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   Chapter 11 Confusion

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Amanda raised her head to look at doctor Wang, blinking her eyes in confusion. Thinking of the situation at that time, her face instantly turned pale. "I don't know. I only know that when I was locked there, my heart beat very fast, as if I was tightly wrapped by something, or pressed by a big stone and unable to breathe. I don't know how to describe it. Anyway, I just feel inexplicably flustered, I was so scared. "

William frowned. Doctor Wang stopped Amanda from recalling and drew a conclusion, "Kidnapping is just one of the factors. I guess the root cause is claustrophobia."

"Claustrophobia?" Both William and Amanda were confused.

Doctor Wang nodded and continued, "Yes, she has claustrophobia. And according to Amanda's degree of fear, I guess she has been suffering from it since childhood, so it is so deep-rooted. Once it is triggered, she would go crazy."

"No way." William said, "I grew up with her. I know she doesn't have claustrophobia. Is there anything wrong with your judgment? "

Doctor Wang coughed and said, "Please believe the judgment of a professional doctor!"

If others doubted his medical skills, he might be angry and furious. But now the one who doubted his medical skills was the famous and ruthless William in City A. He had no choice but to make William believe him.

Hearing this, Amanda kept silent for a while. She believed in the doctor's words, and she also believed what William said. So she came to a conclusion, which had been hovering in her mind for a hundred times. "Maybe, I'm not Amanda!"

"If you are not Amanda, then tell me who you are." Hearing this, William snorted in his heart and turned to look at her with displeasure. "Amanda, haven't you been tired of playing the trick? After memory loss and missing, now you tell me that you are not Amanda? Do you think we are idiots?"

"I..." Amanda was speechless. Suddenly, William reached out and raised her chin. Then he raised her face and looked at it carefully.

She had a standard oval face, and her features were particularly exquisite and beautiful. Even if her face was red and swollen at the moment, it was still unable to cover up her beauty. She was so familiar to him that he will never fail to recognize her.

William sneered, and the coldness in his eyes was shot straight into Amanda's heart. "Amanda, will you tell me with such a face in a few days that you are actually a man! Huh? "

Amanda was frightened by his gaze. She pushed his hand away and said indifferently, "It doesn't matter, even if you don't believe me. Anyway, I don't expect you to believe me."

Noticing that the situation was embarrassing, doctor Wang thought he'd better leave early.

"If there's nothing else to do, I want to have you permission to leave."

"Alright!" William said.

After doctor left, William also left. Amanda was lying on the bed, but she couldn't fall asleep. She was afraid that she would face a more terrible nightmare when she woke up.

Since she woke up that day, she had been in deep distress, making her increasingly terrified.

She didn't know what she had done wrong and why she had to face all these. However, she felt more and more clear that she might not be Amanda, but William's question was also reasonable, that if she was not Amanda, then who was she?

Amanda had thought that she wouldn't be able to sleep for the whole night, but to her surprise, she fell asleep soon after lying on the bed.

Maybe she was really exhausted.

But she had nightmares.

No one knew what kind of danger she was in, but she huddled up in bed and held herself tightly in a pitiful way, trembling all over. Her delicate forehead was dripping with sweat, and her clothes were wet all over her body. She finally woke up when she couldn't bear the extreme fear.

When Amanda woke up, she found herself on the bed. She was not being locked in a big warehouse as she was in her dream where no one responded to her no matter how hard she tried. Maybe that experience had cast a blight on her.

Her head and body were all wet with sweat, and her hair and clothes were wet and clung to her skin, which made Amanda feel very uncomfortable. She got out of bed and went to the independent bathroom in the room to take a shower. When she went out, it was already bright outside. The room was also lit up despite the thick curtain.

She walked over to pull the curtain open. It was a nice day today, just like yesterday. When the sun shone on her, the fear of the nightmare in her heart seemed to be dispelled gradually, and her mood became better.


William sat at the table, holding a cup of coffee in one hand and tasting it slowly. He stretched out the other hand and gave it to Sarah, who came with a medical kit, to bind it up.

Looking at the two rows of tooth marks on his arm, Sarah's eyes narrowed and said hesitantly, "Mr. William, your injury seems to be caused by a bite."

"Put away your curiosity!" William frowned and continued to drink his coffee.

Startled, Sarah bit her lips and wrapped his wound without saying anything. And her moves became gentler.

After finishing the binding, Sarah gently

pulled down his sleeve and peeped at William's side face. She actually was a fangirl. Then she quickly lowered her head again, as if she was afraid that her enthusiasm would be detected. She quickly packed up the cotton tools and stood up.

William put down the empty coffee cup and said unhappily, "Go and ask her to come down!"

"Yes, sir."

When she was about to leave, William added, "Bring her some clothes."

Sarah's eyes were full of jealousy, but she said nothing and did as he said.

On the second floor, she pushed the door open with all her strength. Sitting on the bed, Amanda raised her head and saw Sarah at the door. Amanda smiled and said, "I guess you will come at this time again."

Sarah's expression changed. Seeing that Amanda didn't go downstairs even if she had woken up, Sarah looked unsatisfied. "Miss Amanda, do you have to patronize me? Do you have to be invited to go downstairs? "

"I just don't have any clothes to change." Amanda shook the bed sheet on her body and explained indifferently, "I just took a shower. Don't you want me to go downstairs wrapped in the sheet?"

"Here you are." With a sullen face, Sarah threw the clothes away. When she was about to leave, she thought of something and turned around. "Amanda, I don't care what happened to you last night, but if you dare hurt Mr. William again, I will never go easy on you."

Confused, Amanda looked at the angry girl in front of her and asked, "Did I hurt him?"

A touch of jealousy flashed through Sarah's eyes. She glared at Amanda and said, "I've just bandaged up his wound. I saw the tooth marks. Who else dared bite him except for you?"

Holding the clothes in her arms, Amanda thought for a while. It seemed that she had really bit something yesterday. It turned out that it was William's arm.

Thinking of what she had suffered, she only wished that she had bit him harder!

Of course, she couldn't say this to Sarah. She hated Amanda so much. If she heard it, she would be desperate!

As if she hadn't heard the warning of Sarah, Amanda took the clothes and shook in front of her. "Please go out. I want to change my clothes."

Sarah glared at Amanda, walked out in a sulk and slammed the door.

Amanda didn't care how Sarah felt. She changed her clothes and went downstairs.

William was answering a phone call from the company. Michael told him that the partner he had reached an agreement with was now waiting for him at his company to talk about the details of the contract.

After hanging up the phone, William heard the noise and looked back, which startled Amanda. This guy seemed to have eyes on his back. How did he know that she was coming? Now he was staring at her.

Amanda asked uneasily, "what's wrong?"

"Let's go." After saying that, William stood up and pulled Amanda, leaving her speechless.


He didn't say anything and just took her away. She was a puppet, wasn't she?

Although she was very unhappy, she did not resist. That's a wise choice.

William put her into the car and sat in the driver's seat. He drove fast all the way to the company, fearing that the partner would have a bad impression of him after waiting for a long time. He drove very fast, regardless of the fact that it was daytime now. Amanda was frightened and her face turned pale.

She grabbed the car window with one hand and the seat with the other. Her heart beat faster and she instinctively shouted at William to ask him to slow down, but William turned a deaf ear to her.

Getting out of the car, Amanda was so frightened that her legs and feet became limp. She propped herself against the car with one hand and shouted at William, who was locking the car, "Would you please not engage me in your attempts to seek suicide?"

William didn't have time to talk to her and didn't even give her time to have a break. He grabbed her hand and walked towards the company gate. Two tall men just walked past them.

One of them was talking on the phone with a cold look on his face.

"Mr. Bill, they said they had news about Miss Elva."

"Really?" The man over the phone sounded a little excited.

Amanda paused and murmured, "Elva? This name is so familiar."

William frowned and glanced at Amanda, who was standing still. Before William could say anything, the two men who had just passed by them approached and stood in front of them. One of the elegant men fixed his eyes on Amanda and asked anxiously, "What did you say?"

Hearing that, William frowned. Without raising her head, Elva replied subconsciously, "I say, the name is so familiar."

"Have you met her?" He looked very excited, and the assistant beside him also stared at Amanda. The eyes of the two were full of expectation.

William looked down at Amanda in confusion. Amanda felt the name familiar. She wanted to recall it, but her brain was aching.

Still unable to remember anything, Amanda buried her head in her hands. She shook her head, and said painfully, "It hurts, my head hurts, I don't know, I don't remember, I can't remember anything..."

"Amanda, what's wrong with you?" William looked at Amanda who was abnormal again, confused.

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