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   Chapter 14 Prove

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After rushing to William's office, Amanda breathed a sigh of relief.

Those women seemed to want to eat her. Fortunately, she ran in, or she might be besieged by them.

"Amanda! Did I allow you to enter my office? " William's low and unpleasant voice came to Amanda's ears. Obviously, he was in a bad mood.

Amanda turned around stiffly and smiled awkwardly at the gloomy face of William. Seeing that William's face was getting colder and colder, she said fawningly, "I came in to ask if you need coffee."

William sneered. He had heard the noise outside just now. But he didn't want to care about these things. After all, it was Amanda's own fault, and she should bear the consequences.

But he didn't expect that Amanda would rush to his office to avoid those people. It seemed that Amanda still thought that he would protect her as before?

"Amanda! I don't need coffee. Get out right now. " William drove Amanda out of the office mercilessly.

Amanda looked at William's cold face. There were a group of women waiting outside to deal with her. She didn't want to go out, so she had to find a way to let William keep her there.

But William hated her so much. Obviously, he knew what was going on outside and wanted to drive her out on purpose. What should she do?

After all, it was all the fault of the Amanda in the past, but she was innocent!

It seemed that the only way was to make William believe that she was not that Amanda.

Feeling that she was smart enough, Amanda didn't leave. Instead, she plucked up her courage to walk to the desk and looked at William sincerely.

"William! I really don't know what happened in the past. I really don't want you and your employees to blame me for Amanda's mistakes all the time. Please give me a chance, okay? "

Hearing that, William was stunned for a while and looked at Amanda with exploring eyes.

To be honest, in the past, Amanda would never say such words. She was always proud, like a princess, lofty and superior. Everyone needed to fawn on her, and she would never lower her head, let alone begging others.

However, William knew that although Amanda didn't behave like this, as long as she wanted, she could pretend to be so to achieve her goal.

Now, was it just because she didn't want to be bullied by others, so she pretended to be weak?

Ha-Ha, sure enough, she still treated him as a fool!

"Amanda! Do you think I will still believe you? " William looked at Amanda playfully, as if he was looking at a clown, feeling very ridiculous.

Amanda could feel this kind of invisible ridicule. She clenched her hands and told herself that if she still wanted to change her life, she could only do it step by step.

First of all, she hoped that she wouldn't be beaten and greeted with coffee again.

"What can I do to make you believe that I am not the same Amanda as before?"

"Good question!" William stood up and clapped his hands. Looking at the surprised girl, he sneered, "Why don't you stab yourself first and then say this to me? I think it's more credible."

Amanda was stunned. Looking at the smiling man, she felt that he was like a devil.

If this person was not mentally ill, Amanda in the past really had been a bad guy.

Although she had lost her memory, she had a feeling that she was not a bad woman, so it must be William who is lunatic!

"William, is it useful for you to argue with a weak woman like this? If I really did something wrong to you before, I apologize," Amanda endured the grievance and said.

Glancing at Amanda, William said scornfully, "No one needs your apology. And do you think your apology can get back all the loss of the company? Can you bring grandpa back to normal? "

"Anyway, you'd still owe the mistakes to me. I said, I don't remember anything. It's unfair to me! " Thinking of what had happened in the past few days, Amanda's tears welled up in her eyes. Why had she been treated like this since she woke up.

The tears in Amanda's eyes caused a trace of inexplicable darkness in William's eyes. How could she cry so sadly, like a child who was bullied? How did she do it?

William really wanted to pull Amanda and ask her when she would stop acting and if it was really so difficult for her to bear what she had done?

Yes, he was very angry and disappointed. At the same time, his feelings for her disappeared because of betrayal. But he still hoped that Amanda could know her mistakes and repent.

But she still didn't. Even if she lost her memory, she still pretended to be like this and solicited for sympathy. It was so ignominious.

"Amanda! Do you know what justice is? If fairness really exists, you should be the hell not talking to me here, but like those homeless people on the road! " William shouted angrily. Looking at the red rims of Amanda's eyes, he sneered and walked step by step until he forced Amanda to the corner.

Amanda leaned against the wall and began to fear. How could she forget that this was a hard man?

"Amanda, how could you do that? My family was so kind to you!" William punched the wall hard, as if he was shouting out all the sadness in his heart.


anda was startled and didn't dare to struggle for fear of angering William. But when she looked at William closely, she found the upset in his eyes, which made Amanda feel a little depressed and inexplicable sympathy.

She really wanted to tell William that she was not Amanda.

But everyone said that she was Amanda, and she didn't know how to explain.

Looking at the silent look of Amanda, William laughed. He raised Amanda's chin and looked at her stubborn and defensive face. He was amused and said, "Weren't you talkative just now? Keep saying something!" I treated you so sincerely, and you almost made me lose everything. Now you say I'm unfair to you, then what's the fairness for me? Tell me! "

Amanda was so scared that she didn't dare to move. Hearing what William said, she shouted at William, "Then tell me, what should I do to make you feel satisfied?"

After saying that, Amanda thought of what William had just said and added, "Don't say anything like stabbing myself. As long as it's within my grasp!"

Hearing this, William Amanda and sneered, "Amanda! What do you think you can do?"

The contempt in his words made Amanda dissatisfied. She straightened her chest and said seriously, "As long as you are willing to give me a chance, I can prove that I am not the same Amanda as before."

William was about to refuse, but when he saw the seriousness in Amanda's eyes, he felt that Amanda was really a good actress.

In that case, he would cooperate with her!

"Okay! Didn't you bring me a cup of coffee? I don't want to drink the instant coffee of the company. Go and buy me a cup of Mocha coffee now. It must be strong with two and one third sugar cubes. If you can buy it in ten minutes, I will give you a chance. "

Hearing such a difficult request, Amanda knew that William was deliberately making fun of her. But she had said it herself. She couldn't eat her words.

She had to give it a try if there was a chance.

Thinking of this, Amanda stretched out her hand and looked at William.

"What are you doing?" William looked at the hand in front of him and asked in confusion.

"Give me the money!" Amanda said seriously with a bulging face.

Gritting his teeth, William opened his wallet, only to find that there was no cash, but credit card. In front of Amanda's disdainful eyes, William, with blue veins standing out on his temples, took the internal phone and called in Michael.

When Michael came in, he found that the CEO's face was livid with rage, but Amanda looked at him with disdain, which made Michael shiver inexplicably. What happened?

"Michael, do you have any cash with you?"

"Ah!" Michael didn't expect that the CEO would ask him this question. He was stunned for a moment and immediately replied, "Yes!"

"Give me one hundred." William gritted his teeth and said.

Confused, Michael quickly took out a note from his pocket and put it on the CEO's desk. He wondered if he had done something wrong with his work, or why did the CEO look so angry?

"Amanda! It's three twenty. If you can't buy it back in ten minutes, don't say it's unfair to you anymore. "

With the money in her hand, Amanda looked at William without fear and said, "Just wait and see!"

William was angry, but Amanda swaggered out of the office as if she had won a battle.

"CEO! Don't you worry that she will take advantage of this opportunity to escape? " Michael, looking at William carefully, hesitated for a moment and reminded him.

However, William regained his usual calm look. He looked at Michael and asked, "Do you find anything different about her?"

After thinking for a while, Michael lowered his head and estimated the CEO's attitude towards Amanda just now. He minced his words and said, "Miss Amanda said that she had lost her memory. I noticed that her temperament seems to be different from before."

William looked at Michael, walked to the French window, looking into the distance and said, "Do you think I will forgive her as before? I just want to see what tricks she wants to play. Since she wants to fake amnesia, I will let her know that even if she loses her memory, she will never be able to avoid the consequences that she should bear."

Hearing the coldness in the CEO's words, Michael breathed a sigh of relief. At least the CEO wouldn't be deceived by Amanda again. Thinking of what had happened just now, he asked, "So, why does she buy coffee?"

Although he didn't finish his words, William understood what he meant. He said without worry, "I've told everyone that Amanda is no longer my fiancee. She has nothing to do with my family. If she wants to pretend to be pitiful, she will only have a bitter result. "

Seeing this, Michael knew that Amanda was really out of favor.

In City A, without the protection of the Long family, Amanda would have a hard time if she really ran away.

Smart people can see that it was better to stay with William than to suffer coldness and hunger outside.

But staying with William would not be as comfortable as before. It was just the beginning of suffering. Michael thought carefully and quietly left the CEO's office.

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