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   Chapter 12 Hurting Him

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"Have you met Elva?" Seeing her abnormal behavior, the gentleman thought she had seen Elva. He grabbed Amanda's arm excitedly and asked.

"I don't know. I can't remember anything. My head hurts. It hurts!" Amanda held her head and couldn't help but bend down, her face pale with pain.

The man wanted to ask more, but William pushed away his grip on Amanda's hand and pulled her to his side.

He said coldly, "I'm sorry. We don't know who Elva is. If you are looking for someone, I'm afraid you have asked the wrong person."

The gentle man frowned when he heard this.

Elva had been missing for a period of time. He had searched the whole city for her, but there was still no news about her.

He even mobilized all the underground forces, but Elva seemed to have disappeared from the world. The whole family was anxious and crazy, and her mother cried every day

It was said that this delicate looking woman seemed to know Elva, which gave him a glimmer of hope. However, the man beside the woman was not easy to get along with.

"I'm sorry, but your friend had a reaction when she heard Elva just now. I want to have a further conversation with your friend, okay?"

Bill Bai, who put down his phone, said in a very polite tone, with sincerity in his eyes. He didn't want to give up any news about his sister, who was the apple of his family's eyes.

William looked at him with his sharp eyes. Of course, he could tell that Bill was not an ordinary person.

However, William knew better what kind of person Amanda was. They had been staying together. He didn't know Elva, so Amanda won't know as well.

Therefore, William had a feeling that Amanda was playing some tricks again.

Especially now, no one knew the man in front of them, but Amanda's clear eyes were tearful because of her headache just now. She looked straight at the man like a pitiful rabbit.

William somehow was not in a good mood.

"We don't know Elva. You are asking the wrong person."

After saying that, William dragged Amanda away regardless of anything, with displeasure in his eyes.

"What are you doing? Let me go!"

Amanda's wrist was uncomfortable because of William's rude behavior. She couldn't help but look back at the elegant man with eager eyes, and had a very familiar feeling.

She seemed to know him

But why couldn't she remember the name, Elva? Thinking of this, Amanda's head ached again, as if something was pulling her brain.

However, as if William didn't know it at all, he pulled her into the hall of the company expressionlessly.

"Ah! It hurt It hurts... "

Amanda struggled to get rid of William's hand, squatted down and held her head. Her face turned pale. Seeing this, William's deep eyes were filled with confusion. What did Amanda want to do?

On the other side, looking at the back of William and Amanda who were walking away, Bill had a feeling that Elva must have something to do with these two people. At least that girl should know something about Elva. Otherwise, her reaction would be too strange.

"Finley, investigate the identities of them!"

"Yes, Mr. Bill!"

William told himself that Amanda must be playing a trick again, but he couldn't help asking when he saw the painful look on Amanda's face.

"Amanda! If you want to appear pitiful, please mind your acting skills! "

Amanda was having a terrible headache. Hearing William's ironic words, she endured the pain and stood up, staring at him with wet eyes. "William! I'm not acting. I really had a headache just now. It doesn't matter if you don't believe me. Why did you slander my personality? "

William sneered, glanced at Amanda with disdain, and said ruthlessly, "Do you have personality. I thought you had already fed dogs with it!"

Amanda felt her heart burned with anger. She lost all her memories inexplicably, and she had to face disgust from all people. Even so, the man in front of her still insulted her with such words!

You are going too far!

"William! Don't go too far! "

Seeing the petite and beautiful woman suddenly lose her temper, the evil curve at the corner of William's mouth became colder.

He thought that he had really seen through this woman called Amanda. It had been really silly of him to think that Amanda was kind and lovely, and that he must protect and think for her.

Now her veneer of kindness finally cracked!

"Amanda! Do you know that the more you act like this, the more I hate you. You should look at yourself and know whether you deserve such a thing called personality or not. "

After saying that, William left without looking back.

At the same time, William thought of a lot of things. When he and Amanda were young, she held his arm in an intimate manner and called William brother.

Later, this kind of memory slowly disappeared. Amanda began to be angry out of no reasons.

And the petite princess became a witch bearing a pure and innocent appearance.

Standing still, Amanda stared blankly at the thin back of William. He was undoubtedly much gaunter and lonelier than before.

She wanted to turn around and leave, ignoring him because of his arrogant words.

But at this moment, she suddenly realized that he seemed to be really hurt by 'herself'? Although Amanda didn't want to admit, she still

knew for no reason that she had really done a lot of wrong things?

But why did she always feel that person was not herself?

What the hell was going on?!

Never mind. She still wanted to stay with this man. She just wanted to know who she was earlier.

Amanda murmured in her heart, trying to suppress all the grievances and inexplicable impulsion, and quickly followed him.

With a sound of "clang", Amanda rushed in before the elevator was closed, which made William, who had a long face inside, look colder.

Amanda forced a smile. After she stood firm, she looked at him, raising her chin.

William glanced at her coldly, but finally said nothing. He pressed the elevator button and kept silent until he walked out of the elevator.

In the eyes of so many employees in the company, Amanda wished she could follow William wherever he went. No matter how cold and heartless William was, at least he wouldn't hit her.

Everyone in the company seemed to view her as their enemy. Amanda had to be careful.

Especially after the last painful experience, Amanda still felt that this was not a company, but a battlefield!

Amanda wanted to follow William, but the cold man had to talk to his partner. Considering what Amanda had done before, William only said, "Amanda! Now that you have lost your memory, you can try to recall everything outside my office. "

So he wanted Amanda to return to the place full of hatred.

Even Michael, who had led the way for Amanda last time, had to accompany the CEO to discuss their cooperation, so this time only Amanda was left alone to face the whole company's employees.


A sharp female voice came. When Amanda turned around in confusion, another cup of coffee was poured over and stained Amanda's clothes.


Amanda fixed her eyes on the woman who she had a fight with last time. It seemed that William called her Olivia.

Her name was gentle, but she looked fierce. And this time, Olivia brought several good friends to encircle her.

Seeing this, Amanda knew that she couldn't have a peaceful moment today.

"Amanda! How dare you hit me last time? Today I'll let you know how powerful we are! Sisters, this bad woman almost made us lose our jobs. We can't let her go! "

As Olivia gave the order, all other women responded and stared at Amanda with fierce expressions.

Amanda stepped back, knowing that she couldn't fight like last time, but to show her fear to them will only lead to more troubles.

Amanda was smart, she rolled her eyes, smiled calmly and said, "Everyone! This is your company. William is still negotiating business with customers. If you want to make trouble, I am not scared. But before that, if your CEO loses this big order because of this, don't regret! "

Hearing this, Olivia stopped and stared at Amanda, gnashing her teeth.

"You bitch!" Olivia cursed in a low voice, but all her colleagues stopped and didn't act rashly.

Amanda didn't care about the company, but they can't do that. In particular, the company had suffered a great loss last time because Amanda stole confidential information of the company.

It was not easy for the CEO to invite another big customer. If they were interrupted by Amanda again, they, the staff, would never forgive themselves and, of course, Amanda.

So Olivia and her colleagues looked at each other and knew each other's thoughts.

Finally, they all returned to their seats and concentrated on their work, as if nothing had happened, but Amanda knew that it was only temporary.

Although they let her go this time, it made them hate her more.

Thinking of this, Amanda felt a little aggrieved. In fact, she didn't want to fight them at all. Why didn't she remember anything? Why......

After the negotiation, Michael sent the important client away in person. When he turned around, he found that Amanda was sitting in the lounge unharmed. He was stunned.

Noticing the confusion in his eyes, Amanda grinned and said, "What's wrong? Disappointed? "

"CEO is looking for you."

Michael didn't respond. He led Amanda to the CEO's office. All her colleagues stared at Amanda with jealousy and resentment.

They had planned to punish this vicious woman after the customer left.

Feeling the intense gaze from behind, Amanda quickened her pace. It was the first time that she felt safe staying with William, although he was not a good man either.

After Michael took Amanda into the CEO's office, he left. William was dealing with the rest of the business, so he didn't even look at Amanda.

Fortunately, after several days of such treatment, Amanda was calm and found a place to read the magazine quietly, as long as she didn't have to face the group of women outside who wanted to kill her with their coffee!

As time went by, William sent out the last email on his computer. Finally, he finished dealing with the business for the time being.

William breathed a sigh of relief and lay in his leather chair, only to find someone in the office.

Amanda sat quietly on the sofa, with her curly hair cascading down her back. Her eyes and eyebrows were so charming. She was reading a book, looking like a pretty lady from a well-known family.

Unfortunately, William only thought she was faking that aura!

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