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   Chapter 13 Do I Have a Grudge against You

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"Amanda! You and coffee are meant to be together. "

William raised his handsome eyes and saw the stains on Amanda's clothes, which were much cleaner than last time. At least, her clothes and hair were neat, and she was reading magazines leisurely and elegantly.

William, who had wanted to see Amanda's embarrassed look but couldn't see it, suddenly felt a little unpleased.

As the heroine, Amanda knew what he meant, but she was in a good mood!

Hum, you want to laugh at me? Stop daydreaming!

"Thanks to you, the coffee in the company must be free." Amanda replied with a pun. She turned a page of the magazine in her hand and continued to read it with great interest.

With a closer look, Amanda found that the man on the cover of the magazine looked familiar. Wasn't he the one she met on the road this morning?

It was written on the magazine that this man's name was Bill Bai, the successor of the Bai Group. He was a young talent and a golden bachelor. Quite good!

As she turned another page, she happened to see the interview report. When Amanda was about to read it, the magazine was taken away. She raised her head and saw William with a cold face.

"Amanda! I really admire your courage to sit here so leisurely. " William said sarcastically.

Amanda shrugged her shoulders, which made William's eyes darken. Amanda had never been used to this kind of behavior before. Could it be that she had lost her memory, so even her habits would change?

"William, you let me in." Amanda looked at William calmly and found that this man really had a grudge against her. Otherwise, he wouldn't always find fault with her.

Because of Amanda's words, William instantly threw aside his doubts. This woman was still like this. She would never repent of anything and always looked innocent.

"I didn't expect you to listen to me like that."

"William! Do I have a grudge against you? You always bully me like this! " Amanda couldn't help but yell at William.

Instead of getting angry, William laughed and said, "What? Do you stop pretending? You have been pretending to be innocent these days? Let me tell you, this is just the beginning. "

Hearing this, Amanda told herself not to be angry with this kind of person, because you would never know what he was thinking about.

She had told him that he couldn't remember anything. But in his heart, she was sentenced to a life imprisonment. No matter what you say and do, he believed she was guilty.

Thinking of this, Amanda felt powerless.

What should she do?

"William! I don't know what happened in the past. But I have lost my memory now. Is it interesting for you to target a person who remembers nothing? "

Amanda tried to calm herself down. She really didn't want to continue such a terrible life. And the only way was to have a good talk with the person in front of him.

William laughed, picked up the cup with water on the tea table and smashed to pieces directly on the ground. Amanda was shocked and looked straight at William, not knowing what he was going to do.

"Tell me, can you restore the cup? Can you take the water back? " William pointed at the debris on the ground and asked with a sneer.

Amanda was stunned by the rage in William's tone. Looking at the debris and water on the ground, she asked blankly, "What do you mean?"

"Ha ha." William sneered and said, "Amanda! I find it a pity that you don't act. You have done so many wrong things, making grandpa in hospital and become a vegetable, making the company almost go bankrupt, hundreds of people lose their jobs, and betraying me who has treated you wholeheartedly. And now you ask me what I mean? Let me tell you, I will never forgive you for what you have done, just like the water on the ground that can never be taken back, and you hurt everyone who was like this fragment, and their heart will never be pieced together! "

Amanda couldn't tell how she felt, maybe despair, sadness, grievance, hesitation, but she didn't regret anything.

Why? Why did everyone think that she was a bad woman, but she remembered nothing, and she didn't even have a slightest feeling.

Was she really Amanda?

After saying that, William looked at Amanda's stunned expression and the coldness at the corner of his mouth deepened.

Why had he thought that this woman will always stay as simple as when she was a child? It turned out that she was a heartless person.

Never mind. It was a waste of time to talk to such a person.

William turned around and went back to his office. He called Michael in and asked him to deal with the debris on the ground.

When Michael came in, he saw Amanda standing beside the debris and frowned. It seemed that she had lost her memory, but she still had the habit of smashing glasses.

"Miss Amanda! Please excuse me. " Although Michael said it politely, there was no respect on his face. There was even a hint of displeasure on his face, which made Amanda surer that she would have a hard time in the future.

In the following days, William was still concentrating on his work and didn't say a word to Amanda. He treated her as an invisible person, but the coldness around him made Amanda restless.

But thinking of the consequences of going out, Amanda had to bite the bullet and continue to stay in the office.

Michael went in and out of the room several times and was surprised at Amanda's quiet manner, but he smartly kept silent.

It was not until 12 o'clock at noon that Amanda checked the clock on the wall and then looked at William. She found that he seemed to have not finished his work and that he was not abou

t to go out for lunch. She sighed and rubbed her stomach.

She was a little hungry

She hadn't had breakfast in the morning because William had dragged her to the company. She missed food so much.

But it would be better to kill her if she asked William to have lunch with her.

In the end, Amanda had no choice but to take up the magazine on the table to distract her attention.

Seeing the photo of Bill on the cover, Amanda had a feeling of intimacy with this man, so she was interested in seeing how the reporters would record him.

But when she was about to read it carefully, the magazine was taken away again.

At this moment, Amanda was a little angry. She looked up at the cold face of William and said crossly, "It's not what a gentleman should do to interrupt others reading magazines, right?"

William sneered and said sarcastically in a low voice, "A gentleman should serve a lady, but you...... Do you think you are qualified? "

"You..." Amanda was so angry that she finally decided not to argue with William. It was useless to argue with such a petty person. She'd better save her strength and avoid being hungry quickly.

Seeing that Amanda had held back her anger, William felt bored again.

"Let's go."

William pulled the corner of Amanda's clothes and walked out.

"What... What are you doing? Let me go." Amanda struggled to get up. She hated William's action more. He was so arrogant!

Looking at Amanda's red face, William loosened his grip and said indifferently, "It seems that you don't want to eat anymore. You can continue to stay here."

Hearing this, Amanda didn't care about William's behavior and immediately said, "Let's go."

William raised his dashing eyebrows and sneered, "You've changed so fast. You're really good at acting."

Amanda was so hungry that she turned a deaf ear to William's sarcastic words. Amanda thought with tears all over her face, "Impudent people don't starve!"

Amanda went to the canteen with William again. She could only curse in her heart, "Narrow-minded man." When he noticed the fierce eyes around him, she added, "Scheming man!"

Because she was kidnapped last time when she went to the bathroom, Amanda followed William closely this time. As to food, she even chose whatever he had chosen.

Noticing this, William ordered the dishes that Amanda hated most before.

When they sat down, Amanda began to eat crazily. For the first time, she felt that the food was so delicious that she ignored the surprised look of William.

William admired Amanda's acting skills more when he saw Amanda eat the green pepper and carrots that she hated most before.

Even if she lost her memory, she would not forget the food she hated most.

There was only one explanation for Amanda to eat without hesitation, which was to make herself believe that she had really lost her memory. She was really dedicated to her performance.

William was sure once again that Amanda couldn't be trusted.

However, Amanda didn't feel anything when she was eating happily. On the contrary, she found that William didn't eat much as if he was not used to the food in the canteen.

It seemed that he had gone all out to take revenge on her.

Therefore, in such a beautiful misunderstanding, Amanda gave a happy burp, while William's cold face made all the employees dare not to take a step closer.

Perhaps it was because Amanda was so satisfied with the food, which annoyed William, he didn't let Amanda stay in the office in the afternoon. Instead, he asked Amanda to get familiar with the environment in the company. It would be good if she could remember what she had done as soon as possible!

Of course, this time, Michael didn't follow Amanda, because William believed that Amanda, who could work so hard to whitewash herself, wouldn't expose her lies to them in a short time.

For this, Amanda really hated this mean and vengeful CEO from the bottom of her heart.

After waiting for Olivia for the whole morning, Amanda hid in the CEO's office, so Olivia couldn't have a showdown with her. Now that she was left outside by the CEO, everyone had seized the opportunity.

"Amanda! How dare you come to the company? I really admire your courage. " As she spoke, Olivia and a group of her sisters surrounded Amanda.

"That's right, Amanda, you bitch. Now the CEO doesn't believe your nonsense anymore. Let me see what tricks you still have!"

"Colleagues, Amanda almost made us lose our job. We can't let her go easily."


Hearing these words and looking at the group of women approaching her, Amanda stepped back step by step and seized a chance to slip out of the office, only to find that two women had blocked the door.

Although the male employees of the company didn't surround Amanda, they were ready to watch a good show. Their attitude of staying onlookers made Amanda feel that she was in danger.

"Sisters, come on!"

As Olivia gave the order, she first rushed to Amanda and was about to slap her face. Amanda grabbed her hand in a hurry and kept thinking about what to do.

If she had stayed in the CEO's office, she wouldn't have encountered such a thing!

Amanda's eyes lit up. She pushed Olivia hard to the female employees, scurried to the CEO's office and closed the door immediately.

"Bitch! Don't come out if you have guts! "

Looking at the closed door, Olivia cursed in a low voice, but she didn't dare to rush into the CEO's office and pull Amanda out.

However, she believed that with Amanda's current status, the CEO would soon kick her out. They can take their time to deal with her then.

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