eyes of Michael and other colleagues, Amanda was so shameless. Knowing that the CEO was extremely disappointed at her now, she found another supporter in a twinkling of an eye. She was so ignoble!

As he was visiting Rocco Company, Bill noticed that Amanda seemed to encounter unfair treatment here. Even the employees in the company dared to stare at Amanda blatantly. He could imagine how much William looked down upon her.

However, Bill still knew the reason. It was no other than Amanda's collusion with outsiders to steal business secrets of Rocco Company.

But he didn't want to meddle in their past, he just didn't want to see Amanda be bullied.

"Thank you, brother! I've arrived at the company. You shall go back to your work. " Amanda looked at him gratefully.

"Well, since we're here, let me go with you to see Mr. William."

Amanda thought that the two companies might have some cooperation, so she nodded.

Michael knocked on the door of the office. After getting William's permission, Michael went in with Amanda and Bill.

"Amanda is really awesome. Seeing that the CEO no longer believes her nonsense, she immediately hooked up with another rich man. How shrewd she is!"

"Yes, you're right! Look at her complacent face. I really want to slap her. Back then, our CEO treated her so well, she is really ungrateful! "

"Alas Poor CEO! "

Hearing this, Olivia was so angry that her face was almost distorted. She stared at the door of the CEO's office with her venomous eyes, "Amanda! Let's wait and see. I will definitely avenge the CEO!"

After entering the room, Amanda didn't know what the people outside had guessed about her. She just found that the look in William's eyes seemed to be too cold when he saw Bill?

Did she fail to meet the deadline?

Amanda looked at the clock on the wall. It had been more than ten minutes, which was twice the time William ordered. No wonder his face looked so gloomy.

Thinking of this, Amanda had to bite the bullet and apologized, "I'm sorry! I'm not familiar with the road outside. Fortunately, I met Mr. Bill, so I bought the coffee back. "

William was wondering why the young master of the Bai family took the initiative to visit his company. When he was about to say something, he heard Amanda's words and frowned slightly. His eyes were cold.

She was too naive. Amanda, sure enough, had never changed.

On the other side, Michael noticed that the CEO's look was getting worse and worse, while Amanda still looked like she didn't know what was wrong. He really admired her for her shamelessness.

"Boss! You talk to Mr. Bill. I'm going to steep some tea for you. " Noticing that the atmosphere was not good, Michael decided to leave. Anyway, he was just an assistant.

"Mr. Bill, what brings you here?" Ignoring Michael's leaving, William's eye's fell on Bill. His tone

was full of vigilance.

He didn't believe that Bill wanted to talk about business with him, especially when Bill stood so close to Amanda. Everyone would doubt their relationship.

Amanda blinked her eyes, wondering if she came too late, so William was angry. Did that mean her opportunity had gone?

Thinking of this, Amanda felt upset.

The two men, who were well matched in power, didn't care what Amanda was thinking. Not to be outdone, Bill looked back at William.

To be honest, up to now, Bill still appreciated William. William was a decisive man who well managed the company at such a young age, and his business had been flourishing.

If it weren't for the rumor that Amanda had sold out the confidential information of the company, his company would have gone further.

Now, although many people were waiting to see Rocco Company fail, Bill still knew that it was not easy to doom a company created by three generations of a family.

William was by no means an ordinary man, as every word he uttered was meticulously selected. William's words implied that he should leave as soon as possible and not meddle in others' personal affairs.

Bill wouldn't be so kind to protect someone else, but Amanda always made him want to protect her subconsciously.

The Bai family always believed in fate. Although he still couldn't figure out why he had such a feeling, he couldn't let William bully Amanda.

"Mr. William, you must be kidding. When I saw Amanda, she almost fainted because of sunstroke, Later I knew that she wanted to buy coffee for you. I don't think you want to be on everyone's lips for mistreating your fiancee. Do you think so?"

William narrowed his long and narrow eyes and pursed his thin lips. He didn't know when his fiancee became so close to the young master of the Bai family.

How could it be possible that they had met each other sheer by accident when buying coffee? And he even want to seek justice for her.

It seemed that William really didn't know much about Amanda.

At this moment, Amanda finally felt that something was wrong. Why did William get angrier after seeing Bill?

In order to prevent William from venting anger on Bill because of her fault, Amanda walked up to him and gently put the coffee on the desk. She smiled at Bill, which made William more unpleasant.

"Mr. Bill, I really appreciate your deeds." In front of the narrow-minded man, Amanda had to be polite to Bill.

But the more Bill looked at Amanda being careful, the sorrier he felt for her.

"Ha ha." Looking at the warm scene in front of him, William smiled coldly and said in a low and deep voice, "Yes! I have to thank you, Mr. Bill. I will repay you someday. "

With a smile on his face, Bill knew that it was a matter between William and Amanda. It was not proper that he interfered too much.

But since he thought fate had ordained his meeting with Amanda, he still wanted to protect her.

"Mr. William! Miss Amanda helped me today. If there is a chance, we may cooperate. I hope I can have a talk with her then."

William's eyes darkened and he had a glance at them. Help? Obviously, it was Bill who helped Amanda.

He would be so grateful if this woman bring no trouble to others.

But now, it was obvious that Bill wanted to support Amanda and he threatened William with the trade, William had to make a compromise.

"Really? Mr. Bill, It's so kind of you. It's my pleasure to know that my fiancee helped you."

Amanda knew nothing about the confrontation between the two men. She was worrying that William would not give her another chance.

When Bill was about to leave and waved hand at Amanda, Amanda nodded in a daze and stared at his back.

"Oh, you don't want him to leave?"

The sharp sarcastic words brought Amanda back to her senses. She looked at the man who was speaking and said, "Can't you speak in a normal voice?"

William said in a lazy tone, "No!" Then he ignored Amanda and buried himself in work again.

Amanda was stunned. What did he mean?

"Get out. There is nothing you can do here."

Amanda was furious. She pounded the table and questioned, "William! What do you mean? I've worked so hard to buy coffee. Why do you just drive me out now without telling me the result? "

William thought it was funny. He indifferently looked at the angry girl and said, "Amanda! How did you get your coffee? We both know that. Don't you think you can threaten me with Bill's support? You are not qualified! "

This time, Amanda was really angry.

It turned out he thought in this way.

But it was useless to reason with such an arrogant and mean man as William. Amanda tried to calm herself down.

"Believe it or not, I just met him by accident. I almost got sunstroke at that time. He saw me uncomfortable, so he asked someone to buy it for me. If you deny the fact, I can buy that once again. "

"There's no need!" William refused without hesitation, ——this time, she hooked up with Bill, God knew what kind of man Amanda would hook up with next time.

He had no interest in dealing with the trouble caused by Amanda all day long! Maybe he would do so in the past, but not now!

Seeing that William became more and more indifferent, Amanda felt a sense of powerlessness rising from the bottom of her heart.

She just hoped that others could treat her better, at least not to be so mean to her and bully her every day.

Finally, Amanda walked out of the office dejectedly.

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